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My new tree!


I have always loved Amalenchier trees and had six of them going down the long path at Willow Cottage.
When we moved from there, I managed to dig one up and put it in a big pot.
Over 5 years later we moved to where we are now and the first job I did was to make a shrub border as there was no main garden only grass.
But 4 and a half years later the tree got hidden by all the shrubs, so hubby said why not get another one.
I wanted to get a mature one and bought it from Mail Order trees and so pleased with it!

It arrived safely and was 6 and a half foot tall!
This is a picture of the bottom half as it was too tall to get in my camera.

And this is the top!
It took two hours altogether to get it out of the box, take it to where I was planting it and getting the hole large enough for it.
After I had planted it, I had to put gravel down to keep the fox off it, plus pepper dust, but it was worth it and will be when it is in blossom.
I originally had an obelisk there with the Lady Boothby fuschia given to me by Shirley and as there was nowhere else I could put the tree, this area was perfect.
I carefully lifted the fuschia which had come through the winter and put it in a pot for now.
Then I looked round and around the garden to find the perfect spot for it.
I must admit that I was so excited about getting the Amalenchier that I hadn’t even thought where I was going to plant it! But that’s me! Haha!
I eventually found the spot for the obelisk at the back of my rose garden.
This wasn’t an easy job either! I never do things by halves!
Along the back of the rose garden were quite a lot of the “stinking” iris which were here when we came here and they have spread all over the garden.
So I made a start of digging them up.
It was really hard going so decided to measure the obelisk and just dig those up leaving a space to put it.
Another two hours work!
But I am pleased with what I have done and look forward to my fuschia climbing up the obelisk!

I had to have a long sit on the sofa after all of this!!
No pain , no gain! Isn’t that what they say!
Take care everyone and enjoy the spring weather!

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yes a lovely tree . Don't grow too large either . love to see picture throughout year . Elegant obelisk

20 Mar, 2023


That’s an incredible amount of work you did Rose - you certainly deserved a good rest. I’m happy for you that you found a mature Amelanchier and have planted it in time to enjoy the blossom 🙂. Perfect trees … mine is covered in buds and I’m hoping they won’t get frosted!

20 Mar, 2023


I love Amelanchiers too Rose and I am sure that yours will be a beautiful addition to your garden.
I am not quite sure how you managed to unpack it, move it and eventually plant it, but it does show a huge amount of determination on your part - you did very well.
Please don't think of another tree just yet though!!! How about a nice packet of seeds next!

20 Mar, 2023


Well done, now sit down, rest yourself and watch it bloom.

21 Mar, 2023


Amelanchiar is one of my favourites Rose, it will be a beautiful addition to your garden, its a good sized one as well, not surprised at the time it took to get it planted, moving the obelisk, replanting the fuschia and all the sorting and finishing touches you did as well, you do realise that its easier if you decide "before" buying on where to plant, lol....I'm sorry but that really amused me when I was reading it.....

21 Mar, 2023


Thanks Paulmaria! yes..I will post more updates on it.
Thanks Klahanie.
The repellant I use is a pepper dust from a diy shop and can also be found in garden centres. At the moment I am using one from "Big Cheese" which is granuals and has a smell that has a repellant in it. Hope this helps.
Thank you Sheila. I am looking forward to seeing the buds open up!
Well know what I am like Chris! lol. I was determined to sort it out! I don't think I have the room for anymore trees though!
Thank you Siris, I will!
I thought that would make you smile Sue!
Only those who really know me would not be surprised at me buying it first, thinking later! lol

21 Mar, 2023


That's nice Rose, I love those trees
and I'm another one who buys things and then wonders where to plant them !

22 Mar, 2023


Rose, I'm feeling tired just from reading of your gardening expoits! I would love to have an Amelanchier tree in our
garden, not sure where I could plant it though, other than making it a feature in the lawn. I see there are a fair few varieties too, columnar, weeping, spreading so I'm cheekily going to ask the variety of yours! Amelanchiers seem to have something for every season, don't they? Btw, I also grow my 'Lady Boothby' Fuchsia inside an obelisk.

22 Mar, 2023


Thanks Shirley!
I didn't know there were other varieties of the Amelanchier so I suppose mine is the ordinary upright one.
I think one in the centre of your lawn would look lovely too!

22 Mar, 2023


Thanks Hywel. I am pleased I am not the only one who does that!
Most of the time I know where anything is going, but so wanted an Amalenchier, I didn't give it another thought!

22 Mar, 2023


I've learnt a bit today, thanks Rose.
Your Amalenchier will be beautiful! I've admired these lovely trees for a long time. If I'd space, I'd definitely choose this for my garden.
You've done a tremendous job here! It looks very apt in its position! Look forward to seeing more pics!

22 Mar, 2023


I had the one Amalenchier, Kate in a big pot since I left Willow Cottage, stayed in the pot at Laceby and planted it in the garden here, so that might give you something to think about.

23 Mar, 2023


Rose you always make me smile I think in many ways we are so much alike rather impetuous!. However you are always up to the task in hand and your garden is a credit to you.

23 Mar, 2023


Thanks Stroller and it's nice to hear from you again and hope you are keeping well!

23 Mar, 2023


Thank you, Rose. You certainly have me thinking about it now. 😊

23 Mar, 2023

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