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Another project.


I know I haven’t been around for a while(due to ill health) but I have been gardening with the help of my husband. One bone of contention for him was not being able to mow the smaller lawn in the front garden because my beautiful Cytisus ‘Moyclare Pink’ had grown and blocked the way into the lawn.

His idea was to cut it back – but that would have ruined the lovely shape. So – impasse!

Now – at our previous house, I had a lovely hanging basket outside the front door, and oh, how I missed it, despite my rows of pots in the porch and along the outside wall. As our house is listed, we aren’t allowed to attach anything to the walls, so a hanging basket was a no-no.

That is just some of them!

Anyway, we discussed the situation and came up with an exciting solution – why not pave that area and put a pair of hanging baskets on a post in the middle?

So off we went to the Reclamation Yard with our trailer, to buy slabs of blue lias stone. Another expedition was to buy two brackets and two baskets. I had seen some double baskets on line and one struck me as being attractive – it had a blackbird perched on the top!

It didn’t take long for my clever husband to lay the slabs in a square and make and paint the central feature including my blackbird! We had to create a narrow path from the front one to the square.

I replanted the sides of the path where some plants had been removed. My favourite is Origanum ‘Kent Belle’.

Of course I had also been busy planting up the baskets. They had coir linings which proved very difficult to cut through to feed plants in, but I managed up to a point without chopping my fingers off – Stanley knives are vicious things!

The most successful plants in the baskets are Fuchsia ‘Delta’s Sarah’ which are covered with blooms.

I love my hanging baskets. I could sit and gaze at them all day – except that there are weeds springing up in the rest of the garden and they must be dealt with pronto!

Origanum ‘Kent Belle’

Fuchsia ‘Delta’s Sarah’

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Hi Spritz it is fabulous and so is all your garden very inspirational, good to see you back 👍😊

14 Sep, 2019


Great solution Spritz . . . well done to you both! It’s all looking lovely, and it’s good to see you, but do look after yourself. 🙂.

14 Sep, 2019


Looks like your hanging baskets are in the ideal place to be viewed from your house, and that area draws the eye. Much better than that area when grassed. Excellent. All you need now is a blue pot with a Phormium in it!!!

14 Sep, 2019


So sorry to hear you have been unwell. Your garden is always a delight and missed when you are not around hope things are improving for you best wishes Denise.

14 Sep, 2019


Very funny Siris!!..... lovely idea SH.......we are both very lucky to have such useful husband's aren't we?
I think I would spend many a happy hour hanging basket gazing......

14 Sep, 2019


What you and your husband have created is really beautiful, a real feature.
The slabs look lovely and the hanging baskets are so very pretty.
It is good to see YOU again too.

15 Sep, 2019


What an attractive addition to your garden Spritz and I take my hat off to you for working so hard despite ill health. A gent like your husband would be much appreciated in my household too, it must be wonderful to share projects like this even if you disagree over some others. My youngsters admire anything I do but are not interested in actually working in the garden, and our dogs love being out there but usually leave it looking the worse for wear ;-) I hope you continue to enjoy better health and are able to spend more quality time in your garden and here too.

16 Sep, 2019


Good to see you back with us again, Spritz! That hanging basket project is excellent & the Fuchsia is looking great!

16 Sep, 2019


Welcome back.
Lovely garden

16 Sep, 2019


Must be something about 2019 you're back, Sanbaz is back and I'm back \0/ Your garden is lovely as always Barbara and your design ideas spot on and you were always a glutton for punishment. That cytisus looks beautiful too:-)

18 Sep, 2019


this is bizarre, I liked this blog and added a comment very early on in the thread and it has disappeared! also on your Horror story blog back in 2017, also missing.

19 Sep, 2019


Hi Barbara ! It's nice to see a blog from you again :) I have been missing a lot myself this summer too.
I'm sorry you have experienced some health problems and hope you have some cure for them now … or at least some way of dealing with them.
Your new paving slabs and baskets look lovely :)

21 Sep, 2019


Sorry, Sbg, it wasn’t me!

Hallo Ba and Hywel, nice to see you too. Aleyna, thank you all for your lovely comments and welcomes. xx

25 Sep, 2019

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