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Spring is Sprung, the Grass is Ris, in Australia


By pip_c


September has arrived, and so has hayfever, insects and smelly compost bins! That’s right, spring is sprung in Aus. Allow me to take you on a little spring tour of the neighbourhood.

First port of call is the lovely…. Magnolia! They’re out early this year… and the flowers are almost gone :o( Usually they are a November trademark….

Berries :o)))

Miniature Azaleas

Lovely Lavender

Pretty Pansies

And our potato vine, which is covered in flowers!!!

These little beauties are just starting to come out – it a few weeks it’ll be a yellow carpet!

Unknown native…

Diosma (Coleonoma pulchellum) is covered in flowers!!

I don’t know what this is but I love it



A FOREST of maidenhairs!!!

Cherry blossoms are absolutely splendiferous!

Pretty daisies :o))))


Wattle… achoo!

My first iris is coming out!

I look forward to seeing pics of autumn colour and snowy gardens – LOL.

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Lucky u awaiting Spring.
Autumn is just around the corner here and I'm still waiting for Summer. It was the oddest and coldest in history here in LA this year, by the cost anyway, over the hill in the valley they were roasting. I miss my summer.
So enjoy the Spring over there, it is such a lovely time of year.
Your pics are lovely and the oranges plant that u say u don't know the name of I thinks it Clivia.

6 Sep, 2010


I love the spring. Enjoy it :o))

The orange one you say you love looks like Clivia - could be wrong though but it looks like it.

I will show you our autumn colours from Wales but I hope we don't get any snowy gardens this winter. I had my fill of the horrible stuff last time.

6 Sep, 2010


Your spring flowers are lovely,like Howell I don't want any snow.

6 Sep, 2010


Good evening Pip, lovely bright pictures. We will need cheering up here soon, this morning really feels like Autumns on it's way :-))))

6 Sep, 2010


Beautiful pictures Pip, seems strange seeing the lovely Cherry Blossom when every thing here is almost finished. My garden was strewn with branches and leaves this morning as we had very strong winds last night, still breezy this morning, but at least it will dry the washing lol

6 Sep, 2010


Yes, beautiful pics, love the Maiden hair. Yep leaves everywhere here in windy UK!!

6 Sep, 2010


as the others say its lovely to be reminded of spring when we're fast heading to autumn-- i've been to Dorset and thats about 107? miles away -- summers hanging on there, went to Brownsea Island in the harbour ( 2nd natural harbour in size to your Sidney harbour ! ) and saw a red squirrel but also a peahen and 4 babies and a mallard with young much milder there!, its other claim to fame is Sandbanks peninsular where many famous people have homes--the house next to Harry Rednap ( football manager) has just been sold for eighteen MILLION POUNDS!!! and a tiny shorefront plot alone selling for 4 Mil---how the other half live hey!

6 Sep, 2010


Lovely blog Pip. Today is like Winter here. We had strong winds last night, and not much better today. Plus it's pouring with rain. Supposedly, we're entering Autumn (my favourite season), but it looks and feels more like winter. Have even made a pot of stew as it's so cold. :o))

6 Sep, 2010


Nice blog, your pictures are great Pip...fair dinkum! (I read an Australian book of sayings once and remembered that one!). It must be so nice to have spring and then summer on the way, things will be looking up. Its the other way around for us in the UK although Winter has its good points too.

6 Sep, 2010


This was such a joy to see, Pip, thank you so much for sharing it with us! Fantastic photos and colours, I loved the Magnolia! :~))))x

6 Sep, 2010


meant to say the cherry blossom is beautiful, the deeper pink centre is one I've not seen before

6 Sep, 2010


Hello Pam! :~))

6 Sep, 2010


Beautiful photos, Pip, but autumn is my favorite season, and Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I'm looking forward to fall & an escape from the warmer temperatures. I won't be singing the same tune in January, however, when I'm out walking the dogs in freezing rain and I'm stuck in the house with large and smelly tortoises. The "experts" do predict a warmer and drier winter season for the southeast US, so with luck we'll get a break from the frigid winters of the past two years. We aren't used to snow and ice here.

6 Sep, 2010


loved the pics pip just lovely .wish it was spring here now. just dont want the winter again urgggg. your patotoe vine is great, i just got 1 hope its like that nxt year. has sum flowers on now . but hoping the rain not going to drown it .

6 Sep, 2010


Lovely to see spring again, Pip! I think the "UOF" (unidentified orange flower) is a Clivia, also, probably one of the many hybrid kinds. I used to grow them, but lately the summer heat has been killing all of them--I've got to find a spot in the house for one to hide from the May-September "barbeque". And, what kind of Iris is that anyway?

6 Sep, 2010


Thanks Angie :o) We had an oddly wet and cold winter... can't wait for those summer days!!!!!
Thanks Hywel I certainly intend to enjoy it :o)
Thanks Annella and Mavis :o)
Thanks Carole, I love the cherry blossom too, they are all over the place right now :o))
Thanks Lulu, the forest of maidenhair really is remarkable, I think! It belongs to a neighbour and I have no idea how she manages to keep them so lush. They are just in her garden, they get sprinklered on every day, no special care as far as I can tell, and they are just heavenly to look at!!
Thanks Pam and Linda - it's always nice to have a moan about the cold isn't it!!! I'm a regular offender ;o)
Thanks Richard and Flori :o)))))
Thnaks Laura and Cristina :o) Summer is by far my fave season, but I can see why you like autumn. Looks like it's a good time for all of us LOL
Thanks Tugbrethil, Angie and Hywel for ID on the UOF! I don't know what the iris is, but it came out today! Will post pics soon :o)))))

7 Sep, 2010


Hallo Pip - I came over to see tha Diosma - very pretty. It seems so strange to see spring blossom. but we have that to look forward to in a few months. Lovely pics! :-)))

11 Oct, 2010


Many thanks Spritz :o)))

11 Oct, 2010



11 Oct, 2010

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