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Visit to hardware store..... plus


Our big chain hardware store (Home depot) has several shelves of hellebores

and hundreds of these little bees are flying around them

Needless to say that I am a proud owner of couple of them now. (Hellebores not bees.)
It was a nice day so we stooped at our local garden center on the way home and got another bunch of plants and even a free gift (lily).

Many little plants bought for my “frog garden”

Couple of peonies . I am really obsessed with these plants but do not have much space in my main garden to put them in. They are fairly big plants.

And of course big bag of seeds for our hummingbirds
(hope that some will germinate) and a honeysuckle OH planted close to his shop.

The wire netting plant (Corokia cotoneaster) which I normally would not buy but thought I will use it as my first bonsai attempt because of it’s unusual appearance


The nice weather for couple of days really brought many plants out….especially crocuses of many kinds.

Chionodoxa luciliae. Tiny plants but very cheerful. Need to buy more of them.

Japanese ornamental cherry tree Akebono has a tint of pink in the early stages of bloom. I bought this last year and am very pleased with it. Still in the pot but planning to plant in the landscape this year.

I do have a nice collection of hellebores by now and am trying to think about how to display them for a bigger impact. Right now its one here and one there (most still in pots). They have huge leaves and tend to smother smaller plants.

Over past several years I planted many of these little daffs for naturalization in hope that they will multiply.

I am eager for more nice days but unfortunately it cooled down this week, so…..back to the knitting :-)

Happy spring to everyone.

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It looks like you have had a good time adding to your plant selections. A visit to the GC can always be relied on to lift the spirits! I bought both selections of your peonies, bare rooted like yours, and they have grown extremely well for me, so I hope they will for you, too. Your cherry is so pretty. I bought a prunus cistena last year and it is in flower for the first time now. I absolutely love it.
I'm with you on the weather, Klahanie. Our clay is still sodden and I'm desperate to get to work on the borders.. I'm still knitting, too..

27 Mar, 2023


That’s a nice new collection of plants for you to get cracking on with on the warmer days. I like your pink Crocus with the green centre, quite unusual, & you have some lovely Hellebores too.

27 Mar, 2023


happy Spring and shopping to you too. I think you have scooped some great plants there. You will soon have bees on your hellebores too. I have mine dotted around the garden so when you look at them those that are similar are not too close together.

I also think Chinodoxia are worth their garden space. I have blue, pink and white ones, but always plan to get more and often forget.

I also have both those Paeonies :))

27 Mar, 2023


Fantastic collection of new plants Klahanie, and the ones in your garden are a lovely touch of spring. Today I noticed pretty Chionodoxa in our front bed … quite forgotten I’d planted them! Absolutely love your cherry - stunning 🙂.

27 Mar, 2023


That first Hellebore pictured is spectacular. Your plants are certainly coming out in flower now.

27 Mar, 2023


That's the only sort of shopping that I like doing, I never rush my visits to GC's or our local nursery, you had a very successful time and have chosen some lovely plants, now you can have fun choosing where to plant them..
I'm gradually moving my hellebores into the bed below the photina, each time I spot a different one flowering elsewhere, I move it into that bed, its a sort of mix and match display, when the leaves start to get bigger and overpower the rest of the planting that is emerging I trim those ones off, after they finish flowering and have seedheads ready to collect, usually around the end of May, I cut them back down to the ground, the seedheads get scattered elsewhere in the hopes they will produce new babies but they actually work better when they have dropped themselves, I've tried sowing them to grow in my g'house without success but will try again this year....I love them as like the Aquilegia's you never know what to expect from the babies....
Your photographs are lovely, spring is definitely showing in your garden Klahanie, enjoy xx

28 Mar, 2023


Can't beat a visit to anywhere that sells a fab selection of plants, Klahanie!
Your choices are perfect! Love your frog garden purchases! Very nice, frogs will love their revamped abode!
Peonies are so blousey and beautiful aren't they! I wish I had some space, I'd definitely have one.
You do have a pretty and colourful Spring collection growing well in your garden. Love those hellebores!
All looking perfectly pretty!

29 Mar, 2023


I really enjoyed your Hellebore Klahanie. Such lovely big flowers so early in the season - you can't be cross with them can you?

29 Mar, 2023


Nice to see you have bought so many plants! I hope they grow very well for you!

Perhaps this link will help you with your "Bonsai" Corokia.

29 Mar, 2023


How lovely! I know what you mean about the Peonies! I dug some of mine out and regretted it. But they came back!

30 Mar, 2023


Klahanie your garden centre trip is the kind of shopping us gardeners all love I love hellebore and their nodding heads. Unlike you I admired the Peonies on my last shopping trip but talked myself out of purchasing now I wish I hadn`t so it looks like another shopping trip for me and this when I am supposed to be cutting down on the planting ... so weak willed!. Enjoy your new planting to what already looks like a beautiful interesting garden.

31 Mar, 2023


Wow Klahanie , you have a beautiful selection of spring flowers and couldn't say which I like as they are all lovely!
I loved all the group of plants you bought too!

31 Mar, 2023


My son & daughter-in-law bought me a Peony last year for my birthday. It lasted quite some time but I was afraid it might have frozen in its pot during the winter but no, it's sprouting now & in a week or so the very first leaves will start opening. At the moment the first leaf is still at soil level & red.

4 Apr, 2023


I didn’t know peonies were tough Klahanie … you are a very knowledgeable gardener! I dug one out last year, and was amazed this morning to see it had sneaked back. Lovely sunny day here, and I had a delivery of Anemone Ruffled Swan and Anemone Blushing Swan … will be quite tall and elegant in white 🙂.

4 Apr, 2023

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