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Tomato seed planting time


By sandra


The day has finally arrived…Tomato seed planting day!!!

With the seed chamber built and read today I finally got to plant the seeds.

I love the day we get to sow the seeds.

All tucked up in their chamber. Tomorrow I wlill finish sowing then the heater will go on.

This year we have planted
Firm favourites
Gardeners delight
Money maker
And Shirley

But there is always room for few unusual varieties

Ildi ….a small yellow one that produces hundreds of fruit

Amish gold ……which tastes like a peach with very few seeds

Japanese trifle black …….the strongest tasting tomato I have ever tasted

Super Roma a heavy cropping plum first time for this one

Jersey devil just because it looks so good….tastes good too.

We have tried loads of varieties over the years and these are the our favourites.

Don’t panic if you are not ready yet as there is plenty of time. We sell ours at local markets and benefit from an early sowing. If you haven’t got heaters you are better off waiting a few weeks.

With so many varieties available it’s so hard to choose. What varieties are you guys planting this year?

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When I was on the Burton Latimer Allotment Field my
Italian neighbour Alf said he always sowed his Tomato Seed on Boxing Day. As he had brought up 8 children and had 24 grandchildren he was probably too busy Christmas Day.

He had a cold greenhouse. He potted up the seedlings
and had 3 plastic covers that fitted inside each other.
He had plants 18" high in April. Another man did this
same thing, they used to hoot with laughter, comparing their plants in April.

19 Feb, 2015


I'l probably get my three plants from Homebase and one will be Gardeners Delight, the others impluse buys - Not quite on the same industrial scale as yours Sandra!

19 Feb, 2015


I've grown mine from seed, but after a horrible 2013 season - way too much rain, and everything rotted - I now just buy my plants from the local GC. I must try that Japanese trifle black; I've never heard of it but it sounds wonderful.

My fave is Cherokee Purple, which has been a very reliable producer for me for the past few years. I love Black Krim also, but I've just never had much luck with it for some reason.

20 Feb, 2015


I just ordered Japanese trifele seeds from Amazon for $1.89 with free shipping. I know I said I was going to buy plants only but I was too intrigued by this one.

20 Feb, 2015


Diane my OH sows his onions on boxing day a tradition started by his dad. i think it just an excuse to get out of the house..

Stera its so tempting to buy on impulse but I will have to hold back now all these are sown.

Lauram you wont be disappointed with JTB. I have noticed a couple of the tv chefs using it.

20 Feb, 2015


That look brilliant Sandra, If you don't mind me asking what size is your seed trays are you using for your Tomato. I grew Black Russian last year which was a lovely big juicy tomato, I also grow some money maker which you get quite a lot from the plant and are also a nice tomato. I also grew some plum (Roma) tomatoes I found them just ok, I would not grow them again. I will wait till the end of march till I start planting seeds. I would plant about 10 seeds of each variety and only keep one of each as my lean to glasshouse is too small the rest I will give away to friends an neighbours. We started a garden club and this is our third season, We have about 50 raised beds quite small about 8ft x 4ft. we all seem to grow a lot of scallions (Ishikura) there is about 500 seeds in the packet, it sounds a lot but they last know time as we use them when they are quite young. I have asked in the garden centre's if it was possible to get a packet with about 10,000 in it (With no joy) and we could share with other garden members. I am at the moment growing some chilli (Jalapeno & Cayenne) as they are great for freezing and we can have them all year around.

20 Feb, 2015


Thanks for the reminder. You have so many plants. It's hard to think about sowing seeds when it's -20F outside but I must get going on this too. I'm going to try "Mortgage Lifter" and "Sweet 100s"

20 Feb, 2015


Johnjoe the trays are 84's. we alway grow a few moneymaker as they are soo reliable.. 50 beds! wow you guys must raise loads of veg. have you got any pictures? bet it looks amazing. there is a company called Moles seeds that sell large packets, maybe they have your scallions. I haven't grown chillies but love to grow sweet peppers.

Bathgate it is soo much colder where you are but hopefully it will start warming up soon. I haven't heard of mortgage the name

20 Feb, 2015


Exciting times Sandra. i'll be starting my seeds off next month, usually on th kitchen windowsill. Yep you cant beat the old favourites, like your choice.

20 Feb, 2015


Hi Sandra, thanks for the info on large seed packs, had a look (Moles seeds) Just the web I needed. Garden club members will be happy with that information, you should looking for commission,,, Lol. you asked if I had a photo of your garden club raised beds, if you go to my photos, there are a couple of photos on page 3,

21 Feb, 2015


You're well prepared there Sandra. I like to grow those which are a little bit different, which are not as available in the shops, but I've not started any seeds this year as I don't intend to have quite so many this year as we will be away a lot and will have to rely on neighbours. It will be a trip to the GC in a month or so.

21 Feb, 2015


Thanks Sandra. I sure hope it warms up too. In a couple weeks, Spring should start pushing its way in. That's why I need to give my tomatoes a head start in my sun room -- my the growing season is rather short compared to yours. "Mortgage Lifter" is a large, pink heirloom beefsteak tomato with a sweet rich flavor. This is my first time growing them.

21 Feb, 2015


Johnjoe, glad to be of help.
Waddy its great you have good neighbours so you can get away.
Bathgate it is always interesting to try new varieties.
Dawn your windowsills will be bursting...:-)

22 Feb, 2015


Hi Sandra, I'm just playing 'catch-up' on blogs (as ever) and am reminded of growing seed, brought in Italy by my daughter in 2010, of Tomato 'Super Gigante' - one of the plants grew fruits with abnormal cavities and swellings. Turned out to be something called 'Catfacing' - ever come across it?

28 Feb, 2015


no i haven't Shirley. the biggest one we ever grew was german red starwberry 2 pound 4 ounces but it was so ugly and deformed.

1 Mar, 2015


I'm not surprised it was ugly at that size!

1 Mar, 2015

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