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December at Corseside Pembrokeshire


By sandra


Well I’m wrapped and packed…cake made..not decorated yet…I’ve done the visiting and I’m home again ready to eat and sleep my way through the festive films.

Today I popped outside to see how thing are doing about the garden.

The weather has warmed up again after a low of -8!! It was gone at sunrise but I has left its mark! Each year I leave more and more tender plants out side as my collection grows and I learn new ways to help them survive. Tucking them up against south or west facing walls as the wall help keep them warm. turning them on their sides helps keep them dryer which helps them fight the cold. So I went to see what the frosts had done …

These guys are all doing just fine….

Where as these have all suffered as you can see from the brown leaves. But all is not lost as the centres are all still green and hopefully should survive.

In the tunnel my babies are enjoying their luxury accommodation!

But the big excitement in here is my red aeonium is finally going to flower!! I’m hopeing to get seed from it!

It’s only just started…’s usually a deep cup but slowly it’s starting to fill up. It will take weeks to flower, can’t wait to see it…

Outside things are hanging on in there..this leonotis is a tender as is the saliva behind it. I have cuttings inside just in case but I they are ever to reach their full potential they need to stay in the ground.

The echiums took the frost well too

Even the grass has decided to slow things down

So with everything looking after itself for a while I intend to put my feet up and watch tv a lot. I’ve signed into Netflix for a couple of months to make the most of the Hibernation season. Hope everyone has a peaceful and happy Christmas. Rest while we can spring is coming! :-)

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Wow, I really like your succulent collection. That purplish one is really stunning.

16 Dec, 2016


Thanks Bathgate...that is an aeonium. I'm so excited it's going to flower...

16 Dec, 2016


Merry Christmas Sandra....enjoy your films. .No putting my feet up yet....Santa has lots of visits to make yet!
-8 ? Crikey .....can't remember last time we had temperatures that low here in Essex!

16 Dec, 2016


So far so good Sandra! Looking forward to seeing the aeonium flower.

16 Dec, 2016


Paul I bet u r rushed off your feet with u being one of the Santa team.. We took Myla to see one the other day...she loved him and his it's fabulous to see their happy faces... Our minus 8 was gone soon after it landed thank goodness...

Me too this space...

17 Dec, 2016


It's nice to see the parents and grandparents faces too Sandra....if you do it well! I've had some lovely events and home visits this year. 3 jobs today including a wedding at a national trust property!

17 Dec, 2016


Haha... love your twist on "winter is coming"... Yes, spring is coming! I keep telling myself...
We are receiving another 6-8 inches of snow over here in Matawatchan. snuggies and a warm fire... lots of books and DVDs and cocoa! Enjoy your Christmas and family fun. xLori

17 Dec, 2016


It's on my wish list.

17 Dec, 2016


Things seem to be coping well so far Sandra. Not much frost here to speak of just yet. Good luck with the Aeonium. Have a restful Christmas and a very Happy New Year xx

17 Dec, 2016


I love seeing your babies Sandra and I'm so pleased they are surviving the winter :)

Have a lovely Christmas ! x

17 Dec, 2016


What a lovely spot you have there Sandra, So many lovely plants.
Have a Merry Christmas and all the best in New Year.

18 Dec, 2016


It's all looking good,Sandra..and thank you for your good wishes..You deserve to be able to put your feet up and relax for a little while,so make the most of it ..Have a very Happy Christmas with your family.:o) x

19 Dec, 2016


Lovely areas around your garden a great collection there to hope you have a snug hibernation and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Dandra.

19 Dec, 2016


Merry Christmas Dandra

19 Dec, 2016


Enjoy your Christmas Sandra, make the most of your free time whilst you can, hope you find plenty to watch on Netflix, we have recently signed up, quite a treat for us, as we don't go to the cinema these days! all the best to you and your family......???????

19 Dec, 2016


Merry Christmas Sandra, hope you are relaxing and enjoying the films whilst you have the chance....

20 Dec, 2016


Thank you for all those lovely comments and good wishes. Let's hope we all have a peaceful Christmas ready to get out there again soon..x

22 Dec, 2016


I've always thought that your Monkey Puzzle would look great with some baubles! ;-)

24 Dec, 2016


IT sure would Lori..maybe next year...this year I'm going to have to trim the bottom branches as its raging over a pathway. Hope u had a lovely Christmas..x

26 Dec, 2016


yes thanks Sandra... it was spent travelling. It was great to see our sons again and eat and visit... We're spending New Years at's snowing like mad and we're to receive another 4 - 6 inches overnight. Happy New Year!

31 Dec, 2016


Sounds like you had a busy time Lori...nice to spend time with family..x

4 Jan, 2017

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