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Hanging on to Summer.


Another rain day but the garden isn’t giving itself up to Autumn quite yet, all our hedges are still in full leaf, especially the Dogwood and the flowers are hanging out for as long as they can.

Our first Cosmos flower opened the other day, same as last year, and we have a couple of over-sized Sunflowers dancing around, again same as they did last year.

We managed to find the Japanese Anenomes once GOY helped yet again with identification and are really pleased with those.

I knew I had a few mushrooms in the front lawn but it wasn’t til I started pulling them out that I realised quite how many – oops!

A couple of wildlife photos too, the Swan Family were at a local business park, the hog in our garden. We currently have a Collar Dove family of 5 too, three babies without collars but they are camera shy.

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that is so lovely. I wonder why your cosmos is so shy to flower. Love the hog, not seen ours in the flesh but lots of 'visiting cards' on the grass.

13 Oct, 2019


The Cosmos just seem to do nothing all summer except grow tall, they are in pots and have lovely healthy bright foliage, but they just ache to be higher than the sunflowers, which are at least 7 or 8 feet and in pots next to them. I don't mind though, it means late colour when we need it most.

We gave the hedgehog some of our cats' food (don't tell 'em) - apparently chicken flavour is best. He licked every morsel then wandered off again, hopefully to hibernate soon I guess.

13 Oct, 2019


Lovely blog Sunny. I recently bought a Japanese anemone called Ruffled Swan ... white with a purple back. Thrilled with it - must take a photo!

13 Oct, 2019


Ooh that sounds a bit different Sheilabub, I shall look that one up. Ours are Honorine Jobert Anemone and Pink Kiss.

13 Oct, 2019


Lovely blog all round Sunnydais. Love the leaves on the dogwood, still lush. Wildlife pics are so sweet.

13 Oct, 2019


An interesting autumn blog … your garden is still doing well, that's nice for you :)

13 Oct, 2019


Agree, your garden is still in its glory with a few surprises. I love autumn in the northeast, US, especially the cool crisp air and the weekend drives up to New England to see the foliage and shop for antiques.

14 Oct, 2019


Sounds fun Bathgate, Autumn is a special season for sure.

14 Oct, 2019


You are so lucky to have a hedgehog! Hope he stays with you. That's a grand crop of mushrooms! Why do you pull them out though? I think they are rather fun. You might have some buried wood under the lawn that they are feeding on - nature's way of helping it to rot down. Isn't wonderful how everything works together?
Your Anemones are beautiful and the sunflower is fun isn't it?

14 Oct, 2019


I got the impression she's planning to serve them up to eat.

14 Oct, 2019


If they'd been in the back garden I'd have gladly left them, I love the sight of them and we do get them in the back borders, but our front lawn is open to passers by with dogs, children and the postie/leaflet/parcel man who tend to all tramp over the grass.

One day I might grow a 6 foot hedge all round.....but I concentrate instead, on my very private back garden where no one gets a look in!

As for eating them, I have no idea which ones would be safe. They looked a tad tough!

I love the sunflower - it's just so cartoon like yet so beautiful in the sunshine.

15 Oct, 2019


Your garden looks lovely Sunny, its such a treat to still have lots of colour, really gives one a boost, our hedgehogs are still around and the frogs are also so slug control here is good, lol, my cosmos have done the opposite to yours, they have been flowering for weeks but have all remained small this year, weird as t was the same seed, loving the sunflower, mine are long gone, they were really good
though, such bright cheery flowers...Lovely photo's...

23 Oct, 2019

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