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Springtime snapshot..


By kate123


Just mooched a little this afternoon and took a couple of snaps around the back garden..
I’ve a few bluebells popping up now – which seem to be doing ok on the rockery.
The euonymus ‘ Harlequin ’ which has been spreading nicely up and along the south facing fence for many years is one of my the new snowy white growth.
A few little flowering spreaders on the rockery are also starting to colour up nicely.
Hostas are showing signs now of shooting up from the ground, although one is in leaf and looking attractive after being watered, I thought I should post it before it’s nibbled to bits! I must try Julia’s Vaseline idea!!!!
I popped out this morning to pick up a couple of things and passed a GC, bought a carex comans ‘frosted curls’ as my current one I may have pruned rather than gently ‘caress’ any dead bits off!!! So, I planted it this afternoon.
OH has watered this afternoon and put the sprinkler on…we just had a tickle of rain earlier on after lunchtime…so, we thought we should water as it’s so dry out there. We can’t wait until the rain comes..needs must!

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I love your photos, K.....Euonymous is rather like Bugle,really noticed at this time of year....the snowy white fresh growth is lovely. Hosta still looking clean!!!

1 May, 2021


Interesting selection there, Kate. I was particularly interested to see your 'Harlequin'. I've just got a baby one. I like the white variegation, but not sure whst I think of the new white growth, though. I must be copying you because I bought a white mossy saxifrage earlier this week! I'd been looking for a particular one for a long while and I'm very happy to have it. Is yours on the bank? We've been lucky enough to have rain for the last few days, thank goodness. I'll try and send some to you!

1 May, 2021


Lovely blog, I particularly like the grasses with the rocks. Great new avatar too.

We would welcome some rain here!

2 May, 2021


Thank you Julia! I know exactly what you mean about the comparison between the two...
I like the white tips too. I'm pleased the hosta is looking fresh...I've two others popping up now!

2 May, 2021


Thanks kindly, Ange. I've noticed the new white growth eventually takes on the variegated effect once it starts to nature..
Good choice on the saxifrage!!! You're right, I've mine on the rockery bank and some in a bedded area..both do really well!!!
I've seen our forecast for today, although it's sunshine and blue skies this morning, looks like rain this pm...

2 May, 2021


That's lovely, thank you, Sheila! The grasses are in Eve's little 'area'...I chopped the back of the carex on the left as it had been a little damaged by her...
Thanks also for liking the new avatar. I'd just had my hair trimmed and highlighted!
Looking forward to having a good garden drenching!!!! 😊

2 May, 2021


Lovely views of your garden Kate. [like the new hairdo too]
we had about 3 hours of gentle rain yesterday afternoon but nowhere near enough.
frosty again this morning, my poor Camellia looks sorry for itself.

I do like the all white tips on the Euonymus and that hosta is beautiful.

2 May, 2021


Thank you, Eileen, that’s made me happy!!!
We went to visit OH’s mum this morning in Willerby and she said she’d had just over an hour of rain yesterday. She said the same - nowhere near enough!
I noticed it was frosty this morning at 7. Cars windows were iced up. My camellia is suffering like yours sadly...
Thank you for your lovely feedback.

2 May, 2021


Looking lovely neat and tidy there Kate, do like that plant 5 th one down, been a bit strange with the lack of rain, I got accused of murdering one of Kim’s hanging baskets due to lack of watering, bone dry it was so looks like I did, managed to get it to recover but still get daggers if I mention it :) :), still back to normal tomorrow, gales and rain

2 May, 2021


Your Euonymus looks spectacular, also the Hosta is showy, lovely pics.

2 May, 2021


Yes Kate, your hair looks good! I have just had mine cut the first time since Christmas!
You have some lovely plants ! I love the Harlequin too!

3 May, 2021


Hi Davey, thank you!!! Hope you are both keeping well?
I have actually a few cordylines in the garden now! Liking them a lot..
Good to hear you’ve resuscitated one of Kim’s hanging baskets! Did you forget to water it, Davey?
As you say, it’s definitely wet and windy today!!! Doesn’t feel like May. However, we’re all pleased to finally get the water buts filled up and the gardens are having a big drink too!

3 May, 2021


Thank you, Sue! I love the feedback!

3 May, 2021


Aw thanks, Rose! I was the same, last hair appointment was early last December!
I’m pleased you like the Harlequin!

3 May, 2021


Gardens looking good Kate I love Euonymous `harlequin`I have repeated plantings of it ... it brightens up dull corners. We have had real downpours the last couple of days which the gardens badly needed but unfortunately its very high winds this morning and the trees and shrubs are bent double, however, the sun is now out and the winds have died down, typical english weather.

4 May, 2021


Thanks kindly, Stroller! I’ll bet your garden looks lovely with them planted around..I may pick up another if I can squeeze it in somewhere!!
Yes, the rain has been a godsend for us gardeners! We had a night of high winds, quite scary really. It’s the damage the wind can type of weather I definitely don’t like at all..
It’s been a smashing, sunny day on my travels around the of rain this evening again though.

5 May, 2021


Amazing to see the garden come to life and transform itself. The hosta looks great against the stones. Your garden is full color & texture - a real treat for the eyes!

7 May, 2021


Thank you, Paul! I really appreciate your comments.
Yes I have to agree with’s very cheering isn’t it - having the garden fill with colour and life!

7 May, 2021

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