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Brugmansia/Datura update


I am feeling quite pleased with myself today,
I noticed that my Brumansia & Datura seedlings are up already, not all of them, but i was expecting to have to wait about 60 days for them,

The Fuchsias are looking a bit wose for the weather, but should fair ok as it warms a bit, despite that some are still trying to flower with a few managing it,

The giant onions are all germinated and doing well, i have used the var’ Ailsea, from K. Foster at exhibition seed ltd, these did well for me last year even in that wet season, with no sighn of white rot, which other growers seem to have suffered badly with,

With the main sowing time fast comming up on us, i wish you all the best of great gardening,

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Sounds like Brug etc. all thriving well.
Where are your seedlings ?
In seed trays ?
I have passion flower seedlings growing in little pots all over my kitchen worktops ! Currently just keeping the soil damp.
Any extra advice welcome. Thanks.:o)

11 Jan, 2009


You're obviously someone who knows his onions - right? I put some we had grown this year in my greenhouse to use throughout the winter but forgot they were there. Yesterday I wanted one for the stew I was making but when I went out there, all the onions were frozen solid. Will they be any good to eat when they thaw out or should I get rid of them? Onionless stew was OK was not quite the same!!

11 Jan, 2009


Ff ~ you will be returning to LOTS of questions. LOL

I hope you can advise us all. :o)

11 Jan, 2009


TT, They are indeed in seed trays in a propagator,

Ihave never grown Pasionflowers so cant help there, but would willingly take excess of your hands if that would help,
From the kindness of my heart as a favour to you, LOL.

11 Jan, 2009


HiGee, nice to hear from you, some Onions prove to be better keepers than others depending on the variety,
i would suggest you try them and see if they are still firm after thawing, if so they are worth trying,

I have tried the Autumn typs this time just to bridge the gap
These were planted from sets in the autumn along with my Garlic, and both seem to be doing well, best wishes, Dave.

11 Jan, 2009


Do you have your fuchsias in a heated place ? Mine are all dormant with no leaves or flowers.

11 Jan, 2009


Your Brugmansias are doing well Ff...what will you do with them for the next couple of months before they go outside?

11 Jan, 2009


Well Hi, Hywel,Yes one of the greenhouses has an electric heater keeping the temp at around 5-7 degs.

this as not been easy the last week as you know,

In the cold greenhous they have gone completely dormant and have to take there chances.

11 Jan, 2009


Hello Janey, i will have to try to keep them going in the heated greenhouse,
i did not expect them to germinate so fast,
may keep them on the window sill for a while indoors if allowed to get away with it, Ha ha

11 Jan, 2009


Ha.... we have only a cold greenhouse Ff..but want to try will leave it till early Spring.

11 Jan, 2009


My passion flower seedlings are all tiny right now,
I'm not sure what to expect. With a spell of warm weather, they could reach the kitchen ceiling. :o)

11 Jan, 2009


I love onions, and they are good for you. As I can't grow them any more I buy them from my local farm shop so they are close to 'home grown'.

11 Jan, 2009


Great blog FF. I had the same thing happen with my Datura seeds. It said they were supposed to take anywhere from 30 to 60 days to germinate but two came up in about 15 days.

12 Jan, 2009


Hi Gilli, was that this year or previous year, i only ask becouse i wondered how the progressed from seedlings to mature plants.

12 Jan, 2009


Hello PG, how boring food would be without Onions,
The thing i enjoy is making an onion rope with them,
it always looks so professional,

12 Jan, 2009


TT, I would think not letting them get too warm would help along with plenty of light,
We do tend to spoil our little charges dont we.

12 Jan, 2009


Heck is that the time, late for work again.

12 Jan, 2009

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