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January 9th Corseside


By sandra


Loving being back in work after the holidays… Started the season planting some tree seeds I collected during the ŷear. Red wood, acer, oak and some silver berch I collected while on holiday. I did the same last year on the day my granddaughter Myla was born. Hope they do as well as these.

I think it’s so important to connect children to the garden Myla certainly enjoyed getting dirt in her hands!

This time of year I get to work in the tunnel with my succulents. It’s a good time to check them all over and remove any dead leaves that are hanging around.

I just tickle underneath the rosette and they drop off.

Had a fab day potting and cleaning.

Outside the weather has been kind. We have had a few frosts but nothing that lasted more than a couple of hours. As aeoniums are winter growers they are bursting into flower…

I know winter has more to give but so far so good! And I do have net curtains at the ready if the dreaded frost comes back.

Outside they grow so big…I know it’s a risk but one I think is worth it.

This pic below is of a full bloom aeonium from last year.

Back in the tunnel even my big red one is flowering!

The frost in the valley..

Over the moon to find a pot full of echium seedlings

We have yet again been given a plant collection from a friends dad who passed away recently. Succulents pelargonium ferns and lots more…

Blown away by the stags horn fern…any advice would be very welcome!!

Thanks for reading! Suns up time to get back out there.xx

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You have some impressive plants Sandra.
I love the idea of planting or sowing something to commemorate when your grandchild is born. I shall definitely think of something to plant when our first grandchild arrives in March.

8 Jan, 2017


That very large Staghorn Fern is a unique beauty and one of the most symmetrical in growth which I have ever seen.. It needs bright diffuse light. Those brown leaves protect the root ball( which functions as an attachment aid for this epiphyte) so do not remove them. The whole plant will need misting periodically. I have seen them mounted to wooden panels and hung on a walls. That's as far as my knowledge of them goes.

8 Jan, 2017


What a beautiful big fern! I'm not surprised that aeoniums are winter growers. Mine have gone like the clappers since I brought them indoors. I love to see your pots all lined up in the poly tunnel. I've had a good day myself in spite of the weather. I got loads of tidying up done outside and in the greenhouse. Brought two of my scented leaf geraniums inside and hopefully they will soon be in flower again. Soon be time to wash the glass for spring.

8 Jan, 2017


Thanks Paul. Planting seeds to mark an occasion was my mothers thing. I've taken it over since her passing. Some of the Myla pine seeds were collected by my mother the rest by me and my daughter all mixed together. Won't be long before your special arrival your all so excited!

Thanks Loosestrife I was worried about the brown leaves, I'll leave them alone. I have a shade area that will be suitable in the summer, but I'm undecided where to keep it for the rest of winter. It's move twice already...

Glad u got out into your green house Karen alway things to do in there. I sowed some onion seeds today..felt good!!

8 Jan, 2017


It's a busy time of year for you Sandra. Your plants are doing well. The succulents are wonderful :) Good luck with your new plants. I love that fern !
Nice to see Myla enjoying the garden :)

8 Jan, 2017


The fern is amazing - it looks like a pair of wings.Have you decided what to do with it?

8 Jan, 2017


I have never before seen such a huge fern..... amazing! you're succulents are looking good, ours have never flowered! and they are in the conservatory......have never kept any outside the wet here would soon finish them off!
Myla is such a poppet isn't she!

9 Jan, 2017


yes, getting close now Sandra.....10 weeks yesterday.

9 Jan, 2017


Better get planing what u r going to plant to mark the occasion Paul.
Thanks Hywel I always enjoy finding out about new plants.
The fern has moved into the polytunel for now Stera. I gave it a shower today as it was very dusty.
the amount of rain we have been getting I have Been outside turning pots of their sides to drain them or they will rot here too Dd2.

9 Jan, 2017


Sandra, I recall seeing a Staghorn Fern (Platycerium spp.) at West Dean Gardens near Chichester, also at RHS Wisley and remember they are epiphytes or air plants. You could e-mail either of those places for further advice on caring for yours!

Myla looks thrilled with her seedlings! :o)

13 Jan, 2017


Thanks Shirley... We have a local garden at picton castle that has them, I'll use it as sn excuse to visit..

15 Jan, 2017


Good idea Sandra ... :o)

19 Jan, 2017

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