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Garden at Dusk..


By bloomer


I decided to take some photo’s last night,just as the light was fading,and I’m quite pleased with how they turned out.
I hope you enjoy them too..:o)

The Red Dahlia was overwintered from last year, and is only just coming into it’s own .I thought it would start to flower much earlier,as it did last year..any ideas why,please. ?

A selection of Penstemons,some new last year,and some from cuttings..

The Bidens is in it’s third year,and I repot it,and keep indoors.It’s the best it’s ever been,considering it looked to be on it’s last legs,at the end of last year :o) A White Japanese Anemone in the background,which has also been so prolific ,and Fuchsia,Empress of Prussia (one of eight ! ) I really do have enough

A Rogue Tomato plant !

I can only presume this has arrived via my compost bin,when I added some in springtime.. It only became visible two weeks ago, and looks healthy enough,but not getting my hopes up from any Tomato’s,so late in the season.but,one can live in hope !

The Trailing Begonia’s have been wonderful this year,so I shall buy more,and plant them in the wall trough as well,next year.The Pelargoniums will be kept indoors, and planted in pots ..
Almost time to start winding down, but I hope you have all been happy with your gardens this year.. xx

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Dusk does lend a different atmosphere to the garden doesn't it.
My dahlias are also just starting to flower well. I suspect the heat has interfered with the growth of flower buds etc.

15 Sep, 2022


Your garden looks amazing Sandra! You should be very proud of yourself! xx
I am sending youa p.m.

15 Sep, 2022


What lovely photos. Lovely healthy looking plants. The heat and lack of water really stressed the plants this summer but since we had some rain the majority are showing the will to live and flowering very late just like your Dahlias. I love your Penstemons and Bidens.

16 Sep, 2022


Wonderful colours, Sandra!!! I do like sunset and's the light.
You've so much flowering in your garden and pots! A last herald before things die down for the cold months ahead.
I'll take note of the trailing begonias, something to consider. I do like the vivid orangey red ones.
I planted a new Japanese anemone a few weeks ago. It's struggling a bit! Hopefully next year it'll thrive. My bedding dahlias are flowering again, post heatwave!!! Lovely.
Thanks for sharing your pics!

16 Sep, 2022


That's reassuring,Eileen, as I didn't consider the heat this year,as I've kept them well fed and watered, but it seems logical. I don't think I've ever taken photo's at dusk before,but they seem clearer..note to self ? :o)
Thank you Rose, and for your PM's,x.I've been happy how my garden has turned out this year, and hopefully will keep on for a while yet.:o)'
Thank you H,bird,and glad your plants have survived the heat too,the rain made such a difference ,as it's been a struggle for them all. Thank goodness,my Water Butts are now full again !:o)
I love Penstemons, and think I may get more next year,they are such resilient plants it seems. The Bidens has been beautiful,I hope I can pot it up once more,for next year,fingers crossed, :o)
Thank you Kate, I think you are correct,much better times of the day,to take photo's..I don't know why I haven't done that before I usually wait till the sun goes in,or it's cloudy. !
You must try some Pendulous Begonia's next year,Kate. have a look in Wilkinsons when they they get them in.I looked the other day,but none available as yet. I got mine in the sale..can't resist a bargain..Lol
I'm sure your Japanese Anemone will take off next year,I've had this a long time,and also have a pale pink one,which flowers much earlier in the summer,and has finished now.It isn't as tall either,and doesn't seem to self seed at all. :o)

16 Sep, 2022


Very floriferous and pretty, Bloomer. I'm envious of your begonias, most of mine are a disaster. Any suggestions???

16 Sep, 2022


Thank you,Anget, did you mean the smaller ones in pots on the wall,next to the Trailing begonias or both?. All I can suggest,is both prefer some shade, and this wall is North facing,so gets filtered sunshine through the fence from the south, I do have some of the smaller variety in borders in the front garden, but they aren't as froliferous as these..Those are south and west facing, so it gets pretty hot in the afternoon/evening..if that helps ? .

16 Sep, 2022


Thank you, Sandra! I shall definitely be looking for these pendulous ones you mentioned. Thanks for giving me some hope with my anemone - just been out and given it a drink.

16 Sep, 2022


You are welcome,Kate. mine were a pack of three.but one didn't make it..:o( ...still ,2 for £1.30p wasn't bad ,was it ? lol .I'm sure your Anemone will appreciate your TLC..:o) x

16 Sep, 2022


Smashing!!!! Thanks Sandra! ;-))

16 Sep, 2022


Good idea! Everything within your cameras effective flash range pops forward because anything beyond the flash range produces a dark backdrop.

17 Sep, 2022


Thank you Loosestrife, that is very informative. I'm just a point and shoot sort of person usually,so it's mainly a matter of luck ! :o)

17 Sep, 2022


You have lots of lovely flowers in your garden, Bloomer! I bought some pendulous Begonias for the hanging baskets on the balcony and I was very impressed with them! Unfortunately they died after a couple of years. But I have some others that are not pendulous but have been in the baskets for 3 years now. But their performance has not been very good this year so I think I will not keep them for next year.

You buy them in the spring and they flower during the summer. They won't survive the winter outdoors.

17 Sep, 2022


Thank you Balcony, I shall dry these out,and overwinter them,then I will start them off again in Springtime. I didn't expect much from these,as it was quite late when I planted them in the wall baskets,but they have proved themselves,so fingers crossed..
I am going to buy some more,to plant in the trough next year,as it was a bit too shady for the Pelargoniums. They will be planted elswhere,in full sun .:o)

17 Sep, 2022


A couple of years ago I gave all my Begonias to my son as I was a bit tired of growing them on the balcony & wanted to change again. They have grown & flowered for him the last couple of years & the tuber just keep getting bigger! As he grows them in bigger pots than I have room for on the balcony the plants also grow bigger!

24 Sep, 2022

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