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Concrete overkill!


As one of my washing line posts was bang in the middle of the area I wanted to start planting up I took the notion to take it out.
I have already removed 2 posts from the garden previously – without a problem – this was 3rd time ’’unlucky’’!
The afore mentioned clothes poles had probably been in the garden for a long time – however being made of cast iron it was already weakened just below the surface of the soil/turf. It would have been my preference to leave the pole and work around it – the pole could then be used as a lever but this was not to be! So a couple of twists and bends and it was gone!
As I started to remove the 4 inches of soil from the top of the concrete – I realised that I had probably bitten off more than I could chew!
That being said, I am not afraid of a little hard labour so I set about digging round the sunken mound. It didn’t take me long to fill all the empty tubs, pots and buckets I had lying around the place. After much huffing and puffing – shuffling in and around I was soon down to 18 inches and no sign of let up. How much farther down does this go? – I hammered in a crow bar to try judge just how far down it does actually goes. The crow bar was going down at least another 10 inches and still hitting the concrete all the way around.
A decision had to be made – do I continue and end up with a massive lump of concrete – which I would then have to attempt to get out of this hole – or give up!!
As I paced back and forward – trying to make my mind up – I realised I was defeated!!
I got my son and a neighbour in for a second opinion. After a wee bit of digging and poking around both of them said that as much as I don’t want to admit defeat – I was going to have to accept it :(
I am absolutely gutted at having to give up and am almost embarrassed to admit that I had to give up…there we go… I’ve said it now!
I’m off to B&Q tomorrow to buy something to make a raised bed here so I can continue to plant the plants I have already bought for this area.
Here are a couple of pictures of the blasted thing!!

Watch this space – for the finished result!
Thank you for reading.

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Oh dear,Scottish...someone was determined it wasn't going to keel over,weren't they ? Maybe they were going to build a patio ,and ran out of concrete ! ...not funny,I know..what hard work for you,and so frustrating too..I'm sure you will make something creative,to make the best of it..good luck :o)

31 Mar, 2012


Hope it all turns out ok Scottish,
Im sure you will make the area look beautiful :-)

31 Mar, 2012


I can sympathise with this situation, although not such a dramatic one. Today I was edging grass with big cobbles (granite cassies) sunk to grass level so that I can mow straight over the edge. Every hole I tried to dig out had a boulder in it somewhere. Much sweat and swearing later I now have an impressive collection of boulders. Rockery, anyone?
Sorry you had to admit defeat in the end. That is sooooo frustrating and annoying for you. I'm sure your raised bed will make up for it, though, with the giant buried out of sight underneath. Give it a name and you can call it ..........’s bed.

31 Mar, 2012


I`ve added a like to this for the effort and sheer determination you put into trying to get the darned thing out..I`m sorry you didn`t succeed but at least you can say its there to help with building up the raised bed, that part won`t sink Scottish, enjoy disguising it and creating a new look....

31 Mar, 2012


Oh dear Scottish, still at least you tried

31 Mar, 2012


Been in this situation Scottish!!! This was the time my neighbour came round and complained for the noise - git lol. Don't be down hearted , I would like you say make raised bed or even extend and make a little place for table , chairs , special ornament, bird table or bath - anything like that :))))))))))))))))

1 Apr, 2012


Well I don't think you've been defeated. You've got around the problem by making a raised bed. That's good thinking ..... so you've won. Never give up. Where there's a will there's a way :o)

1 Apr, 2012


Think we have been in this situation Scott. you just wonder what people think when they bury all this concrete, dont you? We found loads of brick, stone, tiles etc in our garden and we still keep finding them, most annoying. Could you just fill this back in with soil and plant something hardy beside it so it grows and you can forget about it! Good luck anyway.

1 Apr, 2012


Thank you all for your encouragement :)
Ive bought log edging and made a small bed...I've raised the soil around 4 inches - so hopefully somethings will grow. Got odds and sods in and around the rest of the garden which I have planted in there as an experiment to see how it all grows.
I'll wait til it fills out a bit and post a picture :)

1 Apr, 2012


Aw, you poor thing Angie :(

1 Apr, 2012


I agree with Hywel. We all have to make compromises at some time and when one door closes inevitably another opens. You will get over it.

2 Apr, 2012


I know Lil.....isn't self pity sad!!
Thanks S. Yes you and Hywel are both right!

2 Apr, 2012


You'll be needing a good massage after that! :)) Well done!

2 Apr, 2012


If only Karen....a sit down to watch crappy tv got me over it :)

2 Apr, 2012


It's hard work, but a raised bed is an excellent idea!

9 Apr, 2012

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