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On a blustery spring morning


By hywel


One recent morning when the weather was too blustery for gardening, I decided to go for a walk over some sand dunes, to see if I could find a few orchids.
I’ve seen them there before and thought I might see some again that day.

I did not find any orchids however, but there were some other maritime plants on the dunes, and some also on the rocks and harbour wall.

Kidney Vetch, Anthyllis valerian (loads of it everywhere) :-

Sea Bindweed, Calystegia soldanella (One flower only, not open properly, and a few buds) :-

Sea Spurge, Euphorbia paralias :-

Red and white Valerian, Centranthus ruber :-

And an Umbellifer which I don’t know the name of :-

There were also other seaside plants there that had not started flowering yet, so I’ll be going back in a few weeks to see them in flower and hopefully find some orchids too.

I took a few views of the sands and harbour but I’ll put them in another blog soon :)

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That's very interesting Hywel and how good to sea the coastal plants.I've always loved Valerian.Reminds me so much of growing up in Cornwall.

31 May, 2024


of I do miss coastal walks. Thank you so much for sharing your wanderings.

1 Jun, 2024


Ty for showing these coastal plants Hywel. I’m interested in all plants not just our garden ones. I don’t think I’ve seen the Sea Spurge before.

1 Jun, 2024


I have enjoyed seeing the coastal plants you came across Hywel, especially the valerian which attracts the hummingbird hawkmoth. If I'm lucky it'll arrive up here in July finding my old valerians at the back of my border. I do envy you a coastal walk and look forward to maybe seeing the wild orchids next time

1 Jun, 2024


Very bracing, I'm sure with the blowy weather. Interesting blog. Thanks you.

1 Jun, 2024


An interesting walk, Hywel!

1 Jun, 2024


Sounds like you enjoyed your coastal walk. Love to see all the natural plants growing well by the sea. I have seen quote a lot of Valerian recently. It's such a lovely plant.

2 Jun, 2024


A couple of years ago our council gardens filled the flowerbed in the gardens of our block of flats with Red Valerian. They are flowering nicely at the present moment!

But I also see it "running wild" having escaped people's gardens via its fine airborne seeds & growing in the strangest of places! Strangely enough I don't think I've seen the white ones outside of gardens!

2 Jun, 2024


Thanks for all comments :)
I've always thought of Valerian as a wild plant, it grows in lots of places around here.

3 Jun, 2024


It's naturalised in many countries around the world - in South Africa it's considered an invasive species & is very controlled. It was originally a Mediterranean species but was transported all over the world by people who took it with them to grow in their gardens. There's an interesting article about it on Wikipedia.

3 Jun, 2024

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