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New pond!


We moved to a garden which is heavy clay and can only go a spade deep, so for a while now I had been looking at the raised viewing ponds online. My hubby has always had ponds in the past , so wasn’t interested in one of these as he doesn’t class them as a “real” pond.
One day last week , he was fed up with staying in, so went to our local garden centre and in the fish place was one of these ponds !
Wow, he said..I like these ! As I raised my eyes to to the heaven, I told him these were the ones he didn’t like !
There was £120 off so he bought one !
Here it is and now have three fish in, and getting another three next week.

Unfortunately ( and this is for Waddy) frogs won’t be able to get in or out of it!

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Hello Rose
It looks great. Hope you are both well.
Love Marjorie

18 Jul, 2020


it looks wonderful. Don't despair Rose the frogs may leap from planter to planter. We have a raised pond and they get in by leaping 2 1/2 ft on to the raised bed and then into the pond by jumping a further 10 inches.

18 Jul, 2020


I like your pond and the goldfish will have plenty of space!
I have been trying to get my OH to agree to a wooden raised pond alongside a blank garage wall on our patio - but no luck yet! Maybe he'll be like your OH, Rose, and see the error of his ways!

18 Jul, 2020


You will both get so much pleasure from this pond Rose. What a brilliant idea. You will find it so restful watching the fish.

18 Jul, 2020


Lovely design, Rose! This looks a little bit different doesn’t it! It’ll be so nice and relaxing to sit and watch the fish. It looks a good spot where you sited it too. Pleased you both enjoyed the trip out to the GC.

18 Jul, 2020


It's very nice and if you can't have a 'real' pond what could be better :)
I dare say the frogs will find somewhere else to go, and you'll probably still get insects and molluscs .

18 Jul, 2020


My pond is semi-raised, with a small wall round it white prevents frogs from just hopping in. I put a plank of wood to give them access. Do you have room to do a similar thing round the back of yours?

18 Jul, 2020


Thanks Marg, yes we are well but Rick gets a bit fed up not being able to do much now!
Wow, Seaburn, ours is only 18 inches high with plants in so maybe we will get the frogs!
Well..Anget, take him to a garden centre on the pretext of getting plants and then go into the pond part,( by accident of course, Hahaa) and when he sees the different ponds, he may change his mind!
Thanks Chris. We have it in a position were we always sit, so its great just sitting there, listening to the waterfall and watching the fish.
Thanks Kate ! With having to stay in from March, we have saved a lot of money not going out to eat or going to garden centres!
I hope so Hywel, and despite what Rick thought, he loves it now!
Not really Andrew, as there is a small fence behind it, but you never know, they could find a way !

19 Jul, 2020


That looks great,Rose,and so glad Rick loves it,even if he thought he didn't want one of these ! ha ha..I'm sure you will get so much pleasure from sitting beside it,listening to your waterfall,and it might even lull you to sleep for an afternoon siesta .lol. at least you won't be able to fall in it,if you do. :o) xx

19 Jul, 2020


That's fabulous Rose. I've seen one or two of these in GC myself and I think they can soon look very much at home. As for frogs, could you put in some kind of ramp???

19 Jul, 2020


Thanks Sandra ! It wouldn't take much for me to nod off ! When my son and daughter in law bought me a swing seat last year for my 70th, I go on it when all my gardening is done and often fall asleep. In fact Rick has to wake me up to see if we are eating that night ! Hahaa!
Thank you Waddy ! I did think they might jump on to the pots which are next to it, but even though there are plants in the pond, I don't know how they would get out! We bought plants in a floating basket !

20 Jul, 2020


That's an unusual one I usually dislike the twee little fountains most of them have but yours is great. Hope it gives you lots of pleasure.

20 Jul, 2020


That is great Rose, I'm so pleased Rick changed his mind, you'll both enjoy relaxing by it, I know the frogs won't be beaten, determined little beggars, they'll jump from pot to pot and then into your pond, as to getting out again they 'll climb onto the plants and jump back out again, frogs are not very heavy...LOL.....

20 Jul, 2020


Or you could give them a helping hand and install a trampoline .....

20 Jul, 2020


Thanks Stera, It does ! Just need a bit more sun now !
Thanks Sue, you made me smile the way you told of the frogs antics ! I hope you are right !
Hahaa! Andrewr!

22 Jul, 2020


I have spent hours watching mine over the years, they are so comical Rose, I often have to chase them back to the ponds when the dogs are about, its all good fun here, lol...

22 Jul, 2020


I used to love watching them when we lived in Willow Cottage Sue. I lost count how many there were sitting round the edge of the big pond and our youngest grandaughter also got a lot of pleasure from them.

24 Jul, 2020


My grandchildren used to spend hours teasing the tiny froglets, trying to get them walking up canes when they saw them sunbathing on the lily pads, this year I don't have many tadpoles left in the bottom pond, I saw a newt in there a few weeks back, first time ever in my garden, I didn't know that newts ate the tadpoles Rose....

27 Jul, 2020


Well..Homebird, all I can do at the moment is imagine ! I have floating lettuce which keeps turning over with the wind a waterfall !
I didn't either Sue! I thought that the fish ate the eggs which reduced the amount of tadpoles.

28 Jul, 2020


Rose...I am pleased you were both able to buy something you would both enjoy.....
I am sure you will spend many happy hours pond gazing....

24 Aug, 2020


Yes we do Dotty ! My hubby Rick has always had large ponds but unfortunately he is disabled now and being older myself now, there was no way I could have dug a pond out in the heavy clay soil here, so this was the next best thing !

24 Aug, 2020

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