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No joy from putting it in a question ...


By hywel


… so I’m putting it in a blog …

Does anyone know what’s wrong with my Prunus triloba.
Many of the branches are dying back.

I have cut them away now, but I don’t want the disease to return.

I can’t find anything about it on the internet …
so if anyone knows I would be very grateful. Thank you :)

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Do you have any lesions on the trunk or branches Hywel?
try looking up bacterial canker....the lesions can weep sort of sticky stuff, its fairly common in prunus.
we have it on a couple of wild cherry trees, Prunus avium, a tree surgeon looked at them and said to leave it and just remove the rotten branches. ....the bacteria can get in through cuts or damage to the bark it seems, and airborn ....

hope it helps....

31 May, 2015


This is a refractory condition Hywell:(

31 May, 2015


I have had something similar on part of my crab apple tree. I cut most of it off - it was just at the end of a couple of branches. It has recurred, but it doesn't seem to get any worse or affect any other part of the tree. I can't see any lesions or growth anywhere on trunk or branches. I am just keeping an eye on it, and my fingers crossed.

31 May, 2015


The RHS has the following -

Sound like what you are describing. Best of luck.

31 May, 2015


Thank you all for your help.
I've removed the affected parts and I'm going to spray it with fungicide.

Pam there are no lesions on the plant. The stems are quite healthy, but it's the leaves that are affected. I'm sorry to hear it's been affecting your trees too.

Melchisedec I hope your tree will be all right. I've cut the affected parts off now.7

Honeysuckle thanks for the link. I've had a look and it certainly looks the same. I shall follow their advice :)

31 May, 2015


Hope your tree recovers, Hywel.

31 May, 2015


So do I Hywel this year I had black mould all over the leaves of all my Camelias and orange scales underneath, I had to get my grandson to dig them all up and wash every leaf then replant, so I had to cut back all of them. Makes me wonder what is in the air, only one right against the house was un touched.

1 Jun, 2015


I hope your Camelias are all right now Thrupsnnybit

Thank you Balcony :)

1 Jun, 2015


I think cause by an Insects ?

2 Jun, 2015


Oh dear, my crab apple tree has succumbed again, having produced loads of blossom and lovely green leaves. Now there are brown leaves dangling from the ends of many of the branches. The branches themselves don't seem to be affected. When it first appeared three years ago, I cut off the branches with brown leaves on them, but it hasn't halted the condition. I'm not sure what to do ... ?

2 Jun, 2015


Thanks Junna :)

Melchisedec, I'm going to spray my shrub with fungiside. Maybe it will help your tree.

2 Jun, 2015


Perhaps it will. I might go and ask at the garden centre. Good luck with it, Hywel.

2 Jun, 2015


Thank you. I hope the garden centre can help you ...

2 Jun, 2015


It's still quite windy here - no spraying just yet!

3 Jun, 2015


It's better here today. I'll wait a while before spraying anything though.

3 Jun, 2015


The wind has finally dropped this afternoon. In fact, it's been a beautiful day, and I've spent all afternoon gardening. Great!

3 Jun, 2015


That's good :)

4 Jun, 2015

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