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I have a Greenhouse


By amy2


The worst thing about moving and downsizing is not having items you’ve come to rely on over the years ..

I missed my greenhouse most of all and then garden storage room , I took all my huge sheds etc for granted in my previous garden they say you don’t miss something until it’s gone ,it’s quite true …..
What with all the expense of the move and various jobs which needed doing including a new bathroom we didn’t think we could afford a greenhouse until next spring .

That is until I searched G*mTr*e ( am I allowed to say that ) ? anyway I found a greenhouse £50 .. off we went to view it luckily it was local , it looked to be in good order we quickly decided to have it .
The gentleman was very good he numbered all the sections as he took it down ready for our collection the next weekend ,even so it was a nightmare to put together I can’t tell you how many panes of glass were broken in the process ,it has six sides ..

We found a spot to erect it in a corner behind the shed

Here we are :-

Almost finished ,Hubby has put one shelf up to keep me happy ,as you can see I’ve already put a tray of cutting on it …

We have another problem to sort out , there was a gas coal effect fire in the sitting room which worked when we arrived we hadn’t used it since then with the lovely summer weather we had ,we recently switched it on when we had a colder evening ,it didn’t work , we called in a gas man who told us it was very dangerous and that if we switched it on it would leak gas … we asked him to come back and take it out which he has since done .I’ve never liked gas anyway .

There’s a lovely big cavity behind also its a very wide chimney breast we can easily make it wider to put in a different stove but the lintel across the top of the opening is too low , we rang 9 builders this morning it seems nobody can come to do the work until at least after christmas …

Why do these things happen to us ….


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That's a good size.

Re the fire; have you thought about something like this..........

15 Oct, 2018


Great greenhouse. A bargain.
That seems a long time to wait for your fire to be sorted out, Amy.

15 Oct, 2018


Yeah...great greenhouse Amy. And you've recycled it too, bravo! As for the fireplace...could you hang something over it in the meantime....a wall hanging or something so you don't have to look at that black hole until the builders can come. Have a look in TKs ...even a rug might to it.

15 Oct, 2018


What a wonderful greenhouse you have found & a real bargain at £50!

Your talk about breaking panes of glass, when Gerry & I got a greenhouse we began to move all the pieces plus the glass from the top of the plot to the middle, where we had decided to put it up. The very night before there was a storm (only wind) & it blew over the greenhouse door - with such bad luck that it fell on the row of glass panes we had prepared & broke every single pane!!! The only pieces that survived where some triangular pieces that I had put to one side, all the rest, without exception, were destroyed!

Fortunately Gerry had enough old panes at home that we were able to glaze the greenhouse in the end.

15 Oct, 2018


It's lovely Amy. Can't wait to see what you'll be growing in it.
I hope you can find someone to see to your fireplace soon. If not maybe you could put something temporary there for now.

15 Oct, 2018


Love your greenhouse, pity about the hole in the house. You are certainly suffering.

15 Oct, 2018


That's a great greenhouse Amy, lovely shape.. Oh my, I'm so sorry to read the rest about your ex gas fire... How about a small wood burner? I know you missed the one you had, you can get some quite small neat ones in lovely colours.. X That reminds me I do need my chimney cleaning before the winter...:((

15 Oct, 2018


You must be very happy now to have a green house again it was a real bargain and is a very nice shape.

I think your fireplace will look great when you are able to persuade a builder to come round. Karen had a really good idea about covering it with a wall hanging or even a light weight rug like Habitat used to sell.

As we have always lived in old properties I have become an expert in camouflaging unfortunate spaces that need attention!!!

15 Oct, 2018


Your green house looks great Amy your hubby has done a grand job of it. People would be surprised what second hand stuff you can get cheap in good condition or even throw aways on the streets which I ve spent my whole life doing being poor looking on the streets if people look out for them I recently went to my sons for Sunday dinner on his road was a marble Adams style fire surround thrown out on the road up against a wall so I got my grandson to knock the door and enquire about it the man said he was hoping some one would take it so into the car it went now fitted in my home just an idea for your fire place people do sell them on gum tree not to expensive which the man could of sold it on gum tree or put it on free bay or free recycle.

They sell a lovely new two door stove in B&Q looks like a wood burner it's electric though. You would need jack s to support the fire place breast if you take out the lentil as I did myself years ago and then I placed a very thick chunk of wood which I carved under the new lentail when I highered mine.

15 Oct, 2018


Thank you for your comments ,Karen we've placed a big sheet of plywood over the hole and put a cupboard in front of it ,it will have to do for now .
David I wouldn't like to have been around when you used a few choice words after the storm blew the door over breaking your glass , what a relief to know Gerry had some panes to spare .Janey I think we're going off the idea of having another woodburner we're not sure yet ,yours is a lovely little one we're trying to have less work in the future ..Chris we're finding it hard to get a builder it seems they are all in demand for work on new building sites .
Our son in law has explained exactly what needs doing 3p also there are ' lessons ' on how to do it on Google ,it will definitely need supporting props etc. he will help us if we can't get anybody else to do it .. Your Adams fireplace was a brilliant find ,well done ...I've put our old one on Gumtree ..

16 Oct, 2018


Look forward to seeing your greenhouse filled with plants!

