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October 2021 garden


The garden is slowly descending into slumber mode so I thought I would take some photos of the plants that are still giving a little colour plus those that do ‘their thing’ in autumn. The Hesperanthus are one such plant…
These pink ones look so pretty in with the starry Aster Lady in Black. I am so glad I didn’t pull the Aster out when I didn’t recognise it before it flowered. It was one of the plants I bought earlier in the year so it’s the first time it’s flowered in my garden and I am totally in love with it.

…and I am so pleased that these Red Hesperanthus I bought last year from a local garden centre have settled into the small border around the base of the weeping crab apple. The colour of the crab apples is very close to the colour of the Hesperanthus. Please excuse the rough looking lawn and guinea pig cage, we are piggy sitting for the grandchildren who are on holiday. They are steadily mowing the lawn for us! The only trouble is, the lawn looks terrible.

There aren’t many apples on the crab apple tree this year. The strong winds we had earlier whipped lots of leaves and apples off.

The Penstemons are worth their weight in gold aren’t they. Once they begin to flower in May/June they go on until the frosts. If the winter is not too harsh they will stay green right through til spring when I cut them down as new growth appears.

These Amaranthus have been fascinating all summer, they have grown so well from seed sent to me by Amy. Some have been knocked down by the heavy rain and strong winds last week. The flowers have been 2ft long and the stems very strong and upright until then. I have saved some seed and will definitely grow these again next year.

The Sedum were late to colour up but are looking good now. I forgot to give them the ‘Chelsea chop’ this year.

This small cutting from early last year of the Hebe Greth is flowering already. I didn’t expect it to do anything until next year.

..and nearby the anemone I think is Queen Charlotte has flowered really well.

I have been saving seed from the Cosmos as they have been going over. There are a few still looking pretty.

There is a water lily with another bud waiting to open…It’s anyone’s guess if it will open before the water temperature drops too low!

This bush never seems to look any different. !! It’s been in the garden for donkeys years. I’ve taken lots of cuttings from it.

Here are a few more photos I took …

The Cyclamen are steadily spreading over the rockery. They started off as a few gifted to me by Brian…Bjs.

My squash are a laughing stock….it’s the first time I have grown them. My courgettes did brilliantly photos because we have eaten them all.

..and still getting the odd rose.

I have started to remove, cut back and or move some plants in the borders ready to mulch. It’s been lovely to get back to gardening. The autumn sunsets are so lovely and make the trees look really colourful.

I hope everyone is keeping well and enjoying the last of the mild weather. xx

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Nice tour of your garden Hb. Thank you. No frosts in Surrey as yet, so stlll some colour. The Savias, Pink Lips & the Cream one still flowering their socks off. The Heathers just coming into bloom like yours & the Sedums, nice & pink. Don't mind how long it goes on, do you.😊

29 Oct, 2021


Homebird whenever you show us the view in your first pic I get so envious! It looks very Stately Home - very elegant...
Love the trees in the last pic too. Most tree leaves round us just go brown and drop off - no autumn colour at all. You till have some good flowers to cheer you up - especially lovely are the roses and that glorious Hebe. Thank you for sharing.

29 Oct, 2021


Thank you Ff and Stera for your very nice comments. I would love it to stay mild for a bit longer.
I don’t have any Salvias but after seeing so many in the walled garden at Clumber Park recently I intend to have some next year. There were some gorgeous dazzlingly bright blue ones I must try to find.
I am enjoying changing things around in the garden. I even managed to talk T into moving the steps up to the top lawn!

30 Oct, 2021


Thank you for the tour of your garden. You have chosen such pretty and useful plants. All the sort of plants ive got for Autumn flowers. Hesperanthus, Penstemons and Asters. Lady in Black is similar to The Prince which I bought and love as much for its 'black' foliage as for the clusters of tiny pink and white flowers.

30 Oct, 2021


Thank you for the lovely tour! You've an abundance of colour and attractive plants persisting well and obviously giving you lots of cheer too...and it's almost November!!!
We haven't had a frost as yet either, here in East Yorkshire. Thankfully!
I hope the piggy sitting continues to be a smooth one! 😊

30 Oct, 2021


Your garden is still nice Sheila, especially the Penstemons they seem in full bloom.
I love Guinea pigs :)

30 Oct, 2021


Your garden is looking amazing Sheila … I love it all. Hope you find your blue Salvia next year … I’ve only grown them since moving here and had no idea how long-flowering they are. Easy from cuttings too - just add grit!

1 Nov, 2021


Thanks for the tour…… you always did have a very colourful garden….. so nothing has changed …..lovely HB…

1 Nov, 2021


brrrr…we had our first frost last night. The lawns were white over and the water dishes for the birds frozen too this morning. It’s disappearing now thankfully.
Thankyou everyone for stopping bye and your nice comments about my garden.
Siris, the Hesperanthus are the ones you gave to me several years ago. They are so pretty and long flowering. I’ve only seen photos of Aster The Prince and that’s another one I would like to get. We will have a run out to Norwell nursery in the spring, where we got the Lady in Black. I am sure he will have it in.
Sheila I am going to ask if they have those gorgeous blue Salvias too at the nursery.
We took the guinea pigs home on Wednesday Kate. No more free grass cutting!! We are hoping to be able to go over the lawns with the mower to clean and tidy them up this weekend.
Hywel, the Penstemons will usually flower until the end of this month and even into December if we don’t get too many deep frosts. The guinea pigs are such sweet, friendly animals.

5 Nov, 2021

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