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Busy old April


So we were just getting into the first few days of the lockdown, the weather had turned lovely and after pulling out as many weeds as I could find and planting all of my deliveries, I started thinking that I need to find something to do. I just couldn’t sit watching plants grow by the millimetre everyday.
So job no1, I had some breeze blocks and some sand and cement, plus some planks of old timber lying around. That was my cue to build a bbq table down the bottom of the garden. Kim my wife liked it so much that she commandeered it and now two watering cans and an azalea sit on top of it. Mind you the cans should look quite nice when the sweet peas come out, the bamboo canes, cable ties and some old netting I had came in handy to make the frame.
The next five nights I spent burning the old fence panels that I lost during the storms as all the recycling centres are shut due to the covid. The chimenea came in really handy and with the lack of transport on the roads and air I didn’t feel to bad about the emission’s and it really kept me warm.
My next door neighbour had a load of planks that he wanted to get rid of so I took them of his hands and used them to face the front of the patio, just got to repaint the gaps again now but the rain has been forecast for this week so it will have to wait.
As the month has passed by the garden has really sprung into life and is really starting to look nice so I have attached some photos.
I hope that you are all keeping safe and well and that you have been getting and enjoying some of this glorious weather.
Oh I get the names of the plants that I don’t recognise from an app I have on my phone, if it is not right please let me know with the correct name, thanks

New bbq table ???

Fence panel burning

Garden furniture all teak oiled

Birthday present from daughters all stained

Wisteria and clematis growing well on arch

Tulips have been outstanding this year

white clematis


poppy anemone

Mountain bluet

Garden coming along




Guelder rose

Friendly maggie

Panelling front of patio

mushroom corner

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Lovely blog Davey. You have quite a drop from patio to garden! I like the bbq table very much. I’m amazed to see so many flowers on your large-flowered clematis before the start of May! It looks lovely and warm too. :)

27 Apr, 2020


A lot of work has gone into all of that! lovely to see som many plants flowering!

27 Apr, 2020


A very ingenious and original idea for smartening up the front of the patio! Well, in spite of having finished the "gardening" you haven't been idle! I loved the little table - are those watering cans just for decoration or are they used?

27 Apr, 2020


Thanks for the comments, yep the patio is a bit high Karen and in the 20 years it’s been like that only had two fall of it, my dopey brother in law and our Newfoundland, it does need a balustrade but for some reason never got round to it. Only people that really go on there is Kim and me and I would like to one day take up the slabs and replace it wood and a rail.
The watering cans were sold as watering cans but my brother in law sprayed them for us and we have always used them as planters

27 Apr, 2020


Ooh such beautiful flowers! Will you show us when the sweetpeas flower in the water cans - I think they will look fabulous!

Everything looks so healthy! Well done!

28 Apr, 2020


Oh dear, never noticed the planting in the watering cans!
Sorry about that.

28 Apr, 2020


:) :) I do that all the time, but will put some photos up of the sweet peas when they come out, I am hoping for great things.

28 Apr, 2020


Really lovely blog, Davey. You really do have a great eye when it comes to photography. You’ve some really beautiful flowers in your garden. Love the poppy anemone and the foxglove in particular.
I like the magpie pic too, I know some people aren’t so keen, but I do like them..fab colouring.

28 Apr, 2020


What a really attractive garden you have and so many lovely features in it to enjoy. The foxglove is so beautiful and the guelder rose is so pretty.
I love your mushroom corner - not a garden gnome to be seen - is there?!!

28 Apr, 2020


Thanks for your comments Kate and Wildrose, think with this beautiful April we have had, it has brought the garden on. just hope we don’t get any bad stormy days now which could cause havoc in there.
Yes the foxglove is a beauty but also a conundrum as I didn’t plant it there. it must be over 5 feet tall and bolt upright. I normally plant any foxgloves at the top of the garden by the tree stump but never really had any success with them coming back so I presume some friendly little bird probably deposited a seed where this one is now.

29 Apr, 2020


Great job Davey, you have a lovely garden, I like what you have done with those planks, and someone like me that just loves anything rustic is so pleased to se that seat, it is fantastic and looks just the job in your garden.

29 Apr, 2020


thanks Julien

30 Apr, 2020

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