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Call it what you like I’m having great fun, general tidying up, grass mowing, pruning and hedge clipping, thats whats been on the agenda in the garden during the past week as well as caring for the g’houses and deadheading daily, all the usual pastimes and all done in glorious sunshine, moving around the garden sometimes to work in the shade.

Toms in the bottom house are trying to go through the toplight, guess its time to pinch the tops out, they were leftover plants, still filling out and haven’t started to ripen yet, thats good though as I don’t want them all ready at the same time..
Behind the toms there are half a dozen pepper plants, (I forgot to take a pic) anyway I’m hoping to offload some towards my daughter as for the first time ever they are loaded, good job we have freezers…

Top house ones are ripening well and we’ve been eating them for a couple of weeks now..

The cucumbers are doing really well this year, all female variety so no messing about taking off any flowers, thank goodness…

Dwarf beans and leeks in my little bed, had to protect them as the pigeon had a whale of a time and pinched a few at first, hence the nearly bare patch, he is still visiting and now brings a mate..

As you can see both apple trees are also full this year, that means plenty for us and also fruit for the birds next winter, oh and the mice that will no doubt come back to overwinter under my garden shed and burrow into the g’house for a tasty treat…

The plums have done really well this year and are now nearly all gone, take my word for it, they were delicious…
Now to the playing bit, every now and again we all need to change bits in the garden else it can get a bit boring after a while, well I needed to change the area near our bottom pond and under my willow tree, anyone who has one will know that not a lot will survive under one of them especially the grass, no matter how many times I reseeded I always ended up with a dusty area in the summer and a moss patch in the winter months.

I’d already taken the back out of one of the big conifers to allow some light through and this year I’ve planted a couple of hardy geraniums and aquilegias in the gap underplanted with some spring bulbs..

With a few broken pavers I’m gradually laying a path leading around to my cubby, its storage area for compost bins and garden junk that might come in handy one day, although at the moment its hiding the pruning from the willow tree, no room in the bin at the moment and they don’t come for another week…Thats work in progress as I’m hoping to get more broken pavers from my youngest when she comes back from her holidays….
I am actually halfway through lots of my jobs, had to replace the felt on the shed roof but still have not got around to replacing the edging strips and as you can see although its green in places thats caused through the weather and not because of my paintjob, I prefer the weathered look is my excuse, not all bad as I have redone the panel near the patio.

Planted around the trunk and now I’m raiding stones from different areas to build up and around the base of the shed, also work in progress.

That work of art is my mini log/pile/cum/stumpery for hopefully a bug home and as you can see already has ferns and moss growing in and around it, also work in progress.LOL….
A quick look at the rest whilst the camera is at hand…

Hope you are all enjoying our lovely summer in your gardens as much as I am.
I’ve been finishing this blog by candlelight as we turned our lights out for the Comemmorative Hour so it seems fitting to end with a lovely pic I took one evening a couple of weeks back.

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The fruit and veg are looking good.

4 Aug, 2014


All your lovely foody pics are makingme hungry! You have a good lot of flowers still (lovely phlox especially)- mine are mostly past their best now - a bit of poor planning yet again. Love your heron, and is that a tortoise?

4 Aug, 2014


Loads of fruit this year Siris except my strawberries which although the plants are looking good didn't produce any flowers, its moving time for them I think...

4 Aug, 2014


Hi Stera, I love the phlox, bought new in the springtime as plug plants, I grew them on and shared with my daughter, thats the first to flower so are both waiting to see what other colours we have, hoping for a good selection so we can split in a few years, she already has a gorgeous white one, it produces lots of blooms and they last for weeks...
LOL, I've just been looking for a tortoise as I lost mine a few years back, I think you mean my solar fish standing near the heron, it glows in the dark, changes colour every few mins, drove Brynner mental when I first got it....

4 Aug, 2014


Its been an extraordiarily good growing peppers are growing tremendously, must love the heat

enjoyed looking at your garden, thanks x

5 Aug, 2014


Wow, what a beautiful sunset shot! I didn't know that about Willows. I'm glad I don't have that problem. My plums aren't ripe yet, but I live in hope! Great blog, :))

5 Aug, 2014


It's good to change things around. I do it often.
You're having better luck with your peppers than me.
Your garden is looking colourful :o)

6 Aug, 2014


A solar fish?? Well it looks like a tortoise to me on the first pic but I don't suppose it does when you get up close. Looking closely those sticking up things I hadn't noticed before must be fins? The more you look the fishier it gets!

6 Aug, 2014


Looking lovely Lincslass. Like your little log pile for the insects.

10 Aug, 2014


A lovely blog Lincs so many pretty areas, Love the Rudebecia and the Phlox [the phlox looks similar to mine which is called Laura [same as my Grandaughter ;0)] Your fruit trees and veg are doing well too [I planted a couple of Runner beans outside for the first time this year, the snails made very short work of them and the only produced two pods, and heres me thinking they would smother the Abour lol I really envy your pond wish I had room for a bigger one ;0)

29 Aug, 2014

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