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🌿🌿New border for 2020🌿🌿


We have a small border at the top of the garden which has been a scruffy little area for years, so after much moving around, putting in, taking out, I am finally pleased with my new border……so I thought I would let you have a look….

Should you be interested this is what I have planted…..

There are two different Iris in the back for height and early colour….3 Hakonecholoa yellow ….green…..
variegated , a yellow Brunnera, a 2 yellow flowered Geums, Persicaria Darjeeling….. Tiarella, 2 painted ferns,3 Astilbe a Heuchera same shades as the painted ferns and a tiny variegated Liriope… mossy French log and a couple of ornaments…
Everything can be split quite easily to keep the border looking’s in semi shade and the soil is fairly heavy, so far so good…..the photos have been taken from early Spring right up to today…..
I hope you will like my new border as much as I do…’s not often I am really pleased with my planting……just need to do the rest of the garden.!!

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It looks great, you wouldn’t believe how many plants you can squeeze into a small area :-). Your astilbe look especially nice.

21 Jul, 2020


You say you are not often pleased with your planting but I suspect that is because we are much harder on our own ideas than we are with other people's. The 'vision of loveliness' we have in our minds very rarely translates into the actuality of the border with the vagaries of growth! As others cannot read our minds they are often much more satisfied with what we achieve than we are, ourselves...
Having rambled on I will say how interesting your selection of plants is and I will be keen to see how it 'translates'.. Your borders look wonderful to me.

21 Jul, 2020


It looks very attractive Dd, very nice selection of planting, my raised bed at the bottom used to be completely shady but is now semi shade, I'm always keen to see what others manage to grow in these conditions so thankyou for naming the plants....Lovely photographs as always....

21 Jul, 2020


Well it certainly doesn’t look scruffy now. Beautiful.

21 Jul, 2020


Yes, it does look good, but your garden always looks beautifully manicured. I'm not surprised that you're pleased with it. Thank you for sharing the pleasure with us.

21 Jul, 2020


Very attractive border, Dd. You’ve chosen some really lovely plants. Love that French mossy log too! Great addition.

21 Jul, 2020


very nice, love your plant combinations and with lots of plants flowering at different times to give all round interest.

I love it.

22 Jul, 2020


So balanced and peaceful it looks as though its been there for years! Its beautiful DD. A scruffy corner it is Not!

22 Jul, 2020


I think this is so pretty and you have added such dear little plants. I am pleased that you are so happy with it - you do have a lovely garden.

22 Jul, 2020


Wildrose...thank you very much, such kind comments...Stera pleased you liked it, hopefully it won’t need any work for a while....
Seaburn I tried to get all year round interest......
Kate I treasure that log, reminds me of our happy times in France.....
Siris that’s very sweet of has been a tad wild this year, let things go being as we couldn’t open.....
Linda thank you so much....
Lincs thank you, this is in semi all should be well with the chosen plants.....’re right, I am very critical, and always feel I could do better.......and probably could! but in this case I am very happy with the result......if only the rest of the garden ........oh dear here I go again!
Meadow, most of these plants can be kept at a manageable size, we didn’t buy anything new, just moved them from other areas of the it didn’t cost us anything!
Dawn....thank is surprising just how many plants went into this tiny border.....

22 Jul, 2020


Such a lot planted in a small border, it looks lovely :)

24 Jul, 2020


It looks beautiful DD and I love your choice of plants.

25 Jul, 2020


Hywel it is hard to believe there are so many plants in such a small border..
Callie’s loving the wet weather we are having at the moment...

27 Jul, 2020


That looks lovely A. I doubt it was ever a ‘scruffy’ spot...your garden is meticulously cared for. But is lovely now! And there are always improvements to be made. :)

8 Aug, 2020


Karen there are indeed.....I have kept it well watered, so everything has thrived...Geums flowering again....and the Persicaria is looking very pretty.....will no doubt be splitting certain plants this Autumn.....

9 Aug, 2020

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