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Summer living


Our summer climate is very dry. No rain all summer. It said that it is because we are in Olympic Mountains rain shadow (what ever it means)……so Vancouver has more rain than us even though its only few miles away as the crow flies. We do not have wind either. I would expect that living on the coast we would have more wind than we actually have. Sometime a little breeze is coming from the ocean.
On one hand it creates some problem with watering all the vegetation we have but it also create a condition for summer living . We practically live outside all summer long. Our rains start again in September and beat all the plants down to the ground.
Few pictures here depict our summer outdoor set up.

Summer “kitchen” with BBQ and hot plate and rack for dishes and other kitchen equipment.

2 dining areas
One under the roof where I do some of my hobby projects . It has a skylight in the roof so sun can come through to the area(part of the day) and in winter I move all plants on the deck under that roof. Away from rains.( Table is stored in another area.)

A table with the view of the water and Saltspring Island across the channel.Most summer meals are consumed here. We have couple of heaters to take the chill off in cooler evenings.

Our lounge area where we sit a lot when we are finished with our chores.

Upper deck from bellow

The views can be very dynamic at times or very still at others.

Just before darkness

Here comes the lunch

A chair in front of the “sound” room can be used for bird observation as all the feeders are on that part of the decking which is virtually in the forest.

When we have a larger group of friends I would set up little tables in a circle that we all can be part of the same conversation. I do not like when people separate into small groups in various areas.

We have numerous annual plants around the decking rails (OH shares the watering chore) and hanging planters for our and hummingbird enjoyment.

Fuchsia ‘Phyllis’ survived our winter.

Due to the size of our hilly property we also have a numerous sitting areas around. We are getting older and our mobility is not what it it used to be.

Down in “Sun Valley”

Underneath the old Bigleaf Maple tree

Outside of the greenhouse. (the dog is not real)

In the greenhouse

In the forest…..and many more

So here we live in the woods with our forest friends.

“Are you talking to me?”

“I am only eating the clover in your grass”

“I cannot get to the feeders but found some on the floor.”

“I like this feature”

Happy summer everybody.

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Such a wonderful selection of seating options with envy-inducing outlooks. Your wildlife is fantastic, too. I can appreciate all the effort that goes into keeping your Eden as lovely as it is. Thank you for sharing.

21 Jul, 2021


I think this is the Best Blog Ever on GoY Klahanie, and I’ve added it to favourites 🙂. You and Andy have made such a perfect set up for yourselves with so many choices of where to sit … and those wonderful views! After all your chores you deserve a dreamy place for sitting and dreaming. x

21 Jul, 2021


It has quite taken my breath away! How blest you are Klahanie. It is lovely to see that your seating caters for many friends - what you have will be even better for sharing.

We have the very same tiger print as the one in your greenhouse!

21 Jul, 2021


Exquisite vistas Klahanie. Maybe you don't have much rain, but you can still make a watermelon margarita.

21 Jul, 2021


Oh you're half way there. Just swap out the strawberry for watermelon - keep the lime. My fave..

21 Jul, 2021


Looks like heaven, thank you for sharing your wonderful home with us.

21 Jul, 2021


Thank you for sharing, I have gone back to it often and can almost feel I am there, Just lovely.

22 Jul, 2021


Lovely photos Klah ,the fuchsia's caught my eye really nice.The bird looks like a bee eater or hummingbird ? very easy on the eye.
And your outdoor set up looks amazing ,well done. :o)

22 Jul, 2021


Absolutely stunning. The views and the wildlife. It would be lovely to look out at the humming birds feeding rather than greedy rooks and crows gleaning under the bird feeders! Beautifully kept plants too.

22 Jul, 2021


Klahanie, that tiger pic must have been very challenging as a jigsaw! I can quite understand that once having done it you were reluctant to take it to bits again...It must have been quite a challenge!

22 Jul, 2021


Beautiful Klahanie from the dining to the wildlife to the plants.

23 Jul, 2021


Looks absolutely stunning Klahanie, such a beautiful place :-)

25 Jul, 2021


I’ve just shown your blog to Keith, Klahanie, and he wonders if some of your furniture was made by Andy? He has fond memories of being shown around the workshop 🙂.

25 Jul, 2021


Thank you Klahanie … hugs to you two too xx I must find some photos of our visit to share on here 🙂.

25 Jul, 2021

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