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Hello again my lovely goy friends!


I thought I would give you an update and may be back here sooner than I thought!
After having blood tests, my doctor got in touch with me straight away and went in for a long consultation today.
It turns out that I have PolyMyalgia Rheumatica, which I had never heard of!
I had to go on steroids immediately and will be on these for two years decreasing them gradually until this hopefully gets better!
The good news is that they worked straight away and today for the first time have no pain!
There are downsides, but will not think about them and just stay positive!
So, weather permitting I am hoping to get on with my little project!
Wach this space!

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Good morning, Rose,this comment may appear twice...just written a long one but hasn't will try again.
What a relief you must feel knowing what is making you feel unwell and that it is treatable..I do know how frustrating it is not to be able to do the gardening we are use to doing.I'm sure you will gradually return to it.Do take care x

3 Nov, 2021


Good news, Rose. Glad you got past the barricades to see a GP face to face!

3 Nov, 2021


Rose so relieved your doctor diagnosed this condition so quickly. Pleased the pills that were prescribed have worked so quickly making you feel a lot better.

Onwards and upwards as they say - very best wishes to you and lots of love.

3 Nov, 2021


oh that is such good news for you. Steroids may have downsides but it is amazing how well they make you feel. Being pain free is such a positive start.

look forward to hearing how you are getting on and in the garden.

3 Nov, 2021


Thank you Julia! I wasn't sure if you meant you were writing a long one again, but haven't received it as yet!
Yes I am very relieved but still slightly worried about the side effects.
Thank you Anget! We are so lucky having good doctors as we always get to see them on the same day after an 8 am call first, then I get a call back from a doctor! Plus we always get sorted out straight away!
Thanks so much Chris and for your caring letters!
Thank you Seaburn! You are right about the steroids as they started working straight away!

3 Nov, 2021


Have sent you a pm

3 Nov, 2021


Excellent news Rose! There's nothing like getting rid of the discomfort to quickly make you feel a lot better!
Lets hope the weather stays kind enough for you to do the things you've been unable to get on with!
Don't worry about potential side effects - its a case of which you value most really. Would advise you to take vit C through the winter though as steroids can inhibit your immune system,

3 Nov, 2021


I've heard of Polymyalgia Rheumatica and it's a very painful thing. I'm glad the medication is helping you Rose and hope it will be cured as soon as possible. Take care ... :)

4 Nov, 2021


Good to hear your update, Rose! I'm pleased your GP has given you a diagnosis and can now manage your pain and symptoms - hopefully giving you better quality of life too!
I appreciate the thought and concern regarding the upside and downside to treatment, but, it's a juggling act isn't it. Finding the right balance.
Onwards and upwards hopefully!
Keep taking the doctors advice, despite the fact they are a nightmare to get hold of or see!
Best wishes x

4 Nov, 2021


Thanks Stera, I always take multi vitamins, so hopefully will be ok!
Typically, since I have felt much better, it has rained every day!

4 Nov, 2021


Thanks Hywel , but I think it's going to be a while before I am completely well as I am on steroids for the next two years!
It is the side affects that will be the worry!

4 Nov, 2021


Thanks once again Kate! AS long as I get through to our doctors at 8 am, if its not constantly engaged of course! Then you get a phone call back to get him the same day!

4 Nov, 2021


Hi Rose, My mother had that condition years ago it has cleared up but she;s been on steroids years so dont get hung up by the side affects, she's still here at 97yrs.
Hope all goes well for you.
Best Wishes x

8 Nov, 2021


Thank you so much Stripes! I do seem to be getting a bit paranoid about my eyes at the moment, but the pain has gone out of my neck.
I will be happy when I get my first review!
Your Mum sounds incredible!

9 Nov, 2021

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