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Is Autumn here or not?


By bloomer


It has been like a summer day here,so warm,so potted some Fuchsia’s ,Pelargoniums,and picked the last few tomato’s, all safely inside the conservatory now.After a good mornings work,it was time to introduce baby Thomas to the joy of a lunchtime visit to the pub,along with his mum and my friend.He had been swimming this morning ,so in need of refreshment,but although he looked longingly at a man’s corned beef and potato pie,he was quite happy with his bottle…but did try to eat a beermat.Lol.
Anyway,a lovely day all round,so took some pics when I got home..As I don’t drink,I can’t blame that if any are not too clear,or if a bit

Firstly outside,and to my delight,I finally have a Blue Delphinium ,sown this year.One from a mixed packet from Chelsea,still residing in the fridge…I am so pleased.

Echinops and Cosmos still doing well,as are lots more.

Now this is what I call Autumn

This doesn’t seem to know what season it is !

Just to prove I haven’t been enjoying myself all day,I made this mega Pizza,after tea,destined for the freezer.Will cut it into 4 first,and its a good stand by ,if family arrive unexpectedly,or into buffet size portions,if a lot descend on us Lol.

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Ah, the image of Thomas trying to eat a beer-mat, did he think it wasa Rusk ? Can you still buy Rusks these days ? Lovely to see so much colour in your garden on this, the last day of September. The Echinops look good by the Cosmos, are Echinops easy to grow ? Mmm, lovely pizza too !

30 Sep, 2010


Lol,Shirley,yes,they do still make Rusks,and I have bought some,for when he is ready.He is on baby porridge now,in the morning and loves it.Probably that's why he fancied the beer mat !!!
The Echinops has self seeded,so I imagine it is quite easy.Some of the seedheads are dried out now,and ready for dropping,do you want some?,
The Pizza is a nice one Shirley,and the base is only a scone dough.,so easy,.
Getting the toppings ready is the fiddly bit Lol.

30 Sep, 2010


Bloomer....could you pm me your pizza recipe? I go to Costco to get large pizzas for the grandkids and I'd like to have a go at making one like yours (well 2 pizzas as they gobble quite a lot and mom, dad, nana and grandad need their share as well)

Your garden does still have loads of colour, Bloomer. Nice you had a lunch out with your new grandson, Thomas. Those are special times. :)

30 Sep, 2010


Lovely blog Bloomer. Super pictures of your lovely garden, and oh the Pizza - think I shall have to make one tomorrow now, my tastebuds are tingling.

30 Sep, 2010


Nice to see a well-care-for garden :o) and looking so good in the autumn.

1 Oct, 2010


Your garden is stunning!
The Echinopsis and Cosmos look beautiful planted together and the little polyanthus looks so shiny and healthy :)

1 Oct, 2010


you've a lovely lot of colour Bloomer, mines a bit battered & tattered this morning-- venturing down the garden could reward you with an apple on the head! Lol--- the pyracantha, boston ivy and virginia creeper looked lovely yesterday in the sun--- and now the lawns looking lovely with the leaves!
your family lunch sounds fun--- just imagine what he'll find to eat when he starts crawling :0)))

1 Oct, 2010


Your garden is looking great Sandra, you did well with your Delphinium and I love the Cosmos and Echinops together, I bought an Echinops this year and I was so disappointed as the flowers died on me Ive dug it up and planted it in a pot there are a few green leaves there so heres hoping. You have had a busy day, the picture of Thomas with the beer mat made me smile! I would also love a copy of your Pizza recipe it will come in very handy for unexpected visitors;0)

1 Oct, 2010


Whistonlass..thank you...I will put it on the Recipe section,hopefully I will try to do it soon,as a busy few days ahead,but I won't forget.Its better that way,I think,in case someone else is interested as well. That will keep you busy,with your big family to feed...Lol.
Cinders...glad you liked my pics of the garden,thanks.Hope you enjoy your pizza...:o))
Thanks Hywel,wish it could stay like this,but sadly it will be all downhill soon.:o((
Donna...nice of you to say so.I love these together too,and it was just accidental,as I did't know what colour the Cosmos was going to be,but I thought any in their colours would have looked ok.
Pam..Thanks,The pyracantha's are lovely again this year,aren't they? the Blackbirds and Thrushes will think so too.:o).It was a lovely day out,and we also forgot, now he can sit up on his own,he can reach out as well. ..managed to put his hand in Alison's coleslaw,as she didn't move her plate fast enough Lol.Anyway,the other diners joined in with the laughter..:o))

1 Oct, 2010


Sorry you didn't have much luck with the you want to try some seedheads,as I will save some ,and give them to you when we meet up.I haven't done it this way myself,but one has selfseeded in another part of the border.Maybe they can be divided,with being perennial,but not sure,as never read up about them.A great day out yesterday,and its the first time my friend has seen him,apart from photo's,so nearly had to prise him away from her,when time to go home.Lol.See comment above,Carole,re Pizza, on comment to Whistonlass...will do it soon.

1 Oct, 2010


Thanks Bloomer...I'll keep an eye out for your recipe. We're off to Costco today to buy some large pizzas...yep, grandkids et al coming tonight :)

1 Oct, 2010


beautiful pictures, glad you had a nice lunch at the pub, well that pizza looks fantastic, in fact rather Yummy

1 Oct, 2010


Thanks Sandra will look out for the pizza recipe and would to try growing the Echinopsis from seeds;0)

1 Oct, 2010


Yes please to some Echinops seeds, I'll PM you my address, thanks very much ! Wet & windy all day here. : o ((((

1 Oct, 2010


Ok,Shirley,will do...rubbish day here too..:o((

1 Oct, 2010

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