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Usk Show - Horticulural section - Prize winner?


Had a lovely day out at the Usk show, particularly the horticulture tent.
For the first time ever I entered some veg. Here’s what happened!

I entered 9 classes;
CLASS 16 BEANS 7 French or Climbing French
CLASS 34 TOMATOES On Vine, Single Truss, Any Cultivar
CLASS 35 TOMATOES 3 Other kind
CLASS 43 CUCUMBERS 2 Glasshouse or Frame
CLASS 46 COLLECTION of HERBS. 6 bunches maximum
CLASS 60 DISH of ONE kind of soft fruit – 5
CLASS 61 DISH of ONE kind of fruit not listed – 3

They had nice big tents for all the exhibits, this was the horticulture tent.
It was opened at about 12 and was packed for ages.

First have a look at some growers that really know their onions.
The from seed class, wow

onion sets

onions ten

onions shown as grown, nice. Note to self dont bother with onions unless prepared to grow from November!!

The collection of veg class, where points are amassed for cup awards. Some serious quality veg here

Made up from growers entering the other very hottly contested classes

I might get away with some celery ; )

parsnips, grown in tubes I assume, might have a go

carrots, again presumably grown in tubes, this could be a goer

leeks, excellent but I dont have the patience

cabbage, rounded n pointed, wow

beet root, put mine in late so maybe next time

marrows, could be done but need two very similar ones of quality

but dont need to be huge, just quality

disaster veg zone, well this could be done ; )

neighbours class, now this is a nice idea, a group of people making a display from their neighbourhood

lots of cut flowers classes

planted container class, only one entry, could be attempted

underground veg class, again only one entry, winner! worth entering : )

an again garlic only two entries

Ok so how did my stuff do?

Bunches of herbs class, my entry was the one top right. bit creative, inspired by Mad max thunderdome, with bunches suspended. hmmm seems they just wanted fresh bunches displayed, not more of an arrangement!!

courgette class bench, mine were the two yellow, top mid right, nothing

winning courgettes, seems they like the flowers on

cucumber class ah did a bit better here, spot the banana leaf

the winning cumbers

beans, mine weren’t very good but had a go, nothing.

plum toms, didn’t enter this one, but might be worth a couple of plants next year

cheery toms, ahh some good competition here

tom vine, this is mine on the banana leaf ; ) It said ‘single vine’

other toms class, nothing doing but good entries

Soft fruit class, entered orange raspberries as they looked nice but didn’t get anything

soft fruit class

other fruit class, the winner

So here’s the RESULTS of my day

Other fruit class, my passion vine fruits got a second : )

cucumber class, my added banna leaf worked and I got another 2nd

cheery tomatoes 1st, wow i’ve WON!!!!!!!!

I think that deserved a cider

A couple of nice steam engines there

Was maybe hoping for a third at best so three results, chuffed.
have to say very well organised and very enjoyable,
well done USK

I’ll leave you with some cute pigs : )

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Well done ,it looks like a good Show.

14 Sep, 2014


What a huge show - well done to win a prize. Its hard to know what judges want - in our village show I won the herb class but what they wanted there was an arrangement not bunches!Learned that from last year. You will have a better idea next year. The onions fascinate me, they all look so very perfect.

I thought my gooseberries would win this year as they were much bigger than the others but one was smaller than the rest and that scuppered it. (The birds had got under my nets and eaten the rest) The ones that won were quite small - makes you sick doesn't it? Our show was rather early and not many tomatoes were ripe - the winner was a group of the smallest ones I've ever seen, more like big red currants! But all the same size.

14 Sep, 2014


Looks a thriving well supported show, you did well with that much competition
Thanks for posting

14 Sep, 2014


Well done for having a go, nothing ventured as the say goes, lovely to see that these shows are still surviving...

14 Sep, 2014


Congratulation! That is a very good place! And from 2nd to the first in next year, I hope.
I also prepared one question for you: Are all those vegetables and fruits GMO-free? :-)

14 Sep, 2014


We'll done. What a great show.

14 Sep, 2014


Thanks folks, as I say I was hoping for a third, so two seconds n a first on my first go am well chuffed.

I agree with things like the onions, you need to start them off soon under grow lamps to get so good by next year, bit obsessional!!
I am however certainly looking at the classes where I could have a go at for next year.

Kat I would assume some are F1 hybrids with preferred traits, but I would also assume alot of the veg growers would prefer heirloom and/or open pollinated seeds and would not tolerate any GMOs.

15 Sep, 2014


Oh congratulations Stevie ... lots of lovely fruit, veg and flowers at the show ... and I love your 'Cheery' (sounds much nicer than Cherry) Tomatoes ... :o))

27 Sep, 2014


wow! super love those veggies !

5 Oct, 2014


Thanks Junna, St

5 Oct, 2014

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