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"Taking a view".


By ange2


I am not one of life’s sentimentalists. I am happy to declutter and discard inside the house. I am lucky enough to be at the point in life where I want less not more.
So it is with the same viewpoint, OH and I took stock this morning after another 2 days of hard graft in the garden.

We have been clearing the bed (10 × 12) behind the garage and in front of the greenhouse entrance. This is what it looked like in May and June of last year:

Over the last 12 months we have nibbled away at it, never happy with the look and definitely seriously frustrated by the weeds and self-seeders which romped through it.
This weekend we made up our minds about what to do. It was a toss up between pond and raised beds. Pond (sadly) lost. We thought that we would just end up with the same difficulties if we went for that option.

So after much exertion the area is cleared of most plants and now waiting to be levelled up. We shall keep the clematis which have covered the garage wall, and OH wanted to keep the Japanese anemones (I would have cleared the lot!) Now we have to organise a trip to the tip with all the bags of discarded greenery.

The plants laying around are out of the ground and may or may not stay. Please excuse the washing!

This morning we spent a long time staring at the other borders. We have decided that much of the planting will go and we are having a serious rethink about how to make it easier for us to manage.We have recently discarded winter flowering honeysuckle, roses, a mock orange and lots of herbaceous. We want the garden to look like it’s breathing! Watch this space!

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well you have bitten the bullet so to speak. You and hubby must be feeling better with the decisions made.

At one of our plant talks recently a garden designer Tracy Foster, said 5 years and then time to divide/rethink/throw away. My borders are at least 5 years on top of that. Oh dear I think I will also have to 'clear' out.

28 Aug, 2023


Meadow, I am sure the pond will fit in somewhere! This wasn't the right place really.

Sbg, I am with Ms Foster (talking of both inside and out)! We have been here over 8 years and it shows.. Trying to put right a lot of the errors of judgement, mostly related to 'buy any plant what you like the look of and see how it goes'!! No more of that; the heart is hardened..

28 Aug, 2023


If you are looking for simplicity and less effort how about covering the whole area with a 2 inch layer of black or red mulch and staying out of the ground by placing assorted potted plantings of top in an arrangement of your choice.

28 Aug, 2023


Ange, you've both been very industrious and I'll bet you feel like you've blown some cobwebs away too. Clearing always feels good, it's quite therapeutic. Yiu can stand back, as you've done, and ponder your next step.
I appreciate wanting to make it a garden that's more manageable and as you say, it can breathe. Sometimes it becomes overwhelming and you need to pare back and be able to enjoy the space you have, not feel like it's all about hard work.
I do look forward to your updates and the path you will venture down. So to speak. I'm sure you'll make all the right choices for you both to enjoy and admire.

28 Aug, 2023


What a huge effort - you must be very strong! Raised beds sound a very good idea … I have two and am about to have another … they are really easy to manage. Good luck with the next stage 🙂.

28 Aug, 2023


I agree with Sheila, raised beds are a good idea.
Good for you taking the courage to do this! I don't think I could, although I am removing my Achillea Gold Plate and Crocosmia Lucifer as it doesn't look right where it is, but am not going to get rid of them! But where I am going to put them, haven't a clue!

29 Aug, 2023


Thanks for your suggestion, Loosestrife, but we have already bought the wood!

Thanks, Kate. A few days out of the garden this week: inside H/W to catch up with!

Will show when it's completed, Klahanie.

OH did most of the heavy lifting,Sheila, I just can't manage it. I was messing about with one large hellebore for 15 minutes.. I did much of the weeding and clearing up and deciding what was to be thrown out!

I couldn't do this without help, Rose. I took out 'Lucifer' because it got too big and 'Gold Plate' went 'cos it kept falling over. Now I have a huge clump of 'Paul's Yellow' to sort out and find a home for. And that's just for starters!

29 Aug, 2023


You are the opposite to me, I keep everything lol

31 Aug, 2023


Looking forward to watching this space!

2 Sep, 2023


That sounds interesting Ange, I'm sure you'll be very pleased with the new look when it's done and awaiting planting. Now that's quite exciting deciding on your planting scheme.

2 Sep, 2023


Oh, Hywel, it wouldn't do for us all to be the same! OH wants to keep more than I do...

Ff, the space behind the garage is fully cleared now so we have to wait for the soil to settle before we can continue on that area.

Glad you like the idea, Janey. I doubt the raised beds will be used for veggies, more likely an area for sweet peas, different snowdrops and annuals in the summer.

3 Sep, 2023


What are you up to now Ange, everytime I read a blog from you some shrubs or plants have already or are going in the bin, I know I've been absent a lot in recent months but I've been working backwards and not really following what it is you are doing....
As you know I'm like Hywel and cannot bear to lose or dump anything, I find my garden easier now I grow mainly perennials but my style is not for everyone.....

6 Sep, 2023


Ha ha, Lincs, I like to keep you on your toes!

7 Sep, 2023

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