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The joy of a garden shed


If you can imagine trying to buy a new bed and installing it ( after goodness knows how many years), Picture this ..Although our garden is big our cottage is tiny, only 2 bedrooms so there has been a chain reaction with this pursuit. New bed , decorate bedroom, new carpet. Can’t move the wardrobes and chest of drawers without emptying them so all the clothes have to go in the single spare room; but I have to sleep in there now the bed has gone, so once wardrobes were moved, the clothes have to go back in the furniture. So here is the tenuous garden link . My dear husband is sleeping in the garden shed while we decorate. It does have a carpet, curtains, a big arm chair, heating, a futon and a porta loo.
See attached picture. He loves it, " so quiet " he says… and he can read all night if he feels like it ." What more could a man want" he says. Oh dear I think I’ve lost him.

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From the outside it looks lovely and I,m glad he is comfortable but you didnt mention a food supply so don`t worry, as they say he`ll come back when he`s hungry. Lol..

2 Oct, 2009


What more can a man ask for!!

2 Oct, 2009


Yes Linclass he has booze( as you can see) and music; but I forgot about food. No doubt I'll see him again before too long. I've asked him to do some weeding while he's up that end of the garden

2 Oct, 2009


Do you think he'll want to come back? Actually it does sound attractive, reminds me of playing 'house' or camping as a child. Can we all come Roseberry, taking turns of course. It is lovely, especially being surrounded by a lovely garden too.

2 Oct, 2009


It looks and sounds great Peace! wouldnt mind taking up residence there.

2 Oct, 2009


What a great idea! I think you should take it in turns out there! :-))

2 Oct, 2009


Delight to look at Rosberry very pretty

2 Oct, 2009


looks great roseberry, can i rent it off you for a week on my own lol

2 Oct, 2009


Old cottages are lovely. I lived in one for 20 years. - sloaping floors, leaning walls, low beamed ceilings :o)
I'm glad your husband has a comfortable shed. It sounds quite exciting sleeping in the shed :o) I had an armchair in my old shed and I used to fall asleep in it but only in the day... lol

3 Oct, 2009


How I chuckled ! You didn't mention he had a bar as well !!! What are his opening hours ? I might drop in for a pint !!!
Roseberry you spoil that man (the lucky devil). .... lol.. :-))

3 May, 2010


I feel like I have gazed into a crystal ball and seen my future ... looks pretty good to me :)

10 Jun, 2010


Great job plus excellent photo's. I personally would love to have the time to create such a lovely garden shed, but don't at the moment. Maybe in a few years time i will. For now i took the easy way out and got my garden shed and a carport form isheds here in Australia.
If anyone is time short like me, check out
Keep up the great work.



5 Aug, 2011

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