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A bit of dressmaking!!


By sandra


I have been at it again…saw a pic somewhere…found a roll of wire…and I was off..

I managed to bend and fold the wire into a basic dress shape. It’s propped up on a bucket but that will go in the end I think…I hope…it’s all still a plan!

So having made the dress shape I wired in some florist foam, and set about finding cuttings to create the skirt.

I have tried to use as many different succulents as I can. There are some that will hopefully flower in the summer.

So that was day one…not sure what to do about the bodice. Any ideas welcome!

On day two I steered away from the florist foam as its so delicate and found some plastic cones which I snipped at the bottom to allow drainage. Then I added aeoniums with roots and soil..

Roxie the cat kept an eye in me.

So day two done..I am delighted with the cones around the bottom. Still don’t know what to do with the bodice. The plan is it will stand outside in the summer, it does free stand but I think a spine/pole will be needed. Its just a bit of fun for the summer.

Hope someone comes up with a bodice plan…I’m thinking I might not add plants up top but jewels instead ..thoughts?

Thanks for reading
Sandra x

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Sorry, can't help woth the bodice plans but, you will come up with something.
You are very creative and very enthusiastic.
You make me feel tired, Sandra ha ha!

16 Jan, 2017


what about moss to simulate velvet?

clever design :o)

16 Jan, 2017


I love your creative spirit Sandra. I'm not sure about the bodice but don't over think it. Let it just happen when you get there. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

17 Jan, 2017


I love it Sandra. The sort of thing for Chelsea Florist of the Year! What about Ivy for the bodice if you want it as a "living" dress. The roots will attach anywhere but the base could go in the cheap plastic test tubes you can buy from the pound shop. What do you think to a sturdy broom handle to stand it up with?

17 Jan, 2017


Is artificial grass a possibility? It could be left as it is to highlight the plants on the skirt. Necklace of air plants?

Old garden fork a possible prop?

Love your enthusiasm and imagination.

17 Jan, 2017


You are so good at all these things, you do like a challenge don't you, I do enjoy seeing all your creations, I was also wondering about Ivy, Creeping Jenny or even Saxifraga's, S'burns suggestion of trying the moss I think is a great idea, that would change colour wouldn't it, depending on the weather, following with eagerness , have no doubt you will work it out, looking forward to seeing the living dress as it progresses bodice and skirt ...

17 Jan, 2017


Paul this sort of thing is a welcome change from the nursery factory line! We can't all be

Im loving the moss idea SBG.... Thorney, ivy is deffinately on the list and I do like the test tube idea..I have some somewhere...Eirlys I hadn't thought of artificial grass. Lincs I'm likeing creeping jenny too..I knew I could count on my GOY friends to help, and your encouragement is always great fully received.

17 Jan, 2017


Love your ideas Sandra, I like the artificial grass idea, saw something at one of the RHS shows, or it could have been online!! looking forward to seeing the outcome...

18 Jan, 2017


Hi Sandra .. Added to GoYpedia ..fascinating.

19 Jan, 2017


Thanks Terra. So nice to have you

20 Jan, 2017

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