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Rain again...


By waddy


Rain again today, but in between the heavy showers I managed to get out and feed my tomatoes and baskets…and to take a few pics. Hope you enjoy them…and will someone please tell me who’s got our summer?

Phalaris Arundinacea, Gardeners Garter

Arthur Bell

Gertrude Jekyll

Phalaris Arundinacea Artic Sun

Lost the label on this on…but I think it’s Marmalade

Be careful what you wish for…the OH asked for lots of lettuce this summer…


Wisley 2008

A Campanula purchased from Ikea 2 years ago for a £1!


One of three lots of Snow in Summer, thank you Bloomer :)

Here comes the rain again, so I took this one looking down the back garden from the bedroom window. At least the water tubs are full! Better weather on the way next week :) :)

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Hi Julia ..Well done on taking some photos in between the showers... the rain has made everything grow beautifully in your garden ..

This weekend, summer is in Paris with the French tennis finals... temps in the 80's and 90's (old money thermometer !)

10 Jun, 2017


Hope they send it over L'Channel very soon :0)

10 Jun, 2017


Oui !

10 Jun, 2017


What a wonderful view to wake up to every morning! I have it on good authority that the Dutch have taken our summer as they've had great weather and hardly any rain. I am geting sick and tired of telephone conversations with my family over there when they boast about the weather! Grrr......

10 Jun, 2017


Interesting to see the Gardeners Garters as this is the first year mine has ever flowered ... I was beginning to think my neighbour had given me a dud piece years ago!

The Clem. Pilu is so gorgeous.

We have had a lovely sunny day so far and just come home from watching the village carnival procession ... passed on going on the funfair rides this year!

10 Jun, 2017


Looking good Waddy , rain stopped play with me !! its going like the past 3 years a good Easter then wet and cold , ooohh !!!


10 Jun, 2017


Well whoever has our summer is isn't us here. Now we know we can blame the Dutch... We have had just one day so far when it was fit to go outside in a short sleeved tee shirt.
And I'll add another vote for Pilu!

10 Jun, 2017


Beautiful photos.Lovely garden.

10 Jun, 2017


Thanks everyone.

Amsterdam, Thank you, I must admit I love it. By-the=-way I thought going dutch meant to share???

Shirley; Ours is in the margin of the pond, perhaps that's helped. Glad you've had a fine, dry day. Raining again here :((

GG, I was only saying the very same thing the other day. Perhaps they're right when they say our seasons will all mash together. Even our winters aren't what they were, sigh!

Stera; We were in the garden for a while yesterday and it was quite warm and Don't tell but I've just put the heating on. Second time this week!

10 Jun, 2017


Your garden is lovely in spite of the rain :)
I hope the weather improves soon

10 Jun, 2017


The rain has enhanced your garden Waddy. I love the Phalaris and the pretty view in the last photo.
Here we have had a week of rain and showers but hopefully next week will be better!
We DID need some rain but not as much as this!!

10 Jun, 2017


Your garden looks lovely. We've had bit of summer this weekend in Kent. Boiling hot on Saturday although very windy. And the suns just coming out today at 9.30am.

11 Jun, 2017


Its dreadful now isnt it Julia? But must happen every year because it always ruins my first flush of roses..every single year since we came my first beautiful roses have been ruined by heavy and prolonged rain. It will be September! :\

11 Jun, 2017


Your garden is so lovely with some beautiful plants .

11 Jun, 2017


True Kidsgran! Forgot to say...sorry ;)

11 Jun, 2017


It's all looking lovely,Julia..and we did need the rain,really,but one can have too much of a good thing,so it's said ! At least your plants are appreciating it,as they all look in tip top condition..Your Heuchera looks very similar to one of mine,called Georgia Peach,which was gifted from Cinderella a few years ago..that said,quite a few look similar...and your Dianthus is beautiful..I haven't got one flower on any of mine yet !!!

11 Jun, 2017


Yiur garden looks wonderful Waddy gorgeous roses and Piilu.

11 Jun, 2017


Thanks again everyone.

Wildrose: I'm hopeful that the forecast is right. ..things picking up this week. Wednesday is supposed to be super ☺

Lisam : Lots of rain yesterday, windy but fine today with some sun.

Karen: I've had one or two blooms spoilt, but luckily, except for my standard most of the roses are still to bloom.

Sandra: Some plants have appreciated the rain, but others are well and truly battered. I don't think the heuchera is Georgia Peach as I don't recall ever buying that one...but then as you say so many look similar.

11 Jun, 2017


a lovely blog. lovely plants and the garden view is gorgeous even if it is raining in the last one.

11 Jun, 2017


Thanks SBG ☺

12 Jun, 2017

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