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Front at the end of the season


Just a few shots to show the front as it winds down before I tidy it up n start rearranging things

First up the lovely Sangokaku Acer, struggled a bit this year but will refresh the pot for next season

Like the look as ever in the 5 o’clock sun

A few more toms last week, and just picked another couple of trays today. Last of the grapes, juiced n drank it straight away

Asters are new to the front this year, the small ones lookin good

GNuts in her permanent spot when the suns out

Penstemons n veronicas

Still hanging on

n the arch bushed up a bit this season as hoped

Will take the opportunity to move stuff around for next season when the cooler weather gets going

Toms on toast has not been a problem ; )

Just added a couple of pics

Some toms still hanging on, probably one tray left for roastin then freezin

Have to duck if I go into the small poly this way, or try n header the passion vine fruit

I have now pretty much established that I can polinate to get these fruits but that they are quite limited in uses. SO whilst I love having te flowers around I think I’ll get hold of the standard passion ‘fruit’ variety (Passiflora edulis) n add them to my juice repertoire

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I love that acer!! Your toms on toast look pretty inviting, too.

2 Oct, 2014


How do you 'refresh the pot' for next season Stevie ?
Lovely pictures of a lovely frontage.

3 Oct, 2014


Bit sick of tomatoes on toast to be honest ; ) but need to save the pennies but so easy to chuck a handful in a pan

Diane, there's a couple of inches space on the top of the pot so I could top dress it with compost, but I though best to lift it out and put it at the bottom and tuck it around the edges. I was planning to use some very well rotted goat/hay manure which is very fine, mix it with some bought compost and I have some pellets somewhere. Just give it as much food as poss for next season

3 Oct, 2014


Its big for a pot isn't it, but looking really great. The whole of the front has matured beautifully - you must be very pleased with it.

3 Oct, 2014


Isn1t it amazing what results you can get from pots, it all looks wonderful. Your not going to go short of tomatoes then Stevie, love thinly sliced toms with basil and dressed with balsamic vinegar.

3 Oct, 2014


Those "toms on bread looks like smoked meat to me...are they processed? That acer Sangokaku is wonderful.

3 Oct, 2014


Stera, yes I am pleased but its been a long haul of pots. Now that I have the back stuff in large bins it should be alot easier to maintain, just potting up stuff in the fron pots, over wintering those then bringing them out and changing them a bit.
Stroller, got a few basil plants so am going to have a go at making some pesto stock n freezing it.
My neighbour offered to do some roast Tomatoe with onion n garlic for a 50/50 split
Kat just in a pan with a bit of garlic salt n pepper n mashed a bit

3 Oct, 2014



4 Oct, 2014


Terrific View Stevie ! :-O))

5 Oct, 2014


Just added a couple of extra pics : )

5 Oct, 2014


Thanks for the Acer help Stevie. I like tomatoes half
sliced, and sprinkled with Muscovado sugar. Takes the
acid out but makes a mess of the frying pan, needs washing every time !
I always have this sugar on porridge, as it contains the
18 nutrients we need, that are milled out when they
wreck it to make white sugar.

6 Oct, 2014

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