16 Oct, 2018


Me to Eirlys I really missed having one its nice to have somewhere to potter if its too wet outside ...

16 Oct, 2018


So pleased to hear you have your son in law to help if no one else will do it. Wish there was a google instruction back in the 1970s I just went for it after watching workmen doing a knocked through room and putting a big metal gerder in. I hope you get a quick buyer for your old fire place. 😊

17 Oct, 2018


Patience patience lots of patience but worth it in the end. I'm sure you'll get lots of good use out of it. Love the shape. You deserve it after all the hard work and aggravation of moving.

17 Oct, 2018


Clever you 3p , I knocked a hole through a wall to make a doorway through many years ago my husband had a shock when he came home ,I was young I didn't even think of supports ...
Thanks Paul it's still early days we can't expect everything to be perfect instantly can we ... it will happen ..

18 Oct, 2018


Amy. your greenhouse is fantastic. Such a great shape and what a bargain! Pity about the broken panes though. I bet you make good use of it in the future. As for the fire. Been there got the T-shirt...not fun. I'm sure you've already thought of this, but wherever you buy your next fire from may well be able to fix everything for you...just and idea. Meanwhile hang on in there, it will all be worth it in the end.

18 Oct, 2018


excellent buy re the greenhouse. such a shame about the fire, but just think if it was still working and not safely it could put you and hubby in such danger. do you still have functioning chimney? if yes then you could put a dog grate in and have an open fire for this year.

But do take professional advice.

18 Oct, 2018


😂 LOL Amy bet your hubby thought he had gone into the wrong house your OK as long it's not a supporting wall or a wall beneath a stairwell.

19 Oct, 2018


Waddy / Sbg we had a builder here Thursday evening who said he might be able to fit us in between a couple of big jobs they have booked in ,fingers crossed for that he,s going to let us know soon .. Sbg we do have a proper working chimney so it would be possible to light a real fire if necessary ..After the shock hubby was pleased with the results 3p although he did have to finish my project by putting in a proper door frame etc..

20 Oct, 2018


😊 Glad he was pleased with your work Amy even though he had to finish it putting the door frame in.

20 Oct, 2018


Amy, love your greenhouse, it's going to be great :-). You've done so much work over this year. So are you having a wood burner or are they too much work for you. Our homes and gardens take our money but yours will be so good in the end. Do you regret moving Any?

20 Oct, 2018


Looks really good , can't wait to see pics of the end result !
I can see all the potts waiting against the fence for their new home.

21 Oct, 2018


Thanks Dawn I'm so happy I have a greenhouse I didn't think I would get one until next year , I think we've decided to have an imitation electric wood burner we've seen one we like, it really does look like real logs burning ,Tony doesn't want all the hassle of the work involved he is ready for a rest and there's plenty of work to be done in the garden , No we don't regret moving Dawn our granddaughter has spend the last few days with us it was lovely to be able to spend time out with her ,we have some lovely walks here by the sea and the broads ..
Thanks you Brentsa ,yes the pots are all ready and waiting I can't wait to sow seeds and fill the greenhouse ...

21 Oct, 2018


That’s good Amy, I’m glad you’re happy. Yes the wood burner would be work for Tony. Your greenhouse will be a god send, what a bargain.

21 Oct, 2018


Isn't it always a shock to find something is really wrong in your newest house. We have moved quite a lot, and we discovered that we were very short of water! No matter how hard one tries to find everything before, there is always something!!! But the greenhouse must be a joy, it will keep your spirits up until you find a person to make things right. We have a very hard time over here finding
anyone who is really good. They are either super builders, or think they are. I sympathize with you.

1 Nov, 2018


Thank you for your interest Wells ,you are so right we didn't think we would need to do anything when we moved here but have had one thing after another to put right ,the good news is we were able to get a builder who is in between big jobs so is able to fit us in he's working well and is being very good about keeping as clean as possible he's covered the carpet completly we've still a long way to go but are getting there , we have visitors this weekend which will cheer us up ...

1 Nov, 2018


Loving the greenhouse Amy, you did well there, such an attractive shape......
I have seen those fires in B&Q they aren't at all bad for the money are they? I can understand you both not wanting the bother of another wood burner, we tend to buy more heat logs than real logs!! and treat it as a luxury rather than a necessity these days....
You are getting there Any, it took us a long time (our last move) as the house had to be gutted, whilst we were living in it, but we got there..... enjoy your greenhouse...

20 Nov, 2018


The greenhouse is very welcome Angela it's stuffed with cuttings and plants already ..
The builder finished altering and raising the lintel in the fireplace we have ordered the old oak mantel surround it should be here in a couple of weeks , the electric wood burner we wanted couldn't be bought in stores or on-line the only place we could find the one we wanted was one in Wales and the 2nd one not far from where we had moved from which was pure luck they were able to get one in for us , it's brilliant it really looks like a real fire it has double doors which open and smoke rising from the wood embers I sometimes forget its not real and am tempted to throw bits on it just like we did the real one ... and no work involved ,T is happy ...

21 Nov, 2018


Goodness me Amy! that was a stroke of luck you managed to find a pleased to hear you both like it, sounds just the job!

25 Nov, 2018

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