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Another change to part of long border!


I have always liked curves in borders and needed to make mine wider as I am changing the flower border around.
I have split my large clump of Verbena Bonerensis and also grown from seed Ammi Majus, which I have always wanted in my garden.
As they are tall, need to go at the back of the border, hence the need to widen it so that I can move some of the others nearer the front.

I apologise for the picture not being too clear! I should have waited until the sun was on it!
My next job was the rose garden. I used to walk through it and get tangled up as the roses were too close, so have removed one which has made a big difference. The largest one which is the shrub rose The Times is now at the other end of the garden.
As some of you may know I have been getting plagued by a fox which digs large holes anywhere it can, so through the winter I have been putting down gravel. I decided to do this in the rose garden too, as it had a bad habit of digging too near the rose roots!
I am quite pleased with the results , especially with removing the verbena bonerensis at the opening of the arch.
I can now walk straight through!

When I was out shopping one day and decided to go to our local B&M’s which I hadn’t visited in months, this little boy just pleaded with me to take him home! Hahaa!

Isn’t he cute!
Take care everyone and hopefully will soon be able to get out in the garden more!

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Lots of hard and heavy work there, Rose, but it looks better for it. It's obviously a time for work-out and your sense of design shines through. I like the paths and your little fellow. I can't come out of said store without a plant or two..

11 Mar, 2021


Looking fresh Rose! Very nice gravelled area in the rose garden too, think it really enhances it. I love the curves in the garden, it looks really artistic.
As for your little fellow? He looks pleased with himself - looks at home he does!

11 Mar, 2021


You have been working hard rose, your garden look very tidy ...the curved shapes looks elegant .do you put powder bonemeal?fox love it

11 Mar, 2021


Love that curvy path,Rose and have fallen for that cute little boy....I'm wondering if he's frost hardy......I've had a couple in the past which have suffered...perhaps a small paving slab under him.Hope you don't mind me saying.

12 Mar, 2021


I much prefer curves even though OH would prefer straight lines. Says it is easier to mow the grass/moss!

the garden will appreciate the care you have given it Rose.

12 Mar, 2021


I might have known Rose, beavering away in all weathers out there!
You get such good results and must have created more room now for planting.
Hope Foxy gives up and goes away for good soon and leaves you in peace.
I like your new little friend and wish I could get down there to join him!

12 Mar, 2021


Thanks Anget ! Changing the garden round is one of my favourite jobs!
Thank you Kate! I couldn't resist that little boy! He does look at home, doesn't he! I started gravelling the rose area as the fox kept trying to dig up my roses, but I agree, it does set it off!
Thank you Mossy! I don't use any fertiliser that would attract the fox!
Thanks Paul! I can't resist garden ornaments. What is prom girl?
No, I don't mind you saying, but I will be bringing him in, in the winter. He can be warm in the conservatory ! Haha!
Thanks Seaburn, I can't abide straight lines either !

12 Mar, 2021


So do I Chris! Its a pity we live so far away from each other !
I am going to try garden lights next as I read that the lights will scare them away!

12 Mar, 2021


Love your garden, there is so much variety . Your little boy is gorgeous, he won’t be able answer you back perhaps he will chase the foxes away !!
Love Marjorie

12 Mar, 2021


If only Marjorie!

13 Mar, 2021


Hi Rose..
Love your curvy garden designs and use of gravel.
Adding this nice blog to GoYpedia. 😊

26 Mar, 2021


Thank you Terra! xx

27 Mar, 2021

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