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Not exactly a favourite genus but.....


For many years I have not really had roses in the garden. The exception was a climbing rose from my late mum’s garden. That was New Dawn and my avatar photo. However over the years I have gained a few others.
Climbers/Ramblers now number a further 3.
Climbing Iceberg,

Zephirine Drouhin

and Ghislaine de Feligonde

I then bought a rose from one of the GoY members who was developing roses. I have not remembered the name though I think there was Angel in its name. It is a lovely peachy flower but its habit can be a bit lax. the flowers are lovely though.
the bush:

a close up of the flowers.

In 2008 we celebrated our silver wedding anniversary and my brother bought us rose Silver anniversary and it lived in a pot for many years. Now he knew I wasn’t keen on roses but knew I would cherish it as he had bought me it. Hubby also got a bottle of a 10yr old single malt. [which he cherished for a week or two!]

On a trip to friends in Norfolk a few years ago I visited Beales roses and bought a few. Two have forenames of my daughters.

Queen Elizabeth

La Reine Victoria

The others were either because I liked the quirkiness of the soft spines in the case of a moss rose and the memory that I had bought Specks Yellow for my mum in the 1970’s, from Woolworths for 75p.
a moss rose William Lobb

Speck’s Yellow

I have seen this rose in many good gardens and as it isn’t a very blousy one and it has good leaf colour and hips I decided why not?
Rosa glauca.

I had bought a lovely though viscously thorny one Rosa omeiensis but it only survived one winter. I am tempted to get it again but not sure where it would go.

So considering I am not ‘keen’ on roses I do have a few that have good associations and I wouldn’t be without.
Any one else grow a genus that they are not keen on?

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I can really see where you are coming from in this blog. I too am not keen on roses, but have several! A few were here when we came including the Rosa rugosa, which I keep trying to get rid of, but it's adamant it's staying. It was planted in the flower bed along the drive and always 'gets' me when weeding! He planted it with a metal rod which feels as if it's cemented in, and the rose spreads by runners until it pops up where you least expect until you get a handful of spines - and wicked they are too. I like it in a way, just not there!
The other plant that I grow that is annoying and I probably wouldn't, if it wasn't one my Mother always grew, is the Centaurea montana. This always flops everywhere, even if you think you have it contained, seeds and spreads by the roots. Very pretty, loved by insects, but not well behaved.
Your roses are lovely and I have grown to like them more - perhaps it's an age thing?

4 Jul, 2019


I agree about C montana no matter how carefully I stake it, it flops. I hope its not really an age thing as roses are not that labour easy are they? ;o)

I've never been keen on R rugosa though the smell takes me back to my mum's dressing table and the white jars of Ponds cold cream. a very heady scent.

4 Jul, 2019


I too am not keen on GROWING Roses, but there are some beautiful varieties around. The garden is too small for many, most of mine are climbers to save horizontal space but they do attack you in revenge for being pruned. I do have Rosa glauca, it seeds around easily. I would have six or so of them but I pull them out when I spot them.

4 Jul, 2019


I used to grow roses, until the self seeded ash trees, [outside of my garden, so I can't cut them down], got too big ,and shaded , so they got hardly any sun on the bed I had them in,, I've been trying for several years to get the owner of the land to cut them down, without success, so no roses now, I can't think of a genus that I grow, but don't like, apart from Ligustrum, which I would love to get rid of, if only it wasn't surrounding the front and half the side of the house, Derek.

4 Jul, 2019


I have several crocosmias, seduced by them when in flower but rather dull the rest of the year and so difficult to split when the clump gets too big.

4 Jul, 2019


Funny you should ask SBG. As you know, I adore roses, and have about 70 different vars in my garden now. But I have never been fond of Sea Hollies or Eryngiums. My daughter Rachel, however, loves them. And partly because of that, I have this year added three varieties to my plot. I have Eryngium alpinum 'Blue Star', Eryngium planum 'Blue Hobbit' and E. 'Neptune's Gold'. And yes, actually they definitely are growing on me. Still don't like Chrysanthemums though!

Stera, I removed almost all of my Crocosmias last year for the reasons you state. They take all year to flower and then the flowers are over in a fortnight. And I expect I'll still be digging the stragglers out for years to come!

4 Jul, 2019


Your roses are lovely. I too am not that keen on them but have several varieties now.

4 Jul, 2019


i am pleased to see I am not the only one then. it is comforting to know.
I could do with a bit of rain as the borders are starting to look a little limp. so much lush growth earlier on now means there is a lot to go and support.

5 Jul, 2019


Very dry here too, things are starting to wilt.

5 Jul, 2019


I was never keen on roses, I think it was because my dad never grew them. After being on Goy and seeing members gorgeous roses, I had to get some, problem being I didn't know how to care for them really, ie pruning. On my Facebook group I've made acquaintance with a rose man who has talked me through what to do and when and what a transformation! Im not scared of pruning now.

6 Jul, 2019


Dawn, which FB group is that please? I could always do with some help on my Roses. I'm not confident about the pruning either, especially on the shrubs.

7 Jul, 2019


It’s Gardening UK much nicer than the BBC and Radio 4 ones, I’ll send you an invite.
This is what Dave told me about shrub rose pruning.
“All you do with shrub roses is remove the oldest stems first. This stimulates new stems. Done on a 3 year rotation provides new stems each year. Just take them.out at the base.”
I’ll ask him about taking height off later in the year.

8 Jul, 2019


Thanks Dawn. I did not know that at all. Very good advice. Makes sense. :)

9 Jul, 2019



11 Jul, 2019


Seaburn, just catching up with your blogs, I had forgotten you had one of the German roses from Spritzhenry,. it's called Angel Face, and is one of the best roses in our garden, OH pruned it severely so it keeps a good shape! I don't grow anything I don't want/like the garden is too small, you do have some lovely roses for someone who doesn't like them !!

28 Jul, 2019


Thanks for supplying its named DD2. I must put it in my plant list so I wont forget it.

thank you for 'wading' through all my blogs. :o)

28 Jul, 2019


I didn't realize I had missed so many...

29 Jul, 2019

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