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just a trim, I thought!!


Look at the state of this :))) the Ivy on the fence has once again caused problems, I would get rid of the lot but the neighbours at the back would have to take it out on there side to!!!
I have Daliah’s ready to be planted in the border, When i went to dig it over and add compost i noticed it was covered in mealy bugs and black soot. so i thought i would give it a trim, took me 2 days to get to this point, ive sprayed it with diluted washing up liquid twice, i looked again this morning and there’s still loads of mealy bugs, the bug spray is coming out soon.. Sick of it now.

This is just a small area of it, what a mess..

Its dull, cold and windy today :((

A couple of pics from a couple of days ago to cheer me up lol.

Strawberry and trailing toms baskets are up :)

Plum Tree looking good.

The Front garden borders are finally planted up, just waiting for the flowers to arrive :)

This is Weird, half of this Clematis is alive, the other half Dead!!! Ill have to cut it off, when i planted it i heard a snap sound, but it continued to grow and flower, untill a couple of days ago, maybe the wind we have been getting caused further damage! ah well, Thats Gardening for you :)

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Your border is looking pretty.
My neighbour grows ivies ..
big-leaved types ... all sorts..:o(((
I do sympathise...
Adding this to GoYpedia Pruning.

4 Jun, 2011


Thanks TT, Ive getting to the point of wanting it gone now, I didn't plant it, Previous neighbour did, then moved :(( Maybe we could offer to do all the work! There not gardeners so, I dont think they care one way or the other..

4 Jun, 2011


My previous neighbour's had a garden just full of ivy, luckily the new neighbour's cleared the lot and keep on clearing it. It is a flipping nuisance.

4 Jun, 2011


I hate ivy!! fence is covered in it, dont know who planted it....Last year i sprayed it with weed killer, i think it liked it cause it came back thicker than ever....
Beautiful border by the way Daisy....:>)

4 Jun, 2011


what a pain for you hope you manage to get it sorted,by the way that border is lush lovely mix you have in there comes togeather really well :)

4 Jun, 2011


I have a love/hate relationship with Ivy as I planted one when we moved here ... it's controllable and has a Wren nesting within ... but I'm forever telling the people in the garden behind ours to cut any off if it's a nuisance. I'm always very worried it might just take over their trees! They aren't gardeners at all and don't really care about it!

5 Jun, 2011


I have a tumbled down old wooden fence which is covered in ivy and decided it would stay....I am slowly trimming it back and our garden lady suggested I also plant some boston ivy to give some variety and rich colour in autumn. I am seriously thinking about it as I do like the boston ivy.

The ivy does get out of hand and has grown very high up into a large hawthorn tree and the only good thing about it is that the birds like it for siting their nests. It too was in the garden when we came here although it has romped off to other areas of the garden too!

I hope you manage to get yours under control and the result you want, is a job and a half to erradicate the stuff, as you are finding out :(

6 Jun, 2011


Thanks for your comments/advice everyone, seems like most of us have a love/hate relationship with Ivy, i have been out tonight and sprayed it with a bug spray, i had to wait untill the bees had gone to bed lol. I still need to plant that border up, my daliah's are showing buds now!! maybe this week eh.. We do get nests in there Whistonlass, thats why ive left it so late to cut back, usually blackbirds :) Its a propper dilema hahaha..

6 Jun, 2011


I have the same problem with ivy too Daisy, i keep pulling it off the shrubs and digging it out but my rear neighbours just leave it to ramble...... i know it's good for wildlife but it drives me nuts.. :-)

8 Jun, 2011


I am no expert but would that be Clematis wilt that you have there Dee?. What are the jars for in your plum tree? haha all these questions..sorry :-)

12 Jun, 2011


Hi Surreylad/Richard :) I agree, wild Ivy drives me nuts to Surreylad,
Ive cut the dead part of the Clematis off Richard and its looking good, fingers crossed :) The jars are candle's, i just needed a bit of colour down there Richard :)

13 Jun, 2011


Good idea to have some light when you are sitting out there in the evening Dee...( a glass of nice wine would go down a treat as you were sat there too ;-) )

13 Jun, 2011


Maybe Lager Richard hahaha

13 Jun, 2011


I too have a love hate relationship with Ivy, its growing through the privet hedge flipping stuff, we had loads of it at the bottom it had got really out of hand and was spreading everywhere hubby and i set to one day and cut it all out, little bits keep appearing but i keep pulling them out!!

14 Jun, 2011


glad i took my ivy down last year, but i can see its growing again so im making sure it doesnt take over this time, your front border looks so tidy and neat Dee, how your baskets doing? mine keep getting beaten with rain, hope it brightens up soon.

15 Jun, 2011

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