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The Life and Times of an Echinea Flower


By samjp


This is going to be a bit of a random blog. Anyway a few months ago I got a lovely Echinea plant which is now happily growing away in the garden and I’ve spent the past few months watching the first flower form and grow until its finally died off. I’m so pleased with this particular plant the flower has lasted absolutely ages and has been beautiful through all stages. So I decided I would like to do a blog showing those stages and the beauty of this simple flower. So here it is.

02/08/2011: The Echinea fresh from the GC no buds in sight.

11/08/2011: The first stage of petal formation (missed the bud unfortunately). The petals are so narrow at this point its amazing to think how much they unfold.

13/08/2011: The petals are beginning to open up a bit more.

16/08/2011: Petals fully open at this point.

15/09/2011: Petals beginning to drop down away from the centre of the flower now. Still a beauty though.

18/09/2011: Petals all but fallen off, left with the seed head now, still makes a statement though.

Well there you have it, the life of an Echinea flower, not bad for a plant, over a month with 1 flower.

Hope I didn’t bore you senseless, just be grateful I stopped with the main points, there were many more photos than those shown. Mostly with the petals fully formed though :)

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lovely photos.

20 Sep, 2011


What a good idea, photographing each stage of it flowering.

20 Sep, 2011


Thanks both, :)

20 Sep, 2011


That's really interesting, Samjp, I sowed some Echinacea purpurea in the middle of August, and they were really easy! You could have some fun and try to grow some yourself next year!

20 Sep, 2011


Its not boring at all Sam, I hope you are gathering the seed, I`d scatter some as well double your chances for next year...

20 Sep, 2011


Thanks libet and Lincs, glad you enjoyed. I love the plant so much seed collection is definately on the cards as is growing my own next year - plus gives me some new plants to take to my OHs :)

21 Sep, 2011


That's an interesting blog :o) Nice to see all the stages, even after the petals have fallen.

22 Sep, 2011


Thanks Hywel :)

22 Sep, 2011


We all do that a favourite plants every movement; problem is as time goes on our 'favourites' grow, hence our many pics posted....;))))

30 Oct, 2011


Hehe very true Crissue. So far I seem to have stopped pretty much with that lovely Echinacea. Theres still plenty of photos of other plants though lol. The plants dying down for winter now, I do miss all that lovely colour :(

31 Oct, 2011


Very true, bit by bit they're disappearing....

31 Oct, 2011


Yep :( Oh well it wont be long and we'll have all the lovely colours that spring brings.

3 Nov, 2011


Can't wait...Have you got any further with your Garden clearing you were busy with...

3 Nov, 2011


If you mean my OHs garden in Staffs, then nope. I've not been over there a huge amount in the last couple months, between work and family obligations my weekends have vanished. The only times I have been there the rain has been pretty heavy (typical huh). I have told him that come spring I'm digging the front garden up and dealing with that. Next project will be the back garden lol.

As for my parents garden, I'm fairly pleased with what I've managed to do this year. One border is getting there slowly. The whole garden is much much tidier than when I started but theres still lots to do. Next step is convincing my parents that a compost bin is a good idea lol. My mom has indicated she wants me to grow veg for her next year lol. Should be interesting when I move out lol :))

3 Nov, 2011


HI Sanjp, Sounds like a

We bought two Compost bins recently as they were on offer in the GC...keep a watch at B&Q etc......for offers, they're probably about..

Veg growing is a great idea, even if it's done in Pots or grow bags etc. You don't have to go all out for a veg garden straight away...and as a thought if you are moving out, you could grow in Pots etc at your own place, then you can look after them easily...Lots of ideas available....good luck...I'm sure you'll do ok...:))

4 Nov, 2011


I am not sure how i reached your pretty blog but that happens on here ,one question when it finished flowering that is not the end but the beginning, did you dry off the seed head so that come February you can sow them and make babies to swap.

13 Jan, 2012


Crissue, not sure how I missed your last comment, sorry about that. I wasn't ignoring you honest. Veg growing in pots is a great idea, makes the whole thing much more portable and thereore much more feasible. Since I got my plant house I'm thinking strawberries and tomatoes :)))

Thanks BJS. I didn't save that particular seed head, but did leave a few others on the plant to set seed. May have forgotten and left them a tad too long though lol. Will have another attempt later this year I think. I did save some seed from my new Penstenemon and white cosmos though. Thought I give those ago along with the shop brought seed I have and am planning to get.

14 Jan, 2012

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