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Peculiar Island weather in 2021


We live on Vancouver Island which is considered to be a Banana Belt of Canada, with temperatures moderated by Pacific ocean. Summers not very warm and winters not very cold.
This year we had few weeks in summer over 40 deg Celsius (same as Arizona) and if I look out the window right now this is what I see….you could think that we live in Siberia.

There was more happenings in this area recently…. floods(distribution problems) and we even had a earthquake not too far away just few days ago. At 4AM we were woken up to a thunder sound and the house shook. First we thought that a tree fell on the house but there was no wind and no snow. OH went out to investigate (with a flashlight) and did not see anything obvious. Only few days later we learned from news that it was an earth quake.
This weekend temperatures dipped to -7 Celsius which feels much colder in our humid conditions. We put propane heaters in the greenhouse so everything is cozy there, including our little Winter Wrens who overwinter there every year.
But…..poor hummingbirds. They are not protected and honestly, I do not know how can they survive here in these temperatures. They are so small (smaller than my little finger) and weight no more than a nickle (5 cent coin) and they look so fragile and vulnerable in the freezing snow. There is not much for them to eat , especially when everything is under the snow.

Our feeders freeze solid in couple of hrs in these temperatures and it takes an effort to keep them all liquid. We have quite a production going here and OH makes sure that they have fresh warm juice out at the dawn as they start to arrive.

You can see in this photo that food is starting to freeze on the top.

Most of them seem to stay overnight in this weeping maple which is only few feet away from the feeding central.

We had to do some rescue operations such as this:
A huge piece of ice attached to a little girl’s tail.

They freeze to surfaces. Where the water is coming from we have no idea. We know that their body temperature is very high so maybe melting some snow and it refreezes right away. But it is only a speculation

In time like these I wish they would fly south , down to California.

Anna’s pair

December 26th of 2021 was the anniversary of our 3 huge trees coming down in a freezing snow event.
I am so glad that this year is over!
Happy New Year to all.

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wow that is such a variation in temp. Poor little birds and well done for de-icing the bird.

yes 2022 needs to be much better. Happy new year to you too.

29 Dec, 2021


I found your blog such an interesting read, Klahanie. You've definitely had such extreme weather this year..from Arizona hot as you say, to current Siberian style snow and bitter cold temperatures!
Those little hummingbirds...I'm with you..why didn't they fly south! However, I guess there's a constant food source for them. Poor little girl with her tail all iced up!!! It's certainly a great thing to see, you both helping her out and removing her horrid obstruction! You do love those beautiful birds!
I do hope the year ahead will be a much better year all round for your island and your wildlife too. x

29 Dec, 2021


I put " like" Khalanie as it was an interesting blog, although it must have been quite scary with the earthquake near you!
We don't realise here in Britain how lucky we are and can't imagine how you cope with the cold!
Those poor little birds, especially the one you had to take the ice off.
It's down to you that they survive!
Happy New Year to you and yours!

30 Dec, 2021


I loved reading your blog and seeing your wonderful photo's,Klahanie,and how our World has changed so much ,in what seems such a short space of time.

I really hope those little Hummingbirds get the chance to adapt at some point, and can still survive in colder temperatures. Thank you for doing your bit ,to try and help them,and I wish you and yours, a very Happy and healthy New Year..x

30 Dec, 2021


Poor birds, cold weather is no good, I hope it eases soon for you.
Happy new year, and hope it's better than the last few :)

30 Dec, 2021


So sorry the weather has been so extreme for you Klahanie, quite a worry for your hummingbirds too โ€ฆ I do hope you will have milder temperatures soon.

It is suddenly milder here - 15 degrees - and our poor Aussie family have 37 degrees! Mike has never before wished he was back in England ๐Ÿ™‚.

30 Dec, 2021


An interesting blog, Klahanie. I can see how concerned you are for your little birds and you are certainly doing your best for them. I hope the cold snap is a short one. I have noticed our robin has paired up. As has been said, it's unnaturally mild here.
Anyway, on a happier note, let's hope this New Year we can get back to normal behaviour.

30 Dec, 2021


๐Ÿ˜ƒWishing you all a Happy New Year & lots more gardening joy! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

30 Dec, 2021


Your photos show a magical scene at Christmas time but the truth behind them is a different story.
You are working so hard to keep the dear little humming birds going. It is so sad but they are lucky to have you taking care of them.
Please let us know when it gets warmer and things get easier.

30 Dec, 2021


Oh Klahanie, it looks so cold..and monochrome.. That sounds very frightening to have an earthquake not far away and when it's winter too. I do hope the weather levels soon for you and those tiny hummingbirds. You and your hubby are doing such sterling work to keep them fed under such conditions. Yes please, like Wildrose has asked, let us know how you are doing and coping..

31 Dec, 2021


From my point of view, the many aspects of the environment are now changing so unexpectedly rapidly and in some cases, suddenly, that I feel unsteady as if I were standing on a ball.

1 Jan, 2022

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