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Before the storm !


Hello my GOY friends, I thought I would show you my summer garden to remind myself how it was before the 70 m.p.h. gales which knocked over most of my tall perennials and demolished one side of my greenhouse yet again !
I have since cut a lot of them down and am also planning a slightly different border for next year.
The rose garden is still flowering and my raised bed which I built is looking great, so not all bad news !

This is right at the bottom of the garden

Leycestera Formosa. There are a few different names for this , but I was always told, rightly or wrongly Flowering Nutmeg.

One of my favourite Hydrangeas.

This is looking across to the other side of the border.

My lovely Delphiniums were the first to go !

Not a very true colour of these Foxgloves which could be called Firebird !

Bishop of Llanduff. I have three of these and have survived the storms. Geranium Rozanne , which nothing deters it " Hahaa!

Salvia, but can’t remember which one it is!

Another Bishop of Llanduff and Coreopsis.

Kniphofia Little Maid

This is looking back up to the top part of the garden.

The best one for a long lasting cut flower..the Alstromeria

Verbena Bonarensis, which I need to move as it is hard to get into the rose garden. No idea where to put them yet! Any ideas !

Achillea Gold Plate which also has to move!

The shrub border

Hydrangea Annabelle

Part of the rose garden.

This is part of the raised bed.
I will show you the other part of the garden another time! I think hubby wants his tea ! Hahaa!

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Wow,Rose,your garden is beautiful,and so much colour and variety ! I would never have known you had storm damage,looking at all your lovely plants.I do love the Alstromeria,and Coreopsis..some of my favourite colours..I also have the Achillea 'Gold Plate,so that's another sunny one,I like.
I didn't realise your garden is so big,and it's a credit to all your hard work,seeing as you haven't lived there that long.
I'm sure Rick wouldn't starve by waiting till you finished your blog ,Rose..ha to you both..xx

23 Aug, 2020


Fantastic abundance of colour all round your garden, Rose!!! You must have almost every flower imaginable. It’s been a terrible few days with the gales and odd torrential downpour. It’s awful to see our plants destroyed in a matter of hours...I do hope you haven’t lost too many?
My geranium Rozanne was damaged..not completely but I did have to prune quite a bit of the snapped stems.
My Chilean potato vine blew a tonne of leaves everywhere..especially in difficult to get to areas! My one and only rose seemed to survive. The rest of the garden seems ok, thankfully.
Those hydrangeas are just beautiful.

23 Aug, 2020


Rose, I think your garden is a real gem of pretty planting. And to have done it in such a short time.. I'm in awe!
In your first pic. there are a couple of low-growing yellow leaved plants. Could you please tell me what they are?
I love the 'Firebird' digitalis, too.
It doesn't look too windswept to me. I have had a tall rudbeckia flattened but not much else, luckily. I had already started to cut stuff down so that was lucky... Tomorrow, it's the 10ft. high buddleia for the chop!

23 Aug, 2020


Thank you Homebird! The shrub border is one of my favourite parts of the garden. The greenhouse will have to be replaced this time and its only polycarbonate 6x4 so will not be getting another of these!

Thank you Anget! There are two low growing plants, one is Achillea "Terracotta"and the other is Corydalis " Berry Exciting" I had never seen the latter one before and the flowers are supposed to be very fragrant, so would be better in a pot with other plants so that you can smell it.
But it makes a good ground cover.
The photos were taken before the storm.

Thanks Kate, most of the border at the end of the garden survived apart from very tall lupins which snapped. At least they are all perennials so will come back again !

Thanks Sandra and I am sure Rick can wait for his tea ! He is used to waiting ! Hahaa!
The pictures I took were before the storms so it will be a reminder of what it looked like! The Achillea went right over and had to be cut right back. But I am thinking of moving it to a more sheltered spot.

24 Aug, 2020


Oh my goodness I was not expecting long have you been in this new house? So much colour and’s really lovely Rose......well done..haven’t you worked hard?

24 Aug, 2020


Thank you Dotty. We have been here 20 months now. It was mostly lawns and no proper borders apart from the shrub border. I took some plants out I wasn't keen on and made the border bigger , then planted all my Hydrangeas which came in a furniture van with the rest of my many plants!

24 Aug, 2020


Really sorry that the gales gave your taller plants a hammering Rose.
It is good to see everything as it was before the damage. You have chosen such warm, cheerful colours and I love your planting in all the beds.
Your white hydrangea is a beauty and to have alstromeria to cut for indoors must be lovely.
Looking forward to seeing the rest of your garden!

24 Aug, 2020


Really sorry that the gales gave your taller plants a hammering Rose.
It is good to see everything as it was before the damage. You have chosen such warm, cheerful colours and I love your planting in all the beds.
Your white hydrangea is a beauty and to have alstromeria to cut for indoors must be lovely.
Looking forward to seeing the rest of your garden!

24 Aug, 2020


Rose, your garden is beautiful and it's such a shame that a storm has caused you so much damage, but I suppose it's all part of coping with the elements and being a gardener. Your hydrangeas are particularly lovely. I hope the storm on it's way from tomorrow doesn't do any more damage. Fingers crossed xx

24 Aug, 2020


Beautiful garden, planting and photo's, sounds like you took a bit of a hammering from this latest storm, two big breezes like we have just had over the last few days doesn't do anything for the tall growing plants, I just had to go out today and have another dahlia cull, the cosmos has been blown to oblivion, but least all me fence panels are still intact. Hope this is not a prequel for the oncoming autumn and winter months

25 Aug, 2020


Rose, pat yourself on the back for creating and planting up your lovely flower beds. It looks so mature now. I hope you haven't suffered too much damage from this horrible wild weather .....

25 Aug, 2020


Thank you Chris! I think my Hydrangeas are one of my favourite shrubs and they have all done so well this year despite the changeable weather!
I will send you a p.m. xxx

Thanks Waddy! Up to now, the storm hasn't been as bad as was forecast. I am keeping my fingers crossed when I say this ! Hahaa!

Thanks Davey! I hope so too! We live on the east coast so miss the worst of it.

Thank you Shirley! My Achilleas got the worst of it, totally bent over and snapped even though they were staked.
The rest of the garden just looks a bit sorry for itself , but hopefully will pick up again.

26 Aug, 2020


I have had to uproot some white Cosmos that were almost out of the ground, lots of pots went over and all the grit/gravel topping on them has been swept up and put back so nothing too complain about really ... :o)

26 Aug, 2020


It's disheartening Shirley isn't it when we all put a lot of hard work and money into our gardens!

26 Aug, 2020


Ah yes Rose, but as you know, gardeners are always optimistic! :o)

26 Aug, 2020

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