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This years display..


By bloomer


Hello everyone,it’s been a while since I wrote a blog,or posted Photo’s,so I think it’s about time.. !
These are all of the Back garden,with the first photo of the lovely White Penstemons,kindly gifted from Hywel ,a couple of years ago,which have proved to be hardy,and accompanied by Blueberry Fudge Penstemon, gifted from Amy 2,a few years ago .
Just a few for now, as the wall planters are still not at their full potential..
The last photo,has,I’m pleased to say ,had a happy ending.
The little Blackbird had been on the gravel in the afternoon, and I assumed it was just resting,as it ate an ant crawling up the bird bath,but made no move to fly away,even though I was so near to it….It then re appeared early evening by the pot, and didn’t make a move ,when approached,so we assumed it couldn’t fly? ..Russell put a few suet pellets nearby,and some water, which it ate with gusto.. It then wandered off ,under the Holly tree,as it started to rain heavily…
No sign of it anywhere this morning,so we were so relieved to think it was just tired and hungry.. I hardly slept wondering if it would be still alive this morning,or if our local cat had found it..:o) ..

I’ve cut back on pots this year, and patiently awaiting the single red Dahlia’s to put in an appearance in the back pot..

Hebe Caledonian,Dianthus ‘Slap and Tickle’ .and a miniature Euonymous ,which has been there for at least 20 years…


Hope you had no damage from the storms up and down the Country..and pleased to say,my water butts are now a quarter full again.. ! Happy Gardening everyone ..xx

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absolutely lovely. It is great when plants sen by friends continue to thrive isn't it?

When I read about the blackie I wondered if it was a fledgling but know a fully grown male. I bet it was sheltering because pf the storms, rain and heat. Clearly not ill if it was happy to eat.

9 Jul, 2023


Very nice photos, and I am glad the little bird was ok.

9 Jul, 2023


Thank you Eileen,we thought it seemed fully grown too,so maybe that was the reason it decided to bed down for the night,although we didn't have the storms here,just rain later that evening..We haven't seen him at all today.. I treasure all the plants,cuttings etc,sent to me by friends, and all have survived over the years.:o) ..

9 Jul, 2023


Thank you Callie,and especially so,that the Blackbird decided to stay in my garden :o) He must have felt safe there..:o)

9 Jul, 2023


Thank you Klahanie, I think the Blackbird thought it was time for me to make an appearance on Goy again,as it's been a while.. :o)

9 Jul, 2023


What a relief Sandra, that your Blackbird was well and dandy after maybe just a very tiring day for him in the bad weather. I daresay he'll remember now a free meal will always be waiting. :)
You've some really pretty plants there and so much colour! Your Hebe is amazing! So many flowerheads and the colour that the bees love, it is beautiful.
The crimson bells are lovely, I couldn't tell what they are, heuchera flowers but not leaves? Just gorgeous..x

9 Jul, 2023


Its so nice to hear from you again Sandra. Your garden is looking as pretty as ever

9 Jul, 2023


It was a relief,Janey,and we often get Blackbirds, as we always leave pellets out for them,and and Seeds and Fat balls in the Feeders.. maybe he was trying to tell us he needed feeding ! ha ha.
The Crimson Bells are Heuchera's ,but it's a very old variety, which my last neighbour gave me,over 20 years ago !.. One of my favourite plants..:o)
It must be a good year for Hebe's,as mine wasn't that good last year?

9 Jul, 2023


Thank you Stera,and lovely to see you again too,I hope you are well.xx,

9 Jul, 2023


Sandra, I love those white Penstemons and your pots look great. As for the Hebe, well, what a stunner! Well done on looking out for the Blackbird.

I owe you a reply to your last message and will do so tomorrow ... :o)

9 Jul, 2023


Good to see you back on here again, and doing Blackbird welfare. Thank you for showing us your garden.

9 Jul, 2023


Thank you Shirley, the Penstemons are lovely ,aren't they?and the bees love them .How they manage to get into those tiny flowers is amazing ! I've had the Hebe for years,so it's earned it's place .:o) No rush to reply ,anytime is fine.. xx.
Thank you for your kind words Siris, I hope the Blackbird appreciated his supper ! :o).

9 Jul, 2023


Well hello Bloomer, so lovely to see you back on here. Your garden always looks so very pretty and colourful and welcoming.
You did well for your blackbird and helped him on his way! We have a very friendly blackbird but he has deserted us since we were away on holiday!! Hope he comes back! The sultanas are ready and waiting!

10 Jul, 2023


Hello Chris, thank you,it's nice to be back.I wasn't sure if you were still on holiday ,so hope you had a lovely time.
I'm sure your Blackbird will be back, with the lure of sultanas ! I haven't seen our little friend since ,so he may have found a better food supply ungrateful is that ?? .ha ha,

10 Jul, 2023


Hello again Sandra, the colour in your garden is wonderful.
I love what you have done with your garden.
As soon as you said " blueberry fudge" I was just thinking I could eat an icecream with that flavour!
I too am pleased your blackie is ok. There has always been one in this garden, but like Chris mine has disappeared after being away a week when my daughter to me to Devon.
You wouldn't believe it, would you, but my holiday with the girls was exactly the same time as Chris's holiday!
We didn't plan that very well, did we! xx

11 Jul, 2023


Great to see you once again back with us, Bloomer! 👍

The story of the blackbird was very interesting! I hope it managed to fly away & escape the cats in the neighbourhood, they do so much damage, to birdlife especially!

Your flowers are looking really lovely! 👍

11 Jul, 2023


Lovely colourful garden Bloomer. I hope the blackbird is ok somewhere.

12 Jul, 2023


Thank you for liking my back garden Rose, I'm pleased with it this year,now it's much easier to manage,and somehow I don't think you would like that sort of Blueberry Fudge Icecream ! l Lol.It seems really coincidental that both you and Chris were both on holiday at the same time,and your Blackbirds decided to go AWOL too ! I'm sure they will re appear at some point. x
Thank you Balcony,no sign of any Blackbirds at the moment, or the Cat. ! Not as many bedding plants this year,but enough to enjoy and tend .:o)
Thank you Fever few,I hope he is ok too,I still keep a look out,in case he returns for some Suet Pellets :o)

12 Jul, 2023


I haven't seen the blackie yet Sandra, but yesterday the baby (now grown) blackie was in the garden feeding and bathing. So pleased to see it but don't know where it's parents are! xx

15 Jul, 2023


Oh,that's lovely,Rose. I guess it's been left to it's own devices by now,but they might still be in the area.. x

16 Jul, 2023

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