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Introducing Jenni


By pip_c


Hello. My name is Jenni.

I live with Pip at her house in Sydney. I enjoy gardening with my Mum – who is also Pip’s Mum :o) Today we are digging up all the nasty kikuyu and replacing it with mulch:

I have a sister; her name is Frances. Here she is. She is great friends with Raffles, another GoY hound I believe :o)

I just love… being cute! Am I not just soooo adorable?

I am always on the alert…

I am a healthy happy canine… I believe in a healthy diet… Yum, curl grubs!

(Slurp… that tasted good!)

I work out daily – streeeeeetch those aching muscles!

I know lots of tricks too. Here I am shaking hands:

Pip once wrote a haiku about me, and this is how it goes:
Little Jenni girl,
Lost dog rescued from the pound,
With soft hazel eyes.

Here they are again: those soft hazel eyes!

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love her fur and all that help in the garden who could ask for more

3 Aug, 2010


Jenni is lovely and so is her sister Frances.

3 Aug, 2010


lovely happy dogs...nice blog & photos too

3 Aug, 2010


jenni is lovely pip and so is frances to, both look happy and contented , dont like the sound of them grubs yak lol ;o))

3 Aug, 2010


lovely contented pals Pip they I'm sure like to 'help' when they can.... also whats kikuyu.. animal, vegetable or mineral.... ( you probably are too joung for the radio show :)))))

3 Aug, 2010


lovely dogs.... : O ))

3 Aug, 2010


Lovely blog and pics Pip. Like Pam, I'd like to know what Kikuyu is too :o)))

3 Aug, 2010


Kikuyu is a pernicious weed mistakenly planted as lawn grass in many tropical parts of the world--like bermudagrass is here! Lovely dogs, Pip!

3 Aug, 2010


Thankyou Tugbrethil. Never heard that word before. :o)))

3 Aug, 2010


sweet dog! Rescued dogs are the best, aren't they?

3 Aug, 2010


Thank you Ladybug, Elsiemay, Mavis, Holly, Sandra... they are quite horrible those grubs, usually they hang around in pots but we find plenty whille digging the lawn.
Thanks Pam and Linda... kikuyu is, as Tugbrethil has already said, a grass. It is actually a grass around these parts! It's known for its hardy, hard-wearing properties [reading between the lines, that means 'impossible to get rid of'].
I have heard of Animal, Vegetable, Mineral Pam, although I am a bit young to have seen/heard it...
Thanks Lauram, rescued dogs are indeed the best! Why would anyone buy
from a pet shop window?

3 Aug, 2010


And thanks also to Tugbrethil, who I just forgot to thank...

3 Aug, 2010


Gorgeous blog, Pippin! Lovely photos of Jenni and Francis~Raff the GoY hound, says 'hello' by the way! :~))x

3 Aug, 2010


Cheers Flori and Raff!

4 Aug, 2010


what a lill darling you are Jenni - my name is Lucy and I'm Cate's GoY hound - I'm very old now but never miss a garden session - gooooo gardening!!! =P

5 Aug, 2010


Hi Lucy, nice to meet you, I enjoy gardening too, the curl grubs are my favourite bit. They taste really good! I eat lots, Frances too. Woof!

6 Aug, 2010


LOL - and eww the grubs - that's what Cate says anyway - there's a soil grub here I like too but she won't let me eat them now I'm rather ancient but I try and sneak one in every so often - Woof Woof to you both =))

7 Aug, 2010


Lovely dogs Pip ... great friends for us humans eh? Love the soppy expression Jenny has!

8 Aug, 2010


arhh so lovely ,i 2 have a rescue dog called rosie.

9 Aug, 2010


Lol Fluff, believe it or not Jenni is not usually that soppy, just got her in an extremely cute moment :o)
Rescue dogs are definitely the best aren't they Cristina? Give Rosie a pat for me :o)

10 Aug, 2010


Hello Jenni! Beautiful happy girl now with your friend Frances......what a perfect life you have now...:o)) PS Lottie sends her biggest lick.....

17 Aug, 2010


Is she new Pip? she's lovely:-) Are curl grubs vine weevil?

18 Aug, 2010


Thanks Lottie for the lick... Jenni sends you a lick back :o))
Thanks Ba! Jenni isn't actually new, we have had her since 2005, and Frances since June last year. Curl grubs do grow into something - can't think what :o)

18 Aug, 2010


Not if Jenni gets there first:-)

19 Aug, 2010



20 Aug, 2010

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