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Discoveries in the back garden :)


I’ve been out in the back garden today finishing off my weed spraying and it’s such a treat to have the glorious sunshine….I sure hope my GOY pals are getting the sun today too. Lots of tidy and trim in autumn!

I made three nice discoveries while I was outside….

…I found that my lavender plant I purchased earlier this summer has all sorts of new growth on it. I am chuffed as I thought I’d lost it. I’ve cut all the dead growth from it and given it a drink, brought it into the house and placed it on the windowsill so I can tend to it for a bit. Even with the dying growth I could still smell the beautiful plant. I’m happy :)

…I also uncovered what I think is a rhododendron (it was hidden amongst the ivy at the very rear of our back garden). I’m going to keep an eye on it and see if I’ve sparked it into growth by giving it some light and release from the ivy.

…and best of all a robin came to visit me. I’d been digging around one area of the garden where I have purposely not put any weed killer and he was having some lovely juicy worms. I saw a few as I dug around so I’m hoping the soil will be in good shape once it’s been well dug over and all the weeds are dug out.

I will post photos in a bit….still struggling with doing that! Gotta love the sunshine and fresh air….very pleasing to be out today.

Happy gardening all.

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sounds like a lovely day whistonlass, been sunny here today bit chilly but a nice Autumnal day, not been out in garden today been painting *sigh* someone has to do it lol

25 Sep, 2010


Oooh, lovely for the robin to visit :o)))

Nice to find the rhododendron ...
... I hope it flowers well for you next year ...

What good news about the lavender... I had a similar pleasant surprise a few weeks ago, when a heather I thought had died in the drought suddenly put on new green shoots :o)

25 Sep, 2010


Been out gardening here too Whistonlass, lovely as long as you were in the sun. Sounds like you've been busy, I'm sure that Rhododendron will be very grateful for some fresh air and I love it too when a robin favours me with his presence. Nothing like a few juicy worms to tempt him is there!

25 Sep, 2010


I found that the hydrangea I thought was very poorly and hadn't a hope actually has signs of life, so I understand about your lavender and Tt's heather!

No robins around this afternoon, but at least Henry decided to join me. It was 17 degrees earlier! :-))

25 Sep, 2010


The Robin definitely appreciated what you were doing and no doubt will be back.......... Its been sunny here as well so planted out some of my wallflowers but to be honest it was really cold in the afternoon so was only out in my daughters garden for a few mins then retreated indoors for a cuppa instead......

25 Sep, 2010


What lovely discoveries, especially the rhody!! I do hope it turns out to be a beauty for you!

25 Sep, 2010


Really good news on the lavender hope your weed killer gets rid of the brambles not done so much gardening been looking after my grand daughter today mum and dad have gone to a wedding, they have all moved in at the mo while they have big extension to their bungalow hope to see your photo's soon spent ages putting mine on three at a time lol!

25 Sep, 2010


glad you enjoyed your day Wlass, and found some hidden treasures, so glad your little robin came to visit to, iv not had chance to be out there today, been working this morning and then went to pick up my newish car lol, love it to ;o))

25 Sep, 2010


Oooh San....a new-to-you car....exciting. We got a new-to-us car in the summer too (retirement treat!).

You have a houseful then, Nana d ....hope you had fun with your grandaughter today. I've got a couple of photos to put up so will master that, probably tomorrow. I want to take a photo of the rhododendron so I can ask GOY folk if I've identified it correctly and advice about pruning. I sure hope I've identified it was such a happy surprise :)

I know what you mean about the cool the shaded parts of the back garden I could really feel the cold.

Seems a few of us have had nice surprises with our ailing plants....can't get any better than that. Lots of TLC and we'll meet with success!

25 Sep, 2010


im loving my car Wlass, hope you are to with yours ;o))

26 Sep, 2010


Nice to hear you had sunshine. I hope you were able to make the most of it :o)

28 Sep, 2010


Slow job, Hywel....autumn has really set in now and I love observing the changing colours on the surrounding trees.

28 Sep, 2010


Sounds like you had a great day, I worked yesterday but was determined to visit a garden in sandwish today, when I visited 2 weeks ago they had a stunning display of dahlias, but it rained!
Didnt stop me getting into Homebase instead, got two bargins. A cresanthamum for £1 instead of £7 and an passion flower for £2. It stopped enought to get out in to mine and plant them up.

29 Sep, 2010've really bagged two great bargains :) Seems there are bargains to be found this time of the year...I'll have to get out there and explore too.

Glad you even managed to plant your bargains out.

29 Sep, 2010

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