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July Garden Views :)


By hywel


Here are some views of my overgrown garden, taken over the last few weeks of this cold wet month.

First of all a Perspex plant house and surround
(taken on a cold rainy day)

Looking out from the Perspex plant house (in the rain !) …

and I have just noticed the dead branch of a Honeysuckle which I didn’t see when I took the photo lol …

Rose Crown Princess Margereta climbing on a trellis. It isn’t so good this year :o(

An old chimney pot … (I have a few of these)

Another climbing rose – New Dawn – which I am having difficulty with. It’s got far too big :o(

I was thinking of getting rid of it because it grows vigorously and it’s a job to stop it going wild,
and it also makes an awful mess with its petals :o(

But I have decided to keep it and cut it right back hard, in the hope it will be easier to look after next year.

Here are some Pelargoniums in a shelter …

And another climbing rose – Masquerade – which also gets far too big :(
so it’s going to have the same treatment as New Dawn …

The next rose is called Gentle Hermione …
It was given to me by someone, in memory of my mam and dad :-

My holly has had berries on it all summer long :o)

My Clematis Gypsy Queen has reached about 10 feet tall :( but is has many flowers,

It is accompanied by another Clematis called Princess Diana, but that one is being eaten by snails, so you can’t see it very much.

A pretty pot :o)

‘Mingling’ – rose Dorothy Perkins, and clematis Madam Julia Corrivon :-

Here’s a view looking down the garden path :-

I haven’t got the time nor the energy to make it neat and tidy, so it looks a bit wild :o)

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Wonderful Hywel! I wouldnt say that it's overgrown at all! It's lush and beautiful. Steragram desires a long shot of my garden and it seems we're both having the same problem.

31 Jul, 2015


I love your garden Hywel, it's my kind of garden. As you probably gathered from my recent blog, I dislike formal gardens. They are never how nature intended us to see her. While admiring your pelargoniums I couldn't help noticing what a wonderful view you have.

31 Jul, 2015


I have some of the same roses and clematis, Hywel, and the same issue with out of control roses! I think it must be down to delusions of grandeur regarding the size of my garden. I plant ramblers, when I should plant climbers, and my climbers think they're ramblers anyway. I have just cut back my 'Veilchenblau' drastically and did the same with ' New Dawn' earlier this year. I bet they just come back even more vigorous next year!
Like yours, my garden has been wild and overgrown and I've struggled to find the time and energy to tame it. I do like a kind of loose, unstructured look, but I don't want a jungle!
Only popping in now and again to GOY as - let alone the garden - life has once again been out of control and we're busy trying to get back on track.

31 Jul, 2015


Very colorful. You obviously work very hard.

31 Jul, 2015


Love your garden Hywel, and also the view from the plant house. You would never guess from the front of your house what a fabulous open aspect you have at the back - you must have been delighted when you found it.

31 Jul, 2015


I think its lovely as well Hywel but know how quickly things can get out of hand, been wandering around again with my pruners but I'm longing to really get at some of my shrubs, might be autumn when I do, mind you with the good ole British weather messing us up, we might have the better weather then...

31 Jul, 2015


Its always good too see your garden Hywel. Do you feed the climbers because they grow so well. Wish mine would. Lovely blog.

31 Jul, 2015


Thanks for all your comments about my garden :o)

Tue, I also have a Veilchenblau, which is about 10 feet tall :( I'm going to cut it right down this year.
I can sympathise with you about life getting out of control. Mine has become like that this year also, and things are difficult here at the moment. I hope both our lives will sort themselves out soon.

Dawn, no I don't feed the climbers, and I cut them back quite hard. They're just unruly lol

1 Aug, 2015


Lol Hywel, they love where they are then, with you

1 Aug, 2015


I agree with Loosestrife, Hywel ! I does look lush ! Very natural and even if the weather has been bad...what fantastic views you have !
I had New Dawn at the Cottage garden and I agree , its very hard to control ! I used to spend hours trying to keep it dead headed and tidy ! your plant house has given me an idea on how to have one here attached to one half of the garage !

1 Aug, 2015


Lovely blog of your gorgeous plants and garden views Hywel, your garden is always a joy to see, really like the pink fluffy plant with a bumble bee buzzing on it, I don't know it's name - the plant not the bee!!! thank you for sharing x :o)

1 Aug, 2015


Thank you all :)

I hope you get a plant house Rose. They are very handy :)

Neena I can't remember the name of that plant. I'll find it for you tomorrow :)

1 Aug, 2015


Thank you Hywel :o) x

1 Aug, 2015


It's called Trifolium rubens, Neena :)

2 Aug, 2015


Thank you Hywel on my wish list straight away! :o)

2 Aug, 2015


I hope you can find one. I got mine from Farmyard Nurseries in Carmarthen a few weeks ago.

3 Aug, 2015


It's been great to see your garden again, Hywel! :-))

3 Aug, 2015


Thank you :)

5 Aug, 2015


Thank you again I'll let you know if I locate one Hywel :o)

5 Aug, 2015


I will have to make up a blog with Fuchsias of my own, Hywel! :-)) I now have enough photos on my computer to start making up blogs again.

11 Aug, 2015


Thank you both ...

That would be interesting Balcony :)

13 Aug, 2015


Made a start the other day but have been unable to finish it! :-((

Perhaps I'll be able to finish it sometime this week & post it.

17 Aug, 2015

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