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By Pammie

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

Has anyone had trouble with mice ? We have , we watched 2 of them even climbing in our " MEDLAR fruit tree " could nt believe our eyes , as never before have we realised they climbed about like that.ALSO we have them ,on and off in 2 kitchen cupboards, [ no food just plates etc ] We have tried bait traps and even sticky paper.Dont know how they are getting in . HELP



Hi Pammy

Traps and bait are the only solution... This is the time of year when field and harvest mice come into houses as there is little or no food outside and they are looking for somewhere to hibernate.

22 Nov, 2009


Mice are excellent climbers, and will get in anywhere through the slightest gap. I found the humane traps to be the best, and probably advisable to set more than one, and place them along skirting boards. Chocolate is the best bait, they can't resist it. Once caught, you can release them somewhere, but make sure it is far, far away from your house, otherwise they will be back !!

22 Nov, 2009


As with rats humane traps are all very well but the mice need to be killed... sorry folk!

22 Nov, 2009


I found a little bit of tosted cheese brought them from next door, lol

22 Nov, 2009


Madperth said in answer to Mobees question they hate mint and tansy so put some in your cupboards either or will do I guess at least it's humane and mint smells nice so no harm done :o))

23 Nov, 2009


I had mice coming in the house once, I put peanut butter on the traps and it worked a treat, if you have pets make sure as soon as they have finished their food, wash and clean their bowls also we found that the mice liked our dogs little dogbone biscuits and onr was trying once to get it through a grill lol. Hope you clear your house of mice.

23 Nov, 2009


Thanks for all answers about MICE.
I had to empty and thoroughly wash everything in 2 cupboards 4 shelves.Dont we store lots of pots /plates seemed to be never ending..We then went out yesterday and bought a pack of " sonic " plug ins see if they work.
Mint sounds good to try as well .. . .. everybody automatically think mice like cheese but that is nt so. CHOCOLATE..............thats MY food !

23 Nov, 2009


A mouse once told me that if you can just poke a pencil through a hole, he can get through too. As someone said earlier it's the time of year. Sorry but unless you want to live with them, you need to be cruel.

23 Nov, 2009

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