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Transformations still on going


I think I have said the back garden is now complete but I will keep an eye on it as I have mulched it with my own compost bin contents and whilst I haven’t knowingly put weed seeds in one never really knows.

I am still working my way through the border with couch grass. The far side was sorted last year and this year I have found 3 pieces so they have come out. I also removed an Iris foetida as it was getting too big for its space. I had help from beloved who took down the dead A japonica and Helianthus Lemon queen stems which he burnt after tea.
I removed herb Robert, hairy bittercress, moss and hoary willow herb.
This was the bed 2 weeks ago

This morning

At the end of 4 hours work.

The side drive bed was now in sunshine so I did a little bit more there too.

But whilst this is all interesting, I hope, lets have a look at the flowers in bloom this week.
I have many hyacinth and their perfume is beautiful. These are Blue Delft at each end, Woodstock and Pink Fondant.

A really deep velvety blue ‘Kronos’

This is a lovely semi double Narcissus but I don’t know its variety. If you do let me know please.

Spring has definitely sprung as last Sunday I found these in the pond:

and a week on they are developing, yet more transformations taking place.

One of our resident blackbirds. She has been helping herself to suet pellets from the outhouse but she waits and cocks a beady eye at me when she wants more mealworms. we put them in a tray of water for them.

We have had lovely weather this week but I had to water the pots today as the wind has certainly had a drying effect.

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fantastic . lots of spring life coming through . Great to see the frogspawn, wildlife and lovely flowers

22 Mar, 2020


You've been a busy Bee Sbg .. I'm sure I had that daff in my last garden but can't recall its name sorry's Lovely to have the frogspawn lets hope you have lots of baby frogs to eat your slugs ...

23 Mar, 2020


Your Narcissis is called Replete
Its gorgeous love your Hyacinths I love them too. You ve done wonders with your gardens in such a short time a lot of hard work what a difference from start to finish on the first 4 photos. What a great find so many tadpoles. So pleased to hear the black bird gets suet and meal worms all sold out here with this panick buying 😔

23 Mar, 2020


Thank you 3d I did wonder if it was. It came in a mixed bag and last year I separated them out by tying different coloured wools onto the stems. When they were dying back I then potted them accordingly. So far only one in the wrong pot.

23 Mar, 2020


Great blog SBG. Its lovely to see all the different kinds of trransformations. You've done Stirling work in that border and how lovely to see your frogspawn. I don't have any yet. I've never had any actually...but am hopeful for this every spring! :)

23 Mar, 2020


A friend gave me some about 5 yrs ago so I suspect these have come from some that came from that batch.

23 Mar, 2020


That was good guessing then Seaburngirl if you have internet on your phone if you press on the photo of the flower it will come up google this image and most times it will come up with your flower then you just click on that flower normally some one has named the flower.

23 Mar, 2020


I don't have that type of phone or app 3d. I'm a bit of a Luddite really. There are several that look like replete and this ones has a few yellowish petaloids .

23 Mar, 2020


Double Roman has yellowish.

23 Mar, 2020


Hi Eilen, when I first saw this Narcissus, my first thought was N 'manly', I think N 'replete is more a reddish pink corona, but I could be wrong, Derek.

23 Mar, 2020


Sbg you have worked really hard and tackled the bed very well! It looks so good now. We too are troubled with couch grass - always have been and we never quite get on top of it. I think we need some of your determination, as we have no excuse now, with all the time we have to spend at home!!
I love hyacinths indoors and outdoors, yours are lovely.

23 Mar, 2020


Well it's not all that long since you said you were looking forward to having dirt under your fingernails - are you satisfied? That's a job well done! You are lucky to have frogspawn - every year I hope but nothing yet. I think we had some baby newts last year but they are so hard to see - fingers crossed!

23 Mar, 2020


Frogspawn, how lovely! We have frogs in the garden and two ponds, one with fish and one without, but never see and spawn. We do have a ditch (dyke) running down the side of the property so perhaps they prefer that. More time this year to study these things and already the garden is getting more attention. Keep happy and healthy everyone and bless our good luck that we have a garden, however small, to tend.

23 Mar, 2020


Derek and 3d, the trouble is there are many daff varieties that look so similar. But a rose by any other name.......

Yes Stera I have dirt ingrained in and under my nails or what is left of them, but hey I have no where to go to have nice nails.

Honeysuckle we have always had frogs toads and newts in the garden and pond but have never had spawn which is why I was given some. Main problem is its a raised pond so they have to make their way up the rockery but they do seem to manage. It will be nice to record how things change as the weeks go by.

24 Mar, 2020


Yes it is so difficult to tell even with other plants they look so alike.

25 Mar, 2020


Its so rewarding when you get a job well done and couch grass is a b....... to remove. Just wish I could smell those hyacinths, but I loved looking at yours.

29 Mar, 2020


Fascinating to see the frog eggs. I have that same semi-double narcissus but can't think of the name either. You've made remarkable progress.

29 Mar, 2020


I think the daff may be 'Delnashaugh', it is a good match and it is sold by the company that sold me the White Lion that is in my latest blog.

29 Mar, 2020

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