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Busy July


The weather has been all over the place but the plants never let us down. I have not had time to edit and name all the plants. I sowed primula seeds from my SRGC Seedex allowance back in February and now I am struggling to find pots, space and time to pot them on.

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some lovely plants there scotsgran. I have a tray of yellow aquilegia plantlets waiting to be potted on so I know the feeling.

27 Jul, 2019


It's so tempting to sow some seeds, but then you have to find room for them! Having dead-headed some yellow Violas I chucked the seed into modules, even though some didn't look ripe, and probably most of them grew. I've pricked them all out into pots and now of course have about 60 to find room for! Let alone all those other seeds that I have ready to sow, perhaps it will be another bit of grass disappearing under a flower bed. Your Lilies look wonderful, no attacks from the dreaded beetle.

27 Jul, 2019


I have followed Monty Don's advice and sown some Calendula for late colour. They came up pretty quick and I shall dot them about in a months time when I need them.
I have only seen one Lily beetle this year and I squashed it pretty quickly.

27 Jul, 2019


A real rainbow of colour in your garden ... lovely.

27 Jul, 2019


Thank you all. Sgb I was very excited to see there was flowers on one of the white martagon lilies grown from seeds you sent to me. Unfortunately something nipped off the stem of buds so I will need to wait for another year. Snap Honeysuckle. The seeds you really want do not succeed nearly as well as those you might have difficulty in finding homes for. I might have one Primula kewensis but I have 60 Primula burmanica. I'm sure they will all find homes eventually. Linda 235 I sowed Calendula seeds ??? years ago and they seed very well and I have shown photos on here of them flowering right through the winter. Do not dead head all of them and you can leave them to sow themselves where ever they find a space or you can scatter the ripe seed (they separate from the stem easily when they are ripe). The seedlings are easily recognisable and can be weeded out if necessary. Shirley tulip I used to be a very disciplined gardener but as I learned more about what is available I have become an impulse buyer. That can spell disaster. Every plant used to be planted in exactly the right mix of soil etc. but that is hard to do for the late comers as the borders are already bulging at the seams. In an effort to cope with the garden digging up more lawn has to be a no no. In fact I am planning to cover one of the lawns? (mossy mess) which is long and narrow in to a wood chip path. I will put down layers of newspaper then cover it over with fresh woodchips from the local council country parks. There are lots of snowdrop bulbs under the surface which will force their way up in the Spring. The lilies are planted in deep pots and the scent is a joy as I move round the garden in the evening.

28 Jul, 2019


Some lovely plants there S'gran, plenty of colour to admire, I'm being good or lazy not really sure which, I haven't sown any seeds yet, saying that I do allow plenty to self seed so always have a good supply of gap fillers, its a weird month as regards the weather so I'm caring for what I already have, we were getting desperate for rain and the heat last week was intolerable, thunderstorms and freak wind followed by the rain last Friday, it lasted all weekend, nice day yesterday, back to windy, grey and rain today, managed to cut my lawns and also did a spot of weeding.
My garden doesn't know whether its coming or going, I have Hellebores flowering along with Primroses, amongst the summer and autumn flowering ones, the Lilies have been wonderful, the Daylilies in the garden are doing me proud as are the roses, however my Cosmos are very slow, tiny little plants this year, although that could change now they've had a good drink, makes for an interesting display..

30 Jul, 2019


Scotsgran, there's always something to keep us busy in our gardens!

30 Jul, 2019


Linclass I think we must all be having strange weather this year and I wish the evenings were longer. It has been getting dark enough to force me to retreat as early as 9.30pm. I managed to get rid of the last of the narcissus leaves today and I accidently unearthed some of the bulbs. They already have strong roots. I had hoped to cut the grass after teatime but the rain was pouring down. Shirley tulip I have come to the conclusion that the work is getting too much for me and I am looking for ways to cut back. Old age brings an unwelcome slowing process so before it gets too embedded I need to sort out a manageable down grade. My son came up to visit last weekend and insisted on cutting the grass. He insisted on hoovering right through the house too. Lol when did that generation grow up. It must have been while I was looking the other way. One of the ladies in our pensioner group used to complain that her daughter visited every Saturday and never stopped working. She did the washing as well as all the other chores when all the lady wanted was to sit and talk to her. I wonder how many other well intentioned children miss the point in that way. When I put 'Busy July' as a title I think I meant the plants rather than the gardener.

30 Jul, 2019


Some lovely plants Skotsgran and I`m envious of your lilies mine got so badly attacked by the dreaded lily beatle while we were away for a few days I think I shall give up on them.

2 Aug, 2019

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