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More Moraeas


There is a wide variety and habit among the Moraeas. I have been concentrating on those that grow during the winter and bloom in the winter to spring time. There are also many that are summer blooming.
The first new one is Moraea sisyrinchium:

It is something for the person who wants to complete their collection.

I say that because of its habit. This opened at 4PM and by 6PM it was over. It requires some very attentive pollenators to produce seed.

Then there is the Moraea pendula, which used to be in the genus Homeria. This was moved into the Moraea genus, which is now a compilation of 5 groups.

This one is a bit of a disappointment because I had purchased some seeds under the name of Moraea marlothii, but it has turned out to be M. pendula. The big difference between the two, because they look very similar, is the pollen. M. marlothii has yellow pollen, and this has the orange-red pollen of M. pendula. Still a great looking flower!

Then there is Moraea vegeta. Not a tall plant – it is about 10"; but the color is what makes it special. There aren’t a lot in the buff to brown shades, so it makes up for the small size of the flower, which is 1½" across.

Not only is the flower a nice buff color, it combines well with the blue anthers. I had 3 different bulbs open at the same time, so the color difference is there.

The nectar guide is yellow, outlined in a dark brown with dark spots.

I saved the best for last. This is so-o-o good looking.
Moraea aristata. As the flower emerges, the back of the tepals start the show. Here it is open, but the spotting can be seen when it is closed.

Then it opens and this is what it looks like:

White with a bold purple to blue to black nectar guide. The tepals are stunted, which happens with a lot of the Moraea species. It also has a metallic blue anthers and yellow pollen.
Hopefully there will be more blooming towards springtime.

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wow wow wow!

I want them all especially the last two :o)

These are beautiful plants wylie: I can understand your disappointment with the seed you were given. Can you complain to the seed supplier?

7 Feb, 2017


A second wow, stunning colours.

7 Feb, 2017


At the risk of being boring Wow was what I was going to say as well...

7 Feb, 2017


Thanks! The seeds were bought several years ago, and I am not sure who I bought them from since there are several really good sites in Europe. But it will give me the opportunity to take it to the next level, which is growing them in the ground. It would be fantastic if they naturalized.

8 Feb, 2017


Can I say Wow too? The white and purple is just beautiful.

8 Feb, 2017


Thanks. It was open again today. Some of the Moraeas last only 1 day, but this went limp last evening and opened all the way again, today.

8 Feb, 2017


have to agree the white and purple , wow from Gg

8 Feb, 2017


yes try and get them to naturalise it will be stunning if they could would.

8 Feb, 2017


These will get moved in July or August, during their summer rest.

10 Feb, 2017


They are all beautiful Wylie but the last one especially.

13 Feb, 2017


Thanks. I am excited because another flower on it is about to open. It seems a flower will last about 4 days.

14 Feb, 2017

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