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May in the garden.


I’ve not done much in the garden in recent weeks even though I have a large bed still to weed. Its been too hot and the tulips were in full flower through mid to late April in the bed that needs weeding.

I have watched the bearded Iris and I. siberica develop flowering spikes and in the last 4 days they have been opening.
Iris Black Swan

Iris Jane Phillips

Iris Open Sky according to the label and its picture matches the flower. But the images on the internet don’t agree. Oh well!

This yellow one was in the garden when we moved in 24 yrs ago and have never found a name for it.

This is a good iris and quite tall about 4ft and again never really got a clear name. It was sold as Brathwaite.

I love the beards that this one has.

The Iris siberica are coming into flower too.

This one is ‘Tropical nights’.

This is ‘Thelma Perry’ and has been in the garden about 6 yrs and has grown into a good sized clump

A close up of the flower.

A pacific coast Iris has put on a good show and it is Broadleigh Anne

The first clematis of the year are over but Niobe and Rebecca are putting on their display.

Rebecca one of the better reds but still a bit pinky.

Atrocity corner is looking good and I am pleased with it.

The pond plants are growing away well and the bog bean is looking pretty and even better close up.

I love the frilly bits on the petals.

Many of us have aquilegia these are few of my favourites, none are named varieties just natures mix.

The garden is still desperately dry and though rain is forecast for our region not actually our area. So it is out with the watering can every night.

Just as a final thought: which plants ‘die’ well for you? This paeony flowered tulip is still looking interesting even though it is well ‘past its best’.

Remember to stay alert and I don’t just mean for Coronavirus I mean for Lupin aphids, lily beetle and Hemerocallis gall midge.

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You have an extensive collection of irises - I can compare your Jane Phillips with my blue one which I think might be the same. Our siberians aren't making a show yet.
Im losing patience with our Niobe and Rebecca, not much flower yet!
An interesting blog. Atrocity corner looking good after all the hard work.

20 May, 2020


Great blog SBG. I enjoyed it very much from the initial red tulips en masse which reminded me of field poppies, through the Iris (Jane Philips is my favourite, the scent is lovely) and the Sibiricas too. I only have one and it isn't growing very well, but I still have high hopes for it. It has been sulking ever since I split and replanted it. Niobe is my favourite clematis...never lets me down and so richly coloured. Another good red is 'Nubia'. Then the aquilegias...I have some self seeded nature's mix myself this year for the first time ever. Ever so pleased to see them all and yours are beautiful. As for what dies favourite, Pulsatilla vulgaris. The fluffy seedheads are almost as beautiful as the flowers. :) Thank you, lovely blog.

20 May, 2020


Love the irises, the colours are beautiful .

20 May, 2020


Great pics of your Bogbean, love it.

20 May, 2020


Thank you for the comments. I find Niobe can be brilliant one yr then sparse the next Anget. I hadn't heard of C. nubia but it is a good red might be one to look out for. I wonder why your Siberian iris are being stubborn Karen. Which one do you have? I wasn't thinking of seed heads Karen but yes they are stunning along with the fluffy clematis seed heads.

The colours are good and i'd love some more and thanks to Siris there are a couple more waiting to put on a show. Think they are sulking this year though. the fuchsia is making flower buds and is going to be very pretty.

21 May, 2020


About the it a very large plant? My iris is called Lavandelwein. Its very hard to get and I am really keen to keep it. Its very beautiful.

21 May, 2020


I'll take a better photo of it later and show you how it grows and its size.

21 May, 2020


Thank you! Its lovely.

21 May, 2020


I too love the Bogbean Karen, so look forward to your reply Seaburn. The Iris's are of course beautiful, but natures show of Aquilegia are just as stunning in their own way. I love the colours of those. You can see why they are called Granny's bonnet as well as Clementine. Aren't these the flowers that they say are the "pretty maids all in a row" in the Mary, Mary quite contrary nursery rhyme?

21 May, 2020


Hi Honeysuckle it depends on which source you read. 16th century suggest that the maids could be nuns or Mary Queen of Scott's personal maids. I saw drawings in nursery rhyme books of dancing ladies.
one book had cowslips so it is open to interpretation. Even the phrase maids in a row have alternative suggestions.

21 May, 2020


I also love your Bog bean but your Iris are stunning! As for aquilegia I have lots in my garden too. I've no idea what any of them are called as most have just 'developed ' but I don't mind that, do you? Like Honeysuckle, I've always called them 'Granny's Bonnets '...but what's in a name? etc...

21 May, 2020


I don’t mind them ‘developing’ Waddy ..its exciting to see what you will get!

21 May, 2020


A lovely blog, SBG! You have some very beautiful Irises! I remember as a boy in London walking around the flower garden in our local park where there were lots of great German Irises!

21 May, 2020


Thank you for the kind comments.
I think I only knew them as aquilegia, my uncle Charlie was keen on me learning 'proper names where/when I could. The lady bird book of garden flowers called them that.

There is a bog bean blog now with a little more nature in it..

21 May, 2020


You have so many beautiful Irises, and the Aquilegias are very pretty too :)
There was once a lot of Bog bean growing wild around here in marshes. I don't know if it's still there as lots of the marshes have industrial estates built on them now :(

21 May, 2020


Victoria found bog bean in several reserves she worked at last year when working for south and west Wales wildlife trust. When she first found it she impressed her reserve supervisor by knowing what it was. Though she thought it was a garden escapee as it is in our pond. She also found lots of king cups in the same places.

22 May, 2020


That's good. I'm glad she was able to impress her supervisor :)
There are King cups around here too. They remind me of Beryl because she always enjoyed seeing them. She even wanted her photo taken once with some we found in a wet field !

22 May, 2020


I loved the closeup of the bogbean too - never really looked at one before. Is it easy to keep it within bunds in a small pond?
Now I'm very much afraid you are going to have to rename Atrocity Corner!
Bearded Irises don't do very well here so it was lovely to see all your beauties

22 May, 2020


yes the bog bean can be pruned back if it gets too big. it will always be atrocity corner to those that know the garden. [and if I get lazy it will live up to its name agaian ;o) ]

22 May, 2020


lovely pictures the iris's look stunning, do like that bog bean as well, have to see if can get hold of some of them.

22 May, 2020


Lovely blog, Sbg. Love all your Irises, & the Aquilegia. Have seen the bog bean growing plentifully in our local nature reserve.

23 May, 2020


You have a stunning collection of Iris and Aqualegias love those poppies . Planys thst die well fir me are Gentains they always die on me even though I love them. Yes had several lily beetles now squished.

23 May, 2020

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