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Well, it makes a change from the Olympics . . .


but not a lot going on in the garden right now. However, I’m very pleased with the Imperata (Japanese blood grass)


Pelargoniums, including Quantock Candy and Mona Lisa

Good crop of apples to come

Had my last bike ride yesterday, and now my lovely bicycle is going to a good home. (It’s a very heavy model and I no longer have the strength, so I’m sticking to swimming, lol!)

View of the garden from an upstairs window

Happy gardening everyone :)

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How sad saying goodbye to your trusty bike. It certainly does look heavy. Does an electric one tempt you? Your bloodgrass is doing well. Mine died pdq. That's an attractive shot of the garden - tempting to wander round.

20 Aug, 2016


Love the view of your garden. I agree, that it is a quiet time out there at the moment and then those leaves will start to fall and there will be loads to do!!

20 Aug, 2016


Your blood grass does look good, I have some but not spreading or colouring as much as yours, obviously in the wrong spot. You garden looks lovely all the contrasting shapes and colours of the shrubs and trees.
Immaculate bike, I hope the new owner appreciates how well you have looked after it. I haven't ridden a bike for donkey's years. I occasionally look at my Son's bike and think I might like to ride up the road and back, but it has a cross-bar and being not so sprightly now, think how stupid I would feel not being able to fling my leg across the cross-bar - why do men's bikes have cross-bars anyway?

20 Aug, 2016


Stera/Sue, thank you. Yes, I did feel a bit sad, but was using the bike so infrequently, and my friend was so thrilled to be given it - it was lovely! An electric bike sounds a great idea . . . or a lightweight one? Shame about your Imperata . . .

Chris - thanks, yes, there will soon be plenty to do, and hopefully we've still got some warm days to come.

Honey - thank you - we have another clump of the blood grass which looks pathetic! Maybe because it hardly gets any sun, I'm not sure. The new owner of the bike deserves a treat: she's been having a worrying time with her husband not well. I can understand about the cross-bar - they do get in the way and as you say seem totally unnecessary.

20 Aug, 2016


Your garden is looking lovely,shame about your bike, but I bet your friend will get lots of use out of it.

21 Aug, 2016


Thank you Callie :)

21 Aug, 2016


The garden looks lovely, Sheila. I'm not surprised your friend is so pleased about the bike. It's years since I rode one!

22 Aug, 2016


Thanks Susanne! I'm missing the bike already, but it was probably the right decision . . .

22 Aug, 2016


Your Blood grass seems to like its position,Sheila.Have planted ours next to the pool about 5 years ago and it still looks pathetic.....It has full sun......Is that a Betula tree in one of the photos?

22 Aug, 2016


Julia - yes - the 'dome' like tree is Betula pendula Youngii: I read that it was "suitable for small gardens" soon after moving here . . . 37 years ago.

Maddening about your Imperata - it seems to be fickle.

22 Aug, 2016


Will persevere with it!! Thanks Sheila.

23 Aug, 2016


That's a shame you have to give up the cycling.It looks a good sturdy little number!

25 Aug, 2016


Thanks Paul - but my friend will get more use from it than me (and she's buying me a plant in thanks - result!)

26 Aug, 2016

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