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End of August days


Just to record the state of things through August.

Heres the sidalcea, verbena and penstemon at the start of the month


L’arch de climers

Still a good bit of colour

Need to sort this section so will do that in a couple of weeks

the rockery trolly nice n full

Dahlias from wilco, quid for 2

and so most of the first tiers of toms have now been picked but still a good load to go

has a few trays of tomatoes so far

very happy with the quality of the toms from the big poly

the bananas been loving it this summer and the new experiment plant has taken over, will need to trim it soon so the peppers can have some light

and here are its little fruits !

a jungle of cucumbers

so many can hardly keep up

lots of light today

just a quick hello from this out of focus chap

and the back up toms coming on in the small poly

quite a few passion fruits

flowers of course

not as many grapes as last year but will start juicing them soon

and the raised beds veg going great guns

plenty of kale etc

and so at the end of the month things starting to go over

or fall over

still looks quite respectable though in the morning light

my £2 phormium and rudbekia

forgotten the name of it but like these yellow flowers just in front of the window

and the buddha still relaxing in the japanese section

GNuts is now here in the day and on the chair at night

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All still looks colourful and looks like you will have a good crop.

31 Aug, 2014


A wonderful garden, full of interest, congratulations !

1 Sep, 2014


Lovely garden and so productive .

1 Sep, 2014


I am interested in how you juice the Grapes Stevie ... I have a vine, 'Brandt' variety, and have left the grapes for the birds the past two years! Any info. would be appreciated. :o)

1 Sep, 2014


Great produce Stevie, do you get people coming by to buy from you? Bet you will be making some nice soups, your Toms are beautiful.

1 Sep, 2014


Thanks folks,
ST, well basically when I say juicing I am talking just drinking the juice itself via putting them in the juicer.

I have been juicing now for over a year and after a semi juice fast last year for a month I have easily kept of a stone and feel so much better with proper nutrition. should be mostly veg juices as too much of fruit juices have too much sugars. However there seem to be two exceptions where the fruit is both nutritional and has (allegedly) major health benefits (IE grape seed said to help with cancer).
So I would say both grape and pineapple were the two exceptions.

last year I had a bumper crop and had litres of juice, just put the grapes as clean as i could through the juicer. Mine is a centrifugal juicer so you get a bit of pulp n foam. After the few days the foam top had fermented a bit and looked disgusting. I tasted a bit of it and it was honestly one of the best things i have ever tasted.

So anyway this year not so good as my main vine (in the small poly) had quite a bit of scale bugs so will have to clean the grapes well. I have a few plants coming on in the big poly which I will cut n train at the end of the season, they should fruit a bit next year

1 Sep, 2014


Thanks Steve, as I am now a Type 2 Diabetic I found this information, which may interest you too:

Q: Are grapes and/or grape juice bad for people with type 2 diabetes?

A: No, grapes and grape juice are not “bad” for people with diabetes. Grapes are actually rich in phytonutrients, nutrients that are thought to play a role in disease prevention, cognitive function and immunity. However, it’s important to keep in mind that all fruit and fruit juices contain carbohydrate. People with diabetes need to control their carbohydrate intake. A “serving” of grapes is about 17; a serving of grape juice is 1/3 of a cup. Depending on your carbohydrate goals for your meals and snacks, you should be able to fit grapes and/or grape juice into your eating plan, but you’ll need to keep an eye on your portion. Also, it’s generally recommended that one eat whole fruit instead of drinking juice. Drinking juice is less satisfying than eating fruit, and some people find that it raises blood glucose levels rather quickly.

I shall cut the Grapes down later on in the week and let you know how the juice tasted!

1 Sep, 2014


Thanks GM, I did have two or three regulars for a few toms but to be honest I preferred to give a few punnets away and use it for myself with soup n then freeze it. With toms it doesn't affect thier nutritional value n heating them increases it.
Taking into account wat i would actually 'like' to eat I will be doing both tom soup (freezing) and also dried/roasted in jars in oil. I know then that I will enjoy both

1 Sep, 2014


ST, about 3 yrs ago I realised and had all the signs of borderline diabetic and would have been that now had i not taken action. I cut out sugar in me tea, substituted a bit of honey then stopped that as i got into the juicing.

yes am convince there's something very beneficial about grapes n grape juice (probably why we used to take them to patients in hospital) and also pineapple as well.

I remember a very interesting vid by tony pantalleresco about rebuilding the pancreas and insulin function using nutrition , will see if i can find his youtube link

ah heres his vids

ah yes this is the vid re diabetes, just watched it and am sure he said to lay off grapes lol

I like this guy as he really knows how to piece things together, BUT need to source 'decent' ingredients and never over dose, also its not what you take its what you can absorb and how to do that

You have made me think maybe i should do a blog on juicing with some recipes

I think we need to research what grape vine has the most n beneficial nutritional value

1 Sep, 2014


You're having a very productive year again Stevie and your frontage always looks great, it always amazes how much you cram into your space......

1 Sep, 2014


Stevie, I too was told two years ago that I was borderline, so I cut out sugar in my coffee and instead used a sprinkle of cinnamon instead, it worked nicely and I add cinnamon to my fruit and drinks all the time and so far have kept well ! Please do a juicey blog. I also have a great Granola recipe with just honey for the sweetness alongside oats and nuts, its delish.

1 Sep, 2014


Stevie, that guy Tony talks so fast! Had to watch the videos a couple of times to understand him ... he seems to know an awful lot about treating health problems and his stock of ingredients is awesome!

2 Sep, 2014


Ah GM/ST I noticed that cinnamon bark was one of the ingredients in his pancreas recovery tea formulae.
Also I was at a friends place and he had some of the 'bitter melon' I'd never seen it before but said he had got it from a chinese food store.

I like Tonys vids alot but yes he talks too fast n he should really do a list of ingredients and what sort to buy n avoid.
I am waiting till October to see the dentist n have a tooth out, had a very loose tooth and a very concerning absess n infection above it. I had watched Tonys vid on Asorbic acid (vit C) and dosage and I took and am taking alot of effervesant vit C each day, guess what infection gone right down tooth now reset n not loose.
I'll have the tooth out (root canal no thank you) and am now confident I can get rid of the infection with high dose Vit C instead of killing all my good gut flora n fora bacteria with antibiotics and compromise my immune system

ok will think about a juicing blog, maybe better to do a youtube vid/s
GM how about one of your granola recipe

2 Sep, 2014


I could send it to you Stevie, it's delish and I eat it every day with natural greek yog and fresh fruit. Do you think peeps on here would like the recipe?

2 Sep, 2014


Sure, be pleased to have a look at it, cant speak for others but they dont have to eat it ; )

2 Sep, 2014


A fantastic garden, and it really gives us a relevant medicinal info :-)))

2 Sep, 2014


Hi Junna, do you have the fruit 'bitter melon' over there?

3 Sep, 2014

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