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By AndrewR


With the mild autumn this year, many plants are flowering much longer than usual. Here are some still going strong in my garden today.

Salvia microphylla ‘Hot Lips’ is arguably the toughest of the Mexican salvias

Anthemis tinctoria ‘E.C.Buxton’ flowers for months if regularly deadheaded. Give it full sun and a well-drained soil. Also get your supports in early (unlike me this year!)

Cestrum parqui is a shrub from Peru. It is often killed right back to ground level by a hard winter but here it is, six feet tall and the same across in one season, and still flowering

Coronilla valentina subsp glauca is another sun-loving shrub that flowers in late winter/early spring as well as in the summer. And now!

Cirsium rivulare ‘Atropurpureum’ is very popular with garden designers at Chelsea as it is flower in May. Here it is, still in bloom after six months

Rosa ‘The Fairy’ starts late, not getting going until July, so it has given four months of flowers this year

While rosa ‘Suffolk’ has given me five months despite growing in quite a shady spot

This is achillea ‘Hella Glashoff,’ which needs moving as it has grown taller than I anticipated, but it shows no sign of stopping yet

And this is persicaria microcephala ‘Red Dragon’ in my foliage garden, rambling over choisya ternata ‘Sundance’

Finally amaicia zygomeris, another plant from Mexico. This perennial grows lustily all season but the flowers don’t arrive until September or October, so it is good to get an extended display this year

Hopefully, we won’t have long to wait until spring this time around.

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Your garden looks great Andrew. You are lucky to have so many flowers. I still have some roses and a lot of greenery that normally wouldn't be there. I was saying to my husband least we will have a shorter winter this year. Lets hope spring doesn't decide to delay its appearance!!!!

19 Nov, 2011


I love that little 'hot lips' and everytime I pass my neighbour's garden I'm tempted to snip a few bits off hers. Easy to grow or not Andrew?

19 Nov, 2011


An amazing season great for us gardeners......

19 Nov, 2011


Your garden looking great....I like that Persicaria and the amaicia zygomeris, both very nice.
Was sitting on my contemplation step yesterday thinking that it won't be long til spring! Hope I don't put a jinx on it :)

19 Nov, 2011


Still plenty going on in your garden there Andrew - looks great

19 Nov, 2011


You still have lots of colour in your garden Andrew, some lovely plants started your pics with my favourite... Salvia..Hot Lips.I have 2 & have taken 6 cuttings from them.put them in the greenhouse & put bubble wrap round pots with a fleece over them..but I am now thinking of bringing the cuttings indoors..:o)

19 Nov, 2011


Ginellie - very easy to grow. I just cut it back in spring to keep it from getting too woody and leggy. A very hard winter may kill it though but as I said in the blog, it's reckoned to be one of the hardier ones.
Sounds like Joanella might have a spare cutting?

19 Nov, 2011


Yes..Ginellie,i could send you one if you want ..they are only small cuttings & only been done about 3 wks,you are most welcome to have one.

19 Nov, 2011


Looking good Andrew and it gives one the feel good factor, like many of us I`m just hoping it doesn`t mean a delay for next years springtime, short winter would suit me fine....

19 Nov, 2011


Nice to see so much still in bloom; to think this time last year we were under snow.I don't think the Autumn colours have been that great this year. Do you agree?

26 Nov, 2011


Yes I do. I don't think the nights were cold enough for a really good show (like last year's)

26 Nov, 2011


You are right, we have yet to have a frost here at Kew.

27 Nov, 2011

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