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Spring is on it's way!


I thought I would have a little walk around the main garden and a few things are starting to flower now.
Also we had our Pearl wedding anniversary party with family and friends and thought I would show you what our daughter bought us.

So unusual! A special keepsake.

This is one of my favourite primroses.

I was so pleased to see these again!

Erysimum has flowered just on the end of the stems and hoping if I cut it right back, it will flower again!
I have had it quite a few years too and is going woody.
Any ideas?

I have three of these in the garden, but every year forget what it is called! Senior moments! lol

Sarcococca which doesn’t seem to have much scent at the moment!

Hopefully the weather is going to stay more spring like so that we can all get out in our gardens.

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Congratulations on your anniversay, Rose. The garden is looking good, too. We are back to very cold temps. today and it certainly doesn't feel very spring-like! However, the daffodils are colouring up, so that's good. None of my scented plants are very perfumed at the moment, either.

23 Feb, 2023


Doronicum or leopard's bane is your yellow daisy. I cant seem to keep them from one year to the next.
Garden is certainly looking as if Spring has sprung for you.

Conrats on your 30 years. lovely present.

23 Feb, 2023


lovely Plants Rose , very nice anniversary present from your daughter too. So nice seeing flowers coming through

23 Feb, 2023


Well you may not be far from me Rose, but your garden looks to be streets ahead of mine!
Congratulations to you both on your Pearl Wedding anniversary!
Yes Doronicum, mine has no flower buds as yet. And look at your euphorbias! Lovely to see your spring garden Rose.

23 Feb, 2023


Thanks Ange. It has turned very cold here again with a strong bitter wind,
Too cold for gardening!
Thanks Seaburn. I really must write the name of that plant down!
Thankyou Paulmaria!
Thank you Klahanie! I hope you get better weather soon!
Thanks Janey!
I think the flowers are earlier here as they are in a sheltered position from the cold winds.
I hope you get to see yours soon!

24 Feb, 2023


Rose, that's a very special Pearl anniversary gift for you both ... lucky you!

You could take cuttings from the Erysimum ... I do that with Bowles's Mauve variety ... keeps it going year after year!

24 Feb, 2023


Congratulations to you both,on your 30th Anniversary,Rose and Rick,.. Your daughters gift is lovely,as is your spring garden.. Not much signs of spring here,just an odd few crocus and daffs.
I love the Blue primrose too,it's so eyecatching,and I also have that Euphorbia,but no signs of it flowering yet !

Sunny here today,but it's a bitterly cold wind. Bought some daffs to brighten things up indoors,seeing as there isn't much to see outside yet !

24 Feb, 2023


Rose such a beautiful and very precious anniversary gift. A very Happy Belated Anniversary to you both.
Your garden does indeed look very spring like and I love the positioning of the clusters of daffodils planted around the tree. That primrose is such a rich colour. Just think, this is just the beginning............

24 Feb, 2023


Happy belated Pearl wedding anniversary, Rose!!! It's certainly a very unusual gift, very beautiful keepsake!!!!
Your spring garden is well under way! Lots of gorgeous colour! My daffs are shooting through, but won't likely bloom for a little while yet. Your primroses are lovely, I can't choose a favourite! Thanks for sharing.

25 Feb, 2023


Thanks Shirley! I will have to do that, but as the stems are quite woody, I am not sure how I can do that!
Thanks Sandra! Bitterly cold here too and the wind just whips round my neck and face, so may have to stay indoors until it improves.
Thanks Chris! I am pleased with the daffodils and I also planted a few crocuses round the tree as well.
I can't wait to get started! The forecast here for March is still cold though!
Thanks Kate! I don't think it will be too long before you see your daffodils.

25 Feb, 2023


Rose, have a look for any side shoots, might be some!

25 Feb, 2023


No side shoots Shirley,just flowers coming from the top but will cut it back when it warms up and see what happens!

27 Feb, 2023


Fingers crossed there will be some cuttings material.

27 Feb, 2023

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