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"Taking a view", part 2!


By ange2


The week has been taken up with more pressing needs, but we got round to attacking parts of the garden again today. What have we been doing?
Well, OH has been levelling up the bed which is mostly cleared and that has taken up most of his time:

What have I been doing?
Well, I decided to keep out of his way as he isn’t keen on an overseer, so I had a number of jobs to work on. First, I threw the last of the straggly dahlias onto the compost heap. (More pots cleared)..
Then I took a deep breath and dragged out out all the potted trees I have been growing on, and decapitated them for shredding later. Now ‘wildy corner’ (AKA the dumping ground) is denuded of 3 catalpas which I have been growing from seed for the last 5 years, and 2 liquidambers. Talk about hardening your heart:

Then I started on the weightlifting by removing all the pieces of cut trunk from our old birch out of ‘Wildy Corner’ and heaved them to the other side of the garden to where one of the logpiles is:

My final act of attrition was on the elderberry, ‘Madonna’, that is long overdue its haircut. Lots of dead stuff removed and a decision made for OH to cut it back further in the hope that it will shoot from the base:

So, tomorrow will be filled with shredding, grass cutting and weeding ‘Wildy Corner’.
Why is it whenever you decide to do one gardening job you make yourself another?

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Too true Ange. I’ve also grown a Catalpa from seed, and it’s about 18” tall now. Crazy, as there’s no room for such a massive tree in the garden, so I’ll probably cut it down and see if it will make a decent bonsai. The leaves are very large though!

2 Sep, 2023


lucky if it just leads on to one job, tend to find it is 3 o 4.

but biting the bullet is important. Note to self- emulate Ange.

2 Sep, 2023


Girl on a mission!

2 Sep, 2023


You've really embarked on a good tidy, clear out, re - envisioned project/job. You've come on fantastically! I think it can make you feel energised. Do you think you'll add more next year, Ange, or keep it pared back more?

3 Sep, 2023


Sheila, I suspect making a bonsai from catalpa will be a challenge. I shall be interested to see how it turns out! I decided that there is just nowhere to put anymore large trees in this garden, so they had to go. I don't know what madness gripped me in the first place to try and keep more large trees. I got rid of the potted birches a couple of months ago.

Sbg, if you want a practice run, you are very welcome to come here and make decisions on my behalf :-)

I hope so, Janey! Just need to keep the energy levels going.. I feel a bit defeated with some of the borders. Waiting for inspiration to hit.

Hi Kate. We shall try and remove lots of the pots, so that means finding homes.. We've both agreed lots of greenery must go, but need to work out how best to achieve it. Usually 'good ideas' lead to more work, not less, I find. So want to avoid that!

3 Sep, 2023


You’ve certainly been busy in the garden! Doesn’t it give you a feeling of satisfaction when you stand back and look at what you’ve accomplished?👏

3 Sep, 2023


It is a bit like 'eating the elephant', Ams!

4 Sep, 2023


That’s very funny! Ha, ha! 😂

4 Sep, 2023


My OH feels we (I) have too many pots, so this week I’m having another raised bed built which will take an Acer or three and two Loropetalum. Looking forward to seeing how it works!

Btw Ange, the green Kniphofia seeds that you kindly sent me have germinated and one is almost in flower 🙂. Thanks again.

8 Sep, 2023


Wow Ange, you have been busy! I am sure all the plants duck when you come out! lol
I have too many pots but nowhere to put them and am not like you at all, can't throw anything out!

22 Sep, 2023


Let us know how your new bed goes, Sheila. Now we are emptying pots, I can hardly move in the garage for the spares! Luckily, Darling Daughter will take some for next year, I'm sure.

Rose, I used to be like you and would carefully pot up every scrap of spare plant, but I have got fed up with falling over stuff that I could not use/find homes for and have hardened my heart. Every spare bit of patio or path or g'house was beginning to look like a nursery so I knew something had to give. It gets easier with practice! And I don't miss anything. I have started to clear the house of excess stuff, too... Lucky we aren't all the same!

22 Sep, 2023


I am actually having a clear out in the house but still find things I can't get rid of.
I have stopped growing plants from seed though as my coservatory used to be full, especially as I don't have a heater in the greenhouse.
Now I just buy plugs which can go in the greenhouse.

23 Sep, 2023

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