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Sunday sunshine soon disappeared.


By kate123


I’m off today, so I popped out into our little back garden this morning. I wanted to have a look to see if anything was emerging. I haven’t been out since, well, probably almost a fortnight. It was quite a sunny day until mid afternoon. Turned chilly once the sun disappeared and it clouded over again.
Finally, there is some colour and things are starting to wake up here.
I trimmed some ferns, removing tatty fronds and took a few snaps of the rockery and all around. The hellebores are persistent in their flowering, although, some are starting to fade now.
Tidied up a little, lots of brown, damp foliage in all the corners, nooks and crannies. OH had moved a few plants yesterday due to his finalising one of the path projects. Looking at some turf laying soon, some areas that are now free from plants and the like, due to rejigging that little area.
We’ve just removed a choisya shrub this afternoon. We have 2 others on the bund hill. OH pruned it right down and I managed to dig it out – his back is playing up. I think it’s possibly sciatica..I’ve shown him a beneficial yoga position to help relieve the pain!
We’re having a skip delivered next week to get rid of all the bags he collected filled with soil in recent weeks. Plus some other things we have removed outside.
I’m going to relax this evening. Back covering the hospital and clinic tomorrow. I just hope I’m not late to finish like yesterday, I want to make it to Monday night yoga 🙏

First crocus to awaken

Clumps of little daffodils dotted on the rockery, still bringing cheer.

Daphne, little, but despite looking forlorn, it has a few buds on. 🤞

Scilla Sibirica. Looking nibbled. I’ve a couple on the rockery. Not as good as last Spring – yet 🤞

Grape hyacinth

Lots of this dotted all over the rockery. Can’t remember the name at the moment!

Choisya just before removal.

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I hope you make it to yoga Kate! I do my practice at home by myself, but I went to class for years.

3 Mar, 2024


Aw thanks, Karen! I'm definitely going to keep my fingers crossed! I hate to miss any of my 3 classes!
One of my friends does yoga at home too, I bet you feel pretty uplifted afterwards.

3 Mar, 2024


Well done you for getting work done in the garden!
Why did you have to dig up the Choisya?
Such a shame!

4 Mar, 2024


Kate, you wrote 'I trimmed some Ferns' and I thought of my one pathetic, almost dead Fern, in the garden! It is a Dryopteris filix-mas and has never looked so bad, so tell me the secret of growing them please.

I do hope you managed to attend your Yoga class last night ... :o)

5 Mar, 2024


Thanks Rose, that’s kind of you to say - I felt I needed to get out there last weekend and get moving. The choisya was getting huge, and it was covering quite a few plants causing them to struggle. We’ve another 2 on the bund, fortunately, as I do like these shrubs. It’s quite a small garden, so it was getting quite big.

10 Mar, 2024


Hi Shirley, we’ve quite a lot of ferns, a couple of tree ferns and a mix of others. I think it’s luck on our part! I trim the fronds around March time, even the green ones. Most are planted in shady spots, although, one tree fern is in sunshine most of the day in the finer months of the year. We water a lot and just remove any imperfect fronds throughout the year, treating all of them the same. I do think it’s just pure chance.
I didn’t make it to yoga, sadly that evening. I didn’t get finished until 6.45pm. I did make other classes this week, thankfully 😊
Thanks again!

10 Mar, 2024


Kate, I have a feeling it has gone! I shall have a look later and report back. Lovely to know your Ferns are thriving.

11 Mar, 2024


Oh, Shirley, I do hope it hasn't gone! Have you spotted any rhizomes/ croziers tightly packed in the middle, getting ready to unfurl??
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you 🤞

11 Mar, 2024


Kate, all I could see just now (5pm) when the rain had stopped were some brown stems poking through to about six inches high! Will have a proper nose around tomorrow.

12 Mar, 2024


Kate, the Fern is definitely beyond help! I dug it out this morning, the roots were about a foot long but no green growth above to be seen so it's gone to Fern heaven ... :o(

13 Mar, 2024


I am sorry to hear that your fern didn't make it, Shirley :-(
Maybe you'll consider picking up another at some point?

14 Mar, 2024


Hmm, the jury's out on that one at the moment. I saw some fabulous Ferns in a garden today ... mocking me!

14 Mar, 2024


I can fully understand, Shirley! At least you got the chance to see an abundance of ferns on your lovely visit to Nymans yesterday!! :-D

15 Mar, 2024



15 Mar, 2024

